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Your Complete Checklist for Hiring a Rental Truck Provider

The process of hiring a moving company is distinctive for all. For some, it might be considered too complex to choose amongst so many rental truck companies in the UAE, and for some, it might be a no brainier at all. Regardless, hiring a moving company should not be taken lightly since the provider would be in charge of all your precious items and supplies.

From securely packing the supplies to rearranging them at the new place, a huge responsibility is placed onto the shoulders of the moving company. The cost of such a job may be higher than usual when looking for a reliable rental truck service. However, it is essential to ensure the authority in a trustworthy name and its services.

A trustworthy track record

Before hiring a moving company, it is essential to review the track record of the company altogether. Several logistics service providers in Dubai are experts in providing their clients with false information in the hopes of procuring more and more customers.

To avoid the possibility of your provider being a hoax, it is advised to perform a thorough background check on the company, along with asking for details such as the operating years of the company, maintenance of the state of your belongings, and their proficiency in time management. All of this information is very easily accessible on the company website or can be answered by the representative of the company.

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Check for good reviews

The next factor in shortlisting a genuine and authentic company for your requirements is sorting through the customer base. For the logistics service provider that you may have in consideration, it is suggested to look for their reviews rated by their past customers.

Reviews are considered a good start for knowing about the advantages and shortcomings both, about the rental truck provider. The experiences of the past customers may be viewed as a good indication of whether the desired company would be a good pick or not.

Additionally, the internet is not the only place you may look to gather reviews. Recommendations put in by your friends and family are often more honest than those posted by the general public on the internet.

Assurance of license and insurance

There is an essential factor, to look for when searching for any logistics service provider is whether they are a licensed insured organization or not. It is fundamental for any rental truck provider to carry an authorized stamp from the state, and also fulfill all the licensing requirements.

Any company which is not legally approved by the Dubai state government is not bound to protect your belongings under the implications of the legal system. The lawlessness of any moving company may prove to be detrimental for the customer itself if, in any situation, the insurance shall need to be revoked.

Affordability regarding costs

On contacting any moving service, it is plausible that they will throw over the roof prices at you for employing their services. Moreover, the amount given shall only include the rising rate for the vehicle based on the hourly rate and the number of movers you require.

However, you must be wary that the given price will not be the finalized cost since it will not be including additional charges that shall only be added after the services have been utilized. Ensure that you ask the company about the ad-on charges and the extra fee, if any.

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