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You Will Thank Us – 5 Tips About Video For Beginners


So you want to be a video creator? Congratulations! You are joining a well-esteemed club. To become a video creator online and upload videos on YouTube or Instagram, you don’t need to have any degree, but you do need to have the willpower to learn.

Creating a video is simple, pick a smartphone or camera and start shooting. It is that easy. But making a successful, value-adding, and appealing video are not. Every day 500-hour worth of videos are uploaded on YouTube, and that is YouTube alone. I am not counting the hours of video content available on Instagram or other websites.

So, if you want your video to speak to your audience and gain success through, you need to do more than pick a camera and start shooting. A proper business plan is essential to create an efficacious video, especially if you are a newcomer to this field and are still learning to read the needs of their customers.

However, it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Here are some tips that can help a newcomer and even an old YouTuber or video creator make smashing videos. Let’s take a look.

1. Have a plan-

To make a successful and engaging video, you need a plan. It has three categories:

  • Outline: It implies the goals you have from your video. What outcome do you expect after the customers watch your video? Do you want them to visit your website? Or share your video? Or subscribe to the channel? Defining the goal gives you a way to move ahead and create the video.
  • Audience: The second part of the plan is to know your audience. If you don’t understand the problems or needs of your audience, how will you create a script or shoot a video or introduce characters to it? For instance, if your audience wants to understand how to do makeup as a beginner? But you end up teaching them a complex technique, will that work? No, so know your audience to create the story you want to tell in your video.
  • Emotions: Whatever type of video you make, it should have emotions to drive people to take action. Without it, no one will react or share your video.

2.  Be consistent

Being consistent with their videos is so important for all creators, especially on YouTube or reels. For a beginner, it may seem like a challenging task as they are still getting the hang of creating and sharing videos. But unless you keep making videos, you will not improve your craft. Also, having a consistent schedule is better for you and your audience.

The audience can look forward to your video if they know when you will upload. It creates excitement, which is necessary for success. A consistent schedule keeps you accountable, and you don’t slack off on creating videos.

3. YouTube outro

To all the new YouTubers, read this point carefully as it will help you get high traffic and higher ranking in video recommendations. Outro is closing visuals of a video that concludes it but at the same time provides you options or links to check another video or website or more.

For YouTube, creating an outro means you can add a subscription link, or a clickable link to your website, other videos, and channels.

Every video has an outro where there are credits or more. On YouTube, it is imperative to keep the audience hooked to the channel.

4. Edit ruthlessly

Sometimes we shot a scene or moment a lot of times from different angles. Now, you cannot keep them all as it is repetitive and unappealing. So, the best way to keep the content relatable and short and valuable is to edit out things that you don’t need in the video.

A great video is one which has a flow, and if a few clips don’t go with the rest of the story you are trying to tell, edit it out.

5. Make sure your background is correct

For all videos, you have two background options- real or fake.

  • A real background is a location which exists like an office or a park. If you are adding a physical background to your video, make sure it adds relevancy to your video.
  • Fake backgrounds are curtains or green screens or so. They add consistency to your videos but may be expensive or hard to set-up for newcomers.

Use these five tips and begin your journey as a video creator. Once you start making videos, you will learn more things essential to make it sustainable, viral, relevant, and appealing.

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