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You Should Know This Before You Start Your Pool Construction Project

When homeowners plan for pool construction in their backyards, they usually have an image in their mind for the outcome. However, not many people know what options they have regarding what type of pool they should build. You can look into different swimming pools before arriving at your conclusion. Knowing about different types of swimming pools you can build gives you more options to choose from and helps you pick the correct kind of pool to match your needs. This article will tell you about the key types of pools for you to get inspired by, so keep reading.

Inground Pools (Gainesville GA)

In-ground pools are among the most opted-for by Gainesville, GA residents and due to their durability, in-ground pools are preferred all around the US. The in-ground pool for these types of pools is pretty self-explanatory. These pools are build by digging into the ground and the shell of the pool remains underground. The water’s surface is slightly raised from the ground, or in the case of infinity luxury pools theinground pools may sit at a height to give a view of the surrounding area. These pools offer much more aesthetic appeal and you can add features such as lighting, shades, and sheer descent waterfalls for these pools.  Inground pools are considered permanent and can either be built during the house’s construction or after. Since in-ground pools are meant to be long-lasting and durable, they are made from concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl materials. However, the concrete in-ground pools are one of the strongest and more durable types of in-ground pools.

An in-ground pool has the highest construction cost compared to any other type of pool. However, the benefits and the long useful life of in-ground pools makes them worth the higher cost. There are companies such as Sandals Luxury Pools that specialize in building in-ground pools. A good pool builder will build an in-ground pool according to your needs and requirements. So if you have a specific pool design or features in mind, then an in-ground pool is the ideal option for you. 

Above Ground Temporary Pools

An above-ground pool is the exact opposite of an in-ground pool and as the name suggests, these pools are built above the ground and there is no digging involved. Above ground pools are mostly portable and they can be disassembled, transported to a new location, and set up there. However, these pools are not durable and they are not an ideal choice if you want to add a lot of features to your pool. Not to mention in most cases, you will have to construct the above ground pool yourself unless the company you bought it from offers installation services. On top of that, an above ground pool requires to be built on a level surface. So if your home is located on a slope, building an above ground pool can be tricky depending upon how steep the incline is.

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