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Wood Flooring in the United Arab Emirates

Many people choose to install wood flooring in their home for several reasons. It is typically better than laminate, but not as good as hardwood. If you decide to install wood, here are some things to consider.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the darker the wood, the more it will cost. This is true even if the grain of the wood matches the colour of your floors. You want the colour and grain to be the same so that the price will be the same. Otherwise, you could end up spending a lot more on a piece of wood that is too dark or grainy looking.

Unique grain pattern

Another way to achieve a more authentic and original look is to use a unique grain pattern. But, this is usually costly, so it is something to keep in mind if you can’t afford to get an exact match.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to go out and purchase one of the many patterns that are available in wood. Usually, such designs will have a price tag of at least five hundred dollars. They may even cost more, depending on the quality of the pattern.


A final thing to keep in mind when looking for wooden flooring Dubai is that quality can vary dramatically between the wood. Laminate, for example, is often much lower in quality than hardwood. So, while you may want the laminate, you may find that you will be dissatisfied with the end product.

Natural Wicker

When you are looking for natural wicker, you are going to find it a little bit more expensive. That doesn’t mean that it is better than other options. It just means that the benefits of the wicked are going to be put into motion by some other means.

Even the grain of the wood itself can make a difference. It’s the nature of the different grains of wood that makes each one look different. So, keep that in mind when choosing.

Your choices can also include things like bamboo, which are very popular in Middle Eastern countries, and teak, which are tropical wood from South Asia. But, the costs tend to be high for these options. They are often not as easy to install as hardwood and are not as durable as well.

Of course, if you are installing a deck or patio, you are going to want a more traditional look. An option that is becoming more common in the United Arab Emirates is corn. This is a resin-like coating on top of the wood. You can see this in the boats that are often found in Dubai.

Type Of Flooring You Choose For Your Home

The type of flooring you choose for your home will also have a lot to do with the appearance of your home. Traditional hardwood floors look very different from laminated wood floors. Because you can find it in many different colours, they can be suitable for many rooms in your home. But, it would help if you were careful to match colours that match other decors in your home.

Besides, if you have a bathroom that you want to have wood flooring in, you will want to choose hardwood. If you don’t have a wood floor in your bathroom, you can try PVC (vinyl-coated fibre cement) and see how it looks. Or, you can get very creative and try different things like using recycled glass for the floor.

When it comes to wood flooring in the United Arab Emirates, you will find there are some different options available to you. Keep these points in mind when choosing, and you will have a beautiful, functional floor that will last you for years.

Advantages of Wood Flooring

One of the many advantages of wood flooring is its unique properties. When it is installed, you will enjoy the beauty and elegance that cannot be matched by any other material. You will discover many benefits of using wood flooring in your home. The first advantage of installing wood flooring is that it can give your home a natural look. Wood looks great in any room where it is placed. And it can also be placed where other materials cannot be.

Another advantage of using wood for flooring is its quality. You can always expect suitable quality flooring that will be long-lasting and flexible. There are times when we feel like giving up with such hard floors. But, before you do, take a look at how excellent wood flooring is. You will love this type of flooring even more because of its natural appearance. It will never look old and worn out. What’s more, it has excellent resistance to scratches and stains.

By using your Parquet Flooring for your home, you can customize it to your liking. You can do this by decorating them with colourful tiles or paint. And it will be easy to maintain as well. Once you install it, you have the flexibility to change it depending on your preference. You can leave some pieces of wood in one room and add some tiles to another place. This is the reason why homeowners prefer to use wood flooring.

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