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Will Using a CBD Vape Cartridge Impact a Drug Test?

The cannabis plant contains multiple compounds. The critical ones that have taken the world with a storm include CBD and THC. The CBD compound doesn’t make a consumer higher but has therapeutic properties. THC, on the other hand, interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to cause a euphoric feeling. Due to its therapeutic properties, many states in the US have legalized hemp-based products. 

In the states where CBD is legal, the law requires that any CBD product should not contain any amount of THC, which is higher than 0.3 percent. This amount is negligible to appear in a drug test. Many CBD products on sale like full gram cartridge, display the amount of THC in them. 

CBD, in its pure form, doesn’t have any impact on your drug test. In other words, drug tests are designed to indicate whether you’ve any amount of THC in your system. Various industries in the US require drug testing. For instance, some employers may request that you do a drug test as part of an interview for a job. Sensitive professions like driving and piloting also require drug testing.

Claims are emerging that some people who have taken CBD for treatment of different conditions have failed in drug tests. This turn of events has made the concerned parties to either lose jobs or get discontinued from an interview for jobs. Most of the aggrieved parties have sued the sellers of CBD for giving them false information about THC content.

What May Make You Fail in a Drug Test?

Stay tuned if you want to find out what might make you fail in a drug test and the remedies available for you.


The law requires that CBD products should not contain more than 0.3 percent of THC. Many online stores and dispensaries adhere to this requirement. However, in some cases, people who have taken CBD from these stores have tested positive after a drug examination. The question is: what might make one test positive after taking a substance claiming to contain 0.3 percent THC bought from a registered store?

There is a possibility that, as time passes, the minimal 0.3 percent amount in CBD may build up to a higher percentage.

In case you take small amounts of CBD from various products, the minimal THC amounts in those products may accumulate over time and result in a higher percentage of THC than the required one.

Mislabelled Products

In some cases, the dealers of CBD products may not provide an exact amount of THC in their products. These dealers may claim that the amount of CBD is less 0.3 percent, but it may be higher than that. For instance, a 2017 study by JAMA revealed that eighteen of the 84 products bought online contained THC amounts above 0.3 percent. This is likely to cause a euphoric feeling and a drug test failure.

Mislabelling of CBD products may happen due to multiple reasons. The method applied when measuring THC levels may also have an impact on results. The 0.3 percent requirement is based on dry hemp. However, the same level of dry weight may not be reflected in the final product. Furthermore, many states do not have regulations to guide on testing the safety of the final product.

Still, there are some states that may allow CBD products that exceed the 0.3 percent threshold. In case you live in these states and take CBD products with higher amounts of THC than the recommended 0.3 percent, you may fail in a drug test.

What Should You Do to Have a Negative Drug Test?

Certificate of analysis 

In case you want to verify that the product doesn’t have a higher amount of THC than the required one, it’s essential to get a maker that offers a certificate of analysis (COA) from independent labs. The COA contains vital information that guides you in making the right decision. For instance, the COA shows the actual amounts of THC, CBD, and any contaminants. Avoid buying CBD from manufacturers who don’t have a COA.

Zero THC Products

It’s advisable to go for products with claims of zero THC and having a valid COA. You can also test your THC at home using your own tester. In case you’re positive and require your system to be free of THC, avoid taking the product for three weeks.

Handling a failed drug test

In case you fail a drug test, it’s critical to talk to your employer about your condition and present medical documents that support the need to take CBD.

Use the HR Department

There are specific laws like the American with Disabilities Act that let people with approved needs get exceptions that justify their actions to ameliorate. You can try to reason out with your HR dept even though the use of marijuana is illegal federally.

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