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Why You Need a PPC Agency and How It can Grow Your Business

More and more businesses are looking to take their operations online; however, while they may be looking to effectively provide users with a wide range of products or services, it does increase the level of competition. The internet is a vast market place, and even though it allows you to reach a wide demographic, you need an effective marketing strategy to convert leads. There are various tools you can use to achieve this, such as SEO (search engine optimisation), or PPC (pay-per-click). However, SEO takes a while before it yields results, PPC, on the other hand, achieves results faster.

What is a PPC Agency?

PPC is a digital marketing technique where digital publishers charge advertisers a fixed rate every time a user clicks on their ad. This type of advertising is quite popular of search engines such as Google or Bing, with Google offering a platform, Google Ads, to help facilitate this. A lot goes into running a successful PPC campaign, that’s why it pays to have a PPC agency by your side. A PPC agency handles the management of a company’s PPC strategy. It can be done in-house or outsourced to an external agency. 

A PPC agency handles keyword research, uncovering what keywords your target audience is searching for and selecting what channels to use. This can be Google Ads, Bing ads, social media advertising or display networks. They also monitor your PPC campaign, measuring every keyword for effectiveness and ensuring the campaign is producing positive results. Competitor analysis, split testing and campaign optimisation are also part of the package. By examining what your rivals are doing, such as what keywords they are targeting, you can uncover gaps that you can fill. 

By monitoring your campaign structure, keyword base and split testing different ads or landing pages, a PPC agency, can optimise your campaign and boost your ROI. Not every company can have an in-house PPC management, so hiring a PPC agency in Adelaide, for instance, makes more sense, especially if you lack the resources to do it yourself or you are still new to the PPC scene. Having understood what a PPC agency does here reasons why you need a one and how it can help you grow your business. 

Reasons Why You Need a PPC Firm and What It can Do for Your Business

1. It Saves Time

The online marketing world is vast; learning how its tools such as PPC truly work takes time. Even though most platforms try to make their programs easy to use, they are still complex and require to understand. Running a PPC campaign involves more than creating one and getting it to run itself. To be truly effective, you have to analyse and manage all its components. As a business owner, you might not be able to fit this into your schedule; however, a PPC firm can take care of the entire process. 

2. Increases Revenue

No matter what business you are in, increasing profit and revenue streams is always in your mind. PPC allows you to increase your company’s revenue by engaging more buyers as they search for your product or similar ones online. A well thought out campaign can help you identify what your competitors are not doing, increase web traffic, lead conversions and eventually profits. With PPC, you pay for performance. For instance, if you run a $3 per click campaign and 10 people click on your ad during the day, you will have spent $30. If two of the ten contacts you and one turns into a client, you will make more than the $30 you spent. 

3. Secure More Business

Through targeted campaigns, you can get more business. For instance, if you are a web hosting company and your direct competitor runs into problems such as going offline for a few hours, there will be new clients looking for an alternator solution to this problem. By running a PPC campaign targeted at these users, you can appear in their results page immediately, attract those uncatered for users and increase your revenue. By analysing your competitors’ campaigns and keywords, you can identify the gaps of uncatered for users and cash in on that. 

4. PPC Management has Changed

True to every technological advancement, Google Ads has changed and gotten a lot more complicated. This means even if you were accustomed to the Google AdWords system, the current updates to the system could prove to be a challenge. Using what you know or what you can figure out will get you through the simple stuff but not anything complex. This will take some serious learning. For instance, setting up ads that run at specific times or that only compete with low-priced keywords is quite difficult if you don’t know the new system. Rather than second-guessing what every function does, if you are in Adelaide, hiring a PPC agency might prove a lot easier. 

A PPC campaign can power up your marketing efforts and boost your business; however, to properly navigate and fully utilise these digital marketing platforms, you need a competent PPC agency by your side. With how everything is changing, you need an agency that understands emerging technologies to optimise your marketing campaigns fully. 

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