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Why Would a Hacker Attack My Website?

This is the most common question people wonder that why hackers will attack their website? Hackers actually do not care if your main motto is to raise funds, the website for sales, page for charity, or homeless puppies. It feels so bad when our website gets hacked by a faceless identity. You start wondering if there any alternative that could stop this attack. And its natural to search for alternatives after all you have works very hard to get your website functions. To handle these attacks first of all we will learn why these hackers attack your website what they need from you?

A motivation of hackers

Actually, hackers dont care about your website data, they dont care about which type of topic you have covered. In fact, they actually target the software you are using on your website so that they can hack sensitive data of your customers through it and get control.

Moreover, 35% of websites are powered on wordpress platforms. The biggest reason why people prefer wordpress is that it is secure to use a large eCommerce website or a small blog.

And due to major popularity wordpress is the easiest target for hackers because they can hack into your website very easily due to vulnerabilities in the plugin you are using.

The basic reason for hacking your websites is money. Some people steal information to enjoy the sense of power whereas the majority of hackers stole information for the cash.

SEO Spam

To get advantages of SEO spam most of the hacker’s attacks on your website. with a proper keyword strategy, you can drive traffic to your website to get profit from it. Hackers know about SEO very well. Hackers will add a backdoor on your website when it is getting damaged. By doing this they will be able to control your website content and its traffic. And your targeted customers will be frustrated as they will be redirected to another link.

Malware Injections

Malware is a not bit of code that hackers use to attack your website. these attacks are done to apply some malicious changes on your website. The maximum time malware on your website will damage your website badly. Maximum damage means more time to restore or clean your website. This is why we continuously suggest you scan your website to recognize if there any malware on your website.


Hackers might want to hold your website for random. Unless you pay a fee to the hackers they will not release your website back is referred to as ransomware. The minimum downtime of this attack is 9.5 days. Which can harm your business very badly. This attack is becoming more critical. thus you need to make your website more secure.

The Graffiti of the Internet

For some fun, your website might be hacked for some time. you need to think about graffiti when we discuss wordpress being defaced. The appearance of your website will be destroyed or say will be completely changed to look like some goofy way. But the fact is this type of attack is having less risk. Because you can easily remove and detect malware easily.

Hacking is Getting Easier Everyday

Website hacking is done automated and this is the reason hackers can be split into multiple websites within no time. The very special tools are used by hackers to find websites known to vulnerabilities. The video wordpress themes or plugins having vulnerabilities are likely to get hacked sooner.

5 Basic tips to secure your website are

  • Use two-factor authentication.
  • Update everything.
  • Add WordPress security logging.
  • Refuse compromised passwords.
  • Install software from reliable sources.

HTTPS is a protocol used to provide security over the Internet. HTTPS guarantees that users are talking to the server they expect, and that nobody else can intercept or change the content they’re seeing in transit.

If you have anything that your users might want private, it’s highly advisable to use only HTTPS to deliver it. That of course means credit card and login pages (and the URLs they submit to) but typically far more of your site too. A login form will often set a cookie for example, which is sent with every other request to your site that a logged-in user makes, and is used to authenticate those requests. An attacker stealing this would be able to perfectly imitate a user and take over their login session. To defeat these kind of attacks, you almost always want to use HTTPS for your entire site.


Hope you get the complete idea about hackers, their motivations and tipcs to secure website from being hacked.

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