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Why Should You Choose WordPress for Web Development in 2020?

From the New York Times to Angry Birds, top-notch brands are leveraging WordPress to create their websites. The success journey of these websites is motivating entrepreneurs to choose WordPress as their content management system.

As an outcome of this, around 35% of the internet is powered by WordPress according to the latest statistics. Undoubtedly, WordPress is more popular in comparison to its counterparts like Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, etc. 

Usage Statistics of CMS by W3Techs

The difference between the percentage of the market share of WordPress and other CMS is huge. The reason is not confined to the confidence of top brands on WordPress. Instead, WordPress has a lot to offer to the businesses that chose it over other CMS. Let us explore the reasons for using WordPress for your web app in 2020. 

8 Reasons to Choose WordPress Web Development in 2020

A plethora of Free and Paid Themes

The appearance of the website is decided by the themes that you use. It is crucial to have an attractive design template. These themes allow a web development company to give complete justice to your needs and goals. 

With WordPress, the scope to experiment with the design of your site never ends. There are various free and paid WordPress themes with which you can assure a high user acquisition rate. To get more details about WordPress themes, look at the average price of the themes below. 

Some of the popular WordPress themes are Enfold, Divi, Avada, Genesis Framework, X, etc. These themes offer different attributes like responsive websites, multi-purpose themes, fast development, etc. Choose among these themes according to your expectations and needs.  

Custom Plug-Ins Support

Do you know, there are more than 55,000 WordPress plugins? These plugins serve various purposes during WordPress web development. Although there are at least 1 billion downloads of these plugins, people avoid using them.

If you will work with a proficient WordPress development company, you will realize that custom plugin development has a lot to give. This means, your vision will never go in vain. You can get a plugin developed according to your needs and get the best functionality for your website. 

Bespoke Web Development

As discussed in the previous point, WordPress gives immense flexibility to its developers. All you need is to have an idea and a vision for execution. This platform is never going to disappoint you with a plethora of themes and plugins. Moreover, you can get a more personalized look with a custom WordPress theme and plugin development. 

High-end Security:

WordPress offers a separate plugin for security and that is, Sucuri. With this plugin, you can get a website that is safe from all the security threats. Although WordPress has robust security features, it does not mean it is immune to all malicious attacks. For this, it is vital to partner with a web development company that has professionals with extensive knowledge about the security checklist for the WordPress website. 


Search engine optimization is highly crucial to make a website work. It is not something that is started after creating the complete website. In fact, you need to work on the SEO of your website from the very first day you think of developing it. 

The basic SEO features like meta title, description, etc are provided for free in WordPress. For advanced SEO techniques, you can use the various free and paid SEO plugins according to your suitability.  

Fast-Loading Websites:

Low loading speed is one of the reasons that people leave your website. WordPress takes care of this very well. Are you wondering how you will lower down the loading speed of your website? It is quite simple. Here are the tips:

  • Minify CSS and JS files
  • Leverage Gzip compression
  • Use a lightweight theme
  • WordPress offers Advanced caching 

For the above-mentioned tips, you can hire WordPress Developer, he/she can suggest some more tips. Ultimately, your goals should be to get a lightning-fast webpage. WordPress possesses this potential, exploiting it to its maximum limit will make you a smart entrepreneur. It can help you in retaining customers.

Community Support

We already discussed that there are various top-notch brands that are using WordPress. Moreover, it has the largest market share among the other CMS. This gives WordPress a large community base. Hence, if WordPress developers get stuck anywhere in between a project, they can take assistance from large community support. 

Social Media Integration

Do you think your business will get a boost with social media sharing? WordPress provides plugins for social media integration. By sharing your content over different social media platforms, you can let your content reach the audience who is not a regular visitor of your website. 

In a Nutshell

WordPress is one of the best content management systems the world has in contemporary times. It offers a powerful platform to create customized websites that rank easily on search engines. This open-source platform is a way to get cost-effective website development services. 

Although WordPress is easy to learn and use, it is recommended to hire WordPress Developer to create a website that stands out among others. There are times when you need custom plugins and themes, this is possible when you partner with professionals who have programming knowledge. 

WordPress holds immense potential to deliver a website with high performance and user engagement. The only way to utilize its potential to the maximum possible limit is to never stop exploring this platform. There is a lot more in WordPress than it seems; keep finding!

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