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6 Reasons Why Manga is Better Than Anime

Manga and anime have become extremely popular all around the globe over the past few years. Manga is the Japanese form of comic books and anime is the animation, commonly based on the manga version for the same series.

There has been a huge debate going on as to which is better, Manga or Anime? We are here to settle this debate once and for all.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think that Manga is better than Anime

  • Complete Story without Censorship

Manga is generally more detailed than the anime of the same show. You get to go through the entire details about the series and in complete depth. When manga is translated into anime, they have to cut out some details a lot of times because it is extremely difficult to get all the manga details right and to make it fit a time limit. 

So, if you want to enjoy your favorite series without any censorship or story restrictions, manga is what you should go for. Besides, manga sites like mangastreammake the access to your favorite manga much simpler and easier for you. 

  • Artwork is Amazing

Manga artwork is simply on another level. Although the animations bring life to the story, reading manga allows you to truly see what the manga creator wants you to see. You get to enjoy a mesmerizing artwork with manga because you know that the creator has designed it himself.

With online manga websites like mangastream, you get to have a more interactive experience reading manga and you get to better appreciate the effort put into creating the artwork.

  • Free Manga Websites

There are a lot of free platforms that are offering manga to their audience for free. If you can’t purchase manga, you can go to these websites and read manga from there.

Although reading manga for free might not be a good idea because of security concerns, it is the only option that you have for reading manga free of cost. Mangastream, MangaFox, and MangaPanda are the most commonly used platforms for reading manga for free.

  • Bigger Variety of Content

There is a much bigger variety of manga available in the market, then there is anime. A lot of even the most popular manga series like One Piece have latest chapters that are still yet to be animated. So, if you want to get access to a bigger collection of content, manga is what you need to go for.

Using manga, you can catch up to the latest advancements in the story you are following. This is the fastest way of staying updated with the latest story changes for your favorite series.

  • Great choice for Comic Booker Readers

If you are already into reading comic books, reading manga would be a much better choice for you. If you are the kind of person who likes the feel of a book in their hands and prefers reading drawn content, you need to go for manga. You can get manga from online stores or you can visit a comic books store and get the manga from there. Reading manga allows you to relate to the characters in the series in a more immersive way. 

  • Takes Less Time 

Reading manga is like reading a book. If you are into reading books, reading manga takes much less time for you. You can read manga online on websites that offer manga like Mangastream to save more time. You can read manga on the go and can even install manga apps on your android phone to get faster access to the latest manga. Reading manga takes much less time once you get the hang of it.

Final Words

Choosing between manga or anime ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people like the manga more because it is extremely detailed and some like Anime because it is more flashy and easier to consume. You can go to Past News to learn more about popular anime and manga websites.  

Still, if you have never read the manga before then we suggest you give it a go. It would be fun for you and who knows, maybe you’d like it better than the anime.     

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