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Hello! Meet Django.

In this era, Django is leading because it has become every business’s need. But why is Django Development so popular?

“Django is an open-source high-level Python framework that serves the primary purpose of enabling super-fast development of backend applications. “

No doubt there are tons of web frameworks available out there for backend development, each designed to fill the space of specific requirements. Django simply fulfills all of those needs to the very extent and thus, it is preferred by a large base of companies and businesses like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, The Washington Post, and many more.

Fun Fact: Django web framework was named after very popular jazz guitaristDjango Reinhardt.

But, Why is Django considered the best choice for software development in 2021?

Since the Pandemic of Covid-19 took place in 2019, the world of software developers took a huge turn in a way that increased the demand for developers in every niche. Be it healthcare, e-commerce, education, technology, cybersecurity, and many more, every business in the world started working online. Because of that, every business came in need to develop their business online and with that, the need for developers increased.

No doubt, Covid-19 changed the whole scenario of living, many people became unemployed, the economy took a huge leap, but at the same time, the demand for Django Software Developers increased.


  • What is Django?
  • Django at Glance: Setup
  • Why Should We Use the Django Framework?
  • Features of Django
  • Use Cases of Django
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Django
  • Django Projects Carried out by LogicRays Technologies

Without wasting time let’s roll on with what Django is.


Django is just an open-source web framework that supports high-level python programming. It speeds up the development of web applications that are being built on Python Language.

Django helps in “Rapid Development, Pragmatic djangoProjectCarriedand Clean Design”. This is deployed on a web server that helps developers produce a web front-end that is secure, feature-rich, fast, and scalable.

Expert Django Developer
Expert Django Developer


Django was created to make common Web-development tasks quick and simple since it was designed in a fast-paced newsroom environment. Here’s an overview that will help you set up your Django Project Structure.


Before we start with Django, it is necessary to download Python.

For Windows Users: You can find Download Python for Windows and install it for free on your PC.

For Linux: Open a console and write the following command:

sudo apt-get install python 3.9.4

Or, if you don’t know the latest version of Python, then you can add the following command in the console first and then write the code given above.

python3 –versions


Settingup a virtual environment helps in separating Django/Python setup depending on the project. It helps one make the project easy to manage the requirements of the project.

Go to the directory, open cmd in that, and run this command you want to keep your project

python3 -m venv myenv

Here, instead of myvenv you can write the choice of a name you want

Activating venv

On linux

source myenv/bin/activate

Keep in mind to have a virtualenv activated when you are trying to install dependencies.


When you start with Django, make sure that you have pip, a software used to download python dependencies.

pip install –upgrade pip

The run,

pip install django

Important Note: Install the code editor. This is where you will write your code.

D. In Django

Now, in myvenv folder, create a project

django-admin startproject mysite.

This code will create a Django project structure for you. Here, don’t forget the using (.) after your project name. An App project can have many apps. To create Apps, write:

python manage.py startapp project

This will create a project directory that will contain a large number of files. Add Projects into the installed apps such that Django can know that it is existing.

Creating a Project model using models.py

The following code will store all the posts in a project. This is what we will use to structure the data properly in the database.

Create tables for your project model using

python manage.py makemigrations

python manage.py migrate

Django URLs

The Universal Resource Locator (URL) is used to provide the addresses of internet resources such as images, websites, and so on. This file contains all of our web application’s URLs. This file contains a list of all the endpoints that our website would have.


Make a template directory to keep all of your models in.


Models are queried for details, which are then passed on to templates.

It’s the place where we write logic.


Create Database for Project

python manage.py migrate

To check how your project is working, you can start the webserver and take a look by writing the following code:

python manage.py runserver

This is just an overview of what serves Django at Glance.


The argument is no longer whether or not to use a web framework, but rather use Django over the other web frameworks or not?

This is a good question because Django does not serve solution to every puposes. However, there are a few issues that it does resolve.

Use of Django Framework
Use of Django Framework


Django’s syntax is simple and straightforward due to the fact that it is designed in Python. It closely resembles the English language. Anyone who is familiar with Python should have no trouble picking it up.

The main goal of Django is to simplify work for developers. To do that, the Django framework uses The principle of rapid development where the developer can perform more than one iterations at a time without starting the schedule from scratch. Also, it uses DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Philosophy where developers can reuse the old code and focus on the new code.


Django comes with a rich UI that you can use to run Functions on your data without having to write any code.

You can handle the access to the admin interface where you can allow and restrict their permissions to the database models that you can have read/write access to.


Django makes creating REST APIs a breeze. They have outstanding HTTP requests and response repositories.


According to Django’s security policy, the development team aims to achieve effective monitoring and keeping transparency of security-related issues.

For making Django more secure SQL injections, Cross-site scripting, and clickjacking are all dealt with right away.

Furthermore, Django is very swift to release new security fixes and to alert the community when new vulnerabilities are found.


Django uses the Model-View-Controller architecture, but it tends to use a Model-Template-View (MTV) approach to execute it.

It is because a Django view is actually a controller that controls how data is accessed, where the “view” in MVC refers to a prototype of Django that controls the displaying of data to the user. The “model” component of MVC is identical.

This is how MVC architecture works in Django:

Model <__> Model

View <__> Template

Controller <__> View


Django gives you the ability to tackle projects of any size and volume, doesn’t matter if it is a small website or a high-load web app. Django is fully loaded with scalability and extras, so you can make your web app efficient to handle heavy volume traffic and large information.


Django has been tried and true over time. It has a large, welcoming community that can be reached through a variety of forums, dedicated websites, and platforms. It’s simple to get support with a troublesome feature in the code, as well as to find developers if your company wants to use Django for its next project.


The Django community is quite large. It is well-documented and its community contributes on a regular basis in this era.


Below, we are going to discuss the best features of Django in Detail.

Features of Django
Features of Django


We won’t need expert backend expertise to build a fully functioning website. We also won’t make separate server files for developing the database and linking it to the server, as well as a separate file for transmitting data to and from the server.

Django itself handles one work with a lot of other tasks. Here, you won’t need an extra file of every task. Thus, Django supports cutting-edge Rapid Development.


A good number of MNC’s in the world use Django as a base web development framework. Most of the large companies choose Django because, without any errors or defects, you can use it easily.

Our technology’s scalability refers to the extent or level to which it can be implemented. Larger websites, such as Instagram, have millions of active monthly users who produce massive quantities of data (in TB every day). This massive application is built on Django.

Django is suitable for anyone who wants to create error-free websites that can scale to larger environments.


This is the most special feature of Django because of which it gives an edge over other web development frameworks. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means that by adding your website to search engines in such a way by targeting keywords and optimizing it, your website can come in top ranking.

As we all know, search engines employ algorithms that don’t always work well for web developers. Since you are designing your own website in a human-readable format, you must add it to the server in URL format so that it can be recognized by search engines.

Django clarifies this principle by maintaining the site via URLs rather than IP addresses on the server, making it simple for SEO engineers to connect the site to the server whereas the web developer does not have to translate the URL into numeric code.


Django is very versatile in nature. Django’s MVT and project structure are very minimal. Allowing the files, on the other hand, offers us a very strong base that can come into use to build any application of our choosing.

Achieve all this by complying with industry requirements and integrating with nearly all available technologies.


One of the most compelling reasons to begin studying Django is this. When compared to other open source technologies, Django has the best documentation available in the market.

For any creator, better documentation of any technology is like getting a well-established library. There, you can easily search for any feature you desire while only wasting time on the search.

Documentation allows developers who aren’t the makers to make the most of the technology.


Python is one of the main reasons why people started learning Django. It is the tool that can solve your problems and make your every operation efficient in its own ways. It is very easy to use and simple.

A fact to be told, Python framework is the most popular language in the market right now because of these two reasons mentioned above.

Did you know?Python for a startup is the best choice in 2021 to make.

Python is the most user-friendly programming language available. This language can be used for almost anything, including Django web development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.


“Django has been around for over a decade and is still a common technology that is outperforming frameworks like Laravel (PHP).”

The number of web developers who use Django is steadily increasing. As a result, Django is a crowd-tested technology. Since Django Web Framework has been around for so long, many bugs and errors have been addressed. This is the perfect time to learn about this technology.


Django is highly usable for its super secure framework. To check the security, you can take any website that is very popular, more users, and possess huge traffic. Django is safe because it removes loopholes that the backend developer. .

Django is designed by the best web developers keeping the main problems in front and with that, the main aim was to get a rapid development speed.


People who don’t know anything about Django believe it’s just a content management system. In fact, it’s a piece of software that allows you to create and run web applications.

Here’s a fun fact for you: Django is designed to power a web application for the Lawrence Journal-World, a newspaper publisher.

Understanding the framework’s multifaceted existence begins with its name. The Django system named after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who despite having two fingers paralyzed due to an accident, was able to play dazzling runs on his guitar. Similarly, the Django application can handle a wide range of tasks. Django comes in use to make the following things:

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Communication Platforms
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for commercial and internal use
  • Document Administration Platforms
  • Booking Engines

Other than this, Django is great for:

  • Email Solutions
  • Verification Systems
  • Algorithm-based generators
  • Data Analysis Solutions
  • Machine Learning
  • Filtering systems with highly advanced parameters


Django: Advantages & Disadvantages
Django: Advantages & Disadvantages


There is a reason why Django is Popular and Highly used. Have a look below why it is so popular. 

#1 BuiltIn Admin Panel 

The work of the Admin panel is to aid in the management of your application. A Django admin panel is automatically created from Python code, while manually creating an admin panel will take a long time and be pointless.

#2 Batteries Included

Django is around because it comes with all of the required batteries. It’s part of Django’s convention over configuration paradigm, and it lets you use solutions built by world-class experts. Django batteries cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • auth package for Authentication
  • admin package for Admin interfacing
  • Sessions package for Sessions Management
  • With sitemaps package, Generate Google Sitemap XML
  • Postgres Packages Postgres special features
  • Messages packages for managing temporary messages

#3 Community

One of the best aspects of Django is its community; they are welcoming and constantly working to make the system more beginner-friendly while still introducing new features.

#4 Good For SEO

Python is popular because of its human-readable code, which is beneficial if you want your website to appear high in search results. With Django, you can build readable website URLs and links by incorporating the most appropriate keywords and SEO best practices.

#5 Libraries

Django consists of many libraries for solving common tasks.

When creating any project, Django allows developers to use all libraries. Django-allauth is a collection of Django applications for account management, authentication, registration, and third-party account authentication, as well as a Django CMS specifically designed to manage website content, and the Django REST framework is a standard library for developing application programming interfaces (APIs).

#6 ORM

Django is well-known for its object-relational mapper, which makes it easier for programmers to communicate with databases. An ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) is a library that converts data from databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL into objects that can be used in application code.


Not everything in the world is a silver bullet. If your project is based on these points mentioned below, then here are reasons why you shouldn’t use Django.

Have a look here!

#1 Building a Simple App

If you’re building an app that doesn’t need any complicated actions then using Django is not a very smart idea.

Let’s take an example, you’re looking forward to designing a simple chat, for that you won’t need high-level actions in development. As a result, Django can be a high-level framework for creating a small and easy application. Instead, you can use Flask, a microservice service framework that is perfect for the creation of a simple application.

#2 Monolithic

Internal Django modules like forms and ORM are difficult to replace, and changing the internal structure can take a lot of work from your developers.

Django server and framework look for information in these files. It is because the framework has a way known as “The Django Way” to perform various actions. If you don’t follow these rules, you may not be able to deploy anything with the help of Django.



In this Django Project, our expert Django Developers at LogicRays Technologies performed the Setup of the entire CMS, Built custom pages in CMS, Modified the previously provided pages in CMS based on the requirements.



Saleor Project is an E-commerce platform based on Python/Django. In this, our expert Django Developers created Dashboard(admin panel) and storefront(frontend) and set them up in Python and React respectively.

This project works similar to any Magento Project and can be customized based on the client’s requirements.



Our Django developers at LogicRays Technologies have developed a whole Management System for Poker. Here, the user/admin will control the entire tournament as well as the transactions that occur within each game.



– Scraping of Tournament details takes place from emails using Gmail Webhook & Performed Python RegEx on it.

– These tournament details are saved to the database according to the table.

– For Tournament, two main pages are created: 

1. Pending Tournament 

2. Tournament

This is just an overview of the types of projects Django/ Python Developers at LogicRays Technologies carries out. We have carried out some projects in Django that will overwhelm you to your very core. .


Now you will be having a clear perspective of exactly what Django is and what is its use. Django now comes under some of the best choices for software development in 2021 because of these points mentioned in this article.

We hope you enjoyed this article and got the answers you were looking for.

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