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Why is a food Delivery business like Swiggy is Growing higher in the market?

Online food ordering is a vogue and an integral part of our lifestyle. Owing to this, there has been a gigantic increase in the number of food ordering/delivery applications. Their popularity and worldwide reach can be attributed to the convenience they offer and deals, discounts and a wide range of menu dishes that they offer. Another thing is that they deliver warm and delicious food items in a flash.

A survey conducted earlier revealed that these food delivery apps enthralled 87% of people who took the survey. The rise of online food delivery apps At the end of last year, the food ordering and delivery industry were valued at $32 billion and
forecasted was an annual growth rate of 9.3%. This is enough to create excitement in the market where aspiring entrepreneurs want to join the online food delivery business with a highly customized Swiggy clone solution.

Even though the giants in this domain including the likes of UberEats, Zomato, FoodPanda, DoorDash, Swiggy and GrubHub have not penetrated some markets in terms of success, some food delivery has app solutions that have attained immense in those regions.

If you are inclined towards the food delivery business, then you must realize that several steps account for the success of your food delivery business similar to what Swiggy, UberEats and the other competitors have achieved.

 Food Delivery Businesses Like Swiggy:

      Speaking of food delivery businesses like Swiggy, it is no wonder that Swiggy clone are becoming popular in the growing market. Because Swiggy’s strategy is the king of convenience and quick delivery. Their benefits to consumers and delivery executives are super attractive and purposeful. Given the aggressive shift towards the delivery-oriented infrastructure at a rapid pace, Swiggy clones are grabbing attention and many businesses are striving to build a successful food delivery business app like Swiggy. In this way, food delivery apps like Swiggy are taking a major part in the growth of the online food delivery sector.  

 Factors Driving the Food Delivery Sector:

      Dining in a restaurant is no longer required to have a good meal. All that has to be done is a click and everything comes to your own dining table. Here are some of the parameters that explain why food delivery businesses are growing higher in the market.

(i) Associating and collaborating with local restaurants

The first step is to strike an alliance with the restaurants in the local region by making them aware of food delivery platforms’ importance and making them a part of your business. With your platform’s help, the eateries get even more customers to access their services where it is a win-win situation for you and the restaurants as more revenue is generated. As more and more customers begin to come to a given eatery, it will then be featured at the top of the search list.

(ii) Establishing feasible commission rates

For you to battle against the big guns in this domain like UberEats, GrubHub and others, the need of the hour is to establish feasible commission rates. This way, you gain the advantage, and thus you will be able to add more restaurants to your operational base.

(iii) Enabling Pick Up from Restaurants

Integrating this as a part of the unique features that you provide will be very beneficial as some people like to order food and pick the order themselves once it is ready. This might be because they are not inclined towards payment for home delivery. So keep this set of audience in mind when establishing your target audience.

(iv) SEO for Business

An important activity that, when implemented, will increase the brand visibility of the restaurants among everyone. It also helps in telling people about all the offers and discounts that you are offering.

(v) Technology used

The app’s popularity and fame are determined by the user-friendliness and the rich features that come packed with it. So what exactly makes your mobile app, that user-friendly? It is the technology that is used to develop the app. Thereby making use of the advanced technologies to develop your food ordering/delivery solutions is a must.

(vi) Smartly establishing and expanding the reach

A smart move that you ought to implement in the beginning is focusing on areas where the giants like UberEats and Zomato have not conquered. By doing that, you are establishing a fabulous presence in that region, and soon after gaining fame and popularity; you are all set to expand and conquer other new regions.

The popularity of food delivery businesses is here to stay for a very long time without diminishing even an iota. Thereby it is the apt time to begin your food delivery business. If you are now ready to get a mobile app speedily developed for your business, you can do it with Uberdoo’s Swiggy clone script solution.

The following are some of our clone script solution’s advanced features that will help you get a global reach.

(i) Smart Fare Estimator

By making use of this, the user can order food based on their budget. The user base of yours can clarify the ordered food list and the total amount for the order before making the order. If a food item needs to be discarded, it can be done with relative ease with a single click.

(ii) Multi-Language Support

With the help of the Multiple Languages feature, people can choose their preferred language to make orders and understand the mobile app solution’s features.

(iii) Push Notification

With this useful feature, the customer will notify when the restaurant has accepted the order and notified who is assigned for dispatch. The user will also be notified when the food item is ready for dispatch and when the delivery executive commences his ride from the eatery. This will serve to enrich the user experience related to the order.

(iv) Real-Time Tracker

This will help the user to find out the precise location of the delivery executive in real-time. The user can carry out some other work in the meantime and return when the order is about to reach their homes.

(v) User-friendly

Everyone will quickly gain mastery of the software because every process will be evident and transparent aside from being very user-friendly and simple to operate. The users can decide what to order, where to order, where to deliver, and how to pay with relative ease.

  • Time and Delivery

      On-time delivery is the unit that measures the key performance of the food delivery service. It gratifies the consumers and makes them feel satisfied with the online food ordering service. This also helps the delivery agent to save time and get additional orders. Time is a major concern for this business and it is tackled in a very well manner by the foodservice apps in the run.

  • Convenience

      To attract consumers towards the online purchase is giving them their expected convenience. Using a food delivery system, the customers can receive food parcels easily at doorsteps without having to travel for the same. This induces the consumers to order more food online rather than picking them up from the restaurants. 

  • Easy Accessibility

      A huge mass is making use of the online food delivery system because of its easy accessibility. The user has to open the mobile or web app, order the food from a nearby restaurant and wait for a little while for it to arrive. As simple as it sounds, it makes the lives of the customers much easier and simple. 

  • Flexibility

      The food delivery apps are designed in such a way that satisfies all the common customer needs. This lets them order food from anywhere in the world. According to the consumers’ wants, the app shows them personalized menus and choices.


Anyone can develop food ordering clone script solutions. But the question is which among them is the best? If you want the best/ feature-rich Swiggy clone script and want to avail the services of a reliable company with expertise in developing Swiggy clone apps, you are welcome to approach us at Uberdoo.

We develop cost-effective solutions using technologies like Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, react.js, Amazon SNS, Braintree, PayPal, and Google Places API. Our clone script solution is a special one with tons of new features that have impressed our client base and optimized their food delivery business. Reach us out at to know more and rest assured you will be 100% glad that you availed of our services related to food delivery app development

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