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Which WiFi Internet Plans are Perfect for Simultaneous Streaming?

Are you and other members of the family fond of streaming? Do you normally stream on multiple devices during the evening? If so, the question is which WiFi internet plans are perfect for simultaneous streaming? Below is a brief overview of online streaming and some unlimited WiFi internet plans perfect for it.


Online streaming refers to the transmission of media content for listening to audio and viewing a video file. The most common examples of streaming content are podcasts, movies, music videos, TV shows, and webcasts. In Australia, video streaming apps have been popular among households. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Binge
  • Disney Plus
  • Foxtel Now
  • Kayu
  • Netflix
  • Stan
  • YouTube

Another popular form of streaming is live streaming. It is the real-time broadcast of an event via the internet. They are commonly seen on social media platforms. The most common one-time events shared live are award shows, boxing matches, conferences, sports events, and video games

All types of streaming content are pre-arranged and transmitted via sequential packets of data. These data streams instantaneously and are deleted automatically once they play on a screen. 


The amount of data online streaming consumes depends on the quality of the video being played.

  • A low-quality video with a resolution ranging from 144p to 320p consumes 250 MB of data per hour.
  • A standard definition (SD) video with a resolution of 480p consumes 650 MB of data per hour.
  • A high definition (HD) video with a resolution of 720p consumes 800 MB of data per hour.
  • A high definition (HD) video with a resolution of 1080p consumes 1.4 GB of data per hour.
  • An Ultra-HD or 4K video consumes 6 to 7 GB of data per hour.

Audio or music streaming consumes a lesser amount of data than video streaming.

  • A low-quality sound playing at 96 kbps consumes around 40 MB per hour.
  • Normal quality sound playing at 160 kbps consumes around 75 MB per hour.
  • While high-quality sound playing at 320 kbps consumes around 110 MB per hour.

Most streaming videos are of standard definition. When an internet user streams alone using an internet connection, the ideal internet speed is around 3 Mbps. This is for a low-quality or SD video. If you will be streaming HD videos, you will need an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps. If you will be streaming HDR or 4K videos, you will need an internet speed of at least 25 Mbps. Alternatively, live broadcast or event streaming needs at least an 8 Mbps internet speed. For multiple devices or simultaneous streaming, a 50 Mbps internet speed is recommended.


Aussie Broadband Everyday NBN 50 Plan

Aussie Broadband has been offering an awesome range of internet plans since 2008. With its years of experience in the industry, the provider has built a reputation for excellent customer support and exceptional NBN services. Therefore, if you are searching for the best broadband for simultaneous streaming at home, you should consider one of Aussie Broadband’s NBN plans. 

Priced at $79.00 per month, Aussie Broadband Everyday NBN offers unlimited data with a guaranteed typical evening speed of 50 Mbps. The setup fee is free of charge and you can even get a home phone landline for an additional cost. You can also bundle your internet plan with Fetch TV to enjoy streaming newly released movies, Netflix shows, Disney, National Geographic, ESPN and other sports TV shows. 

New subscribers can BYO the modem or buy a new one at $149.00 plus shipping fee. Save for being a renowned provider when it comes to internet speed and performance, Aussie Broadband also features a friendly all-Australian support team, ready to assist your needs any time.

Belong Standard Plus NBN Plan

Belong, Telstra’s budget brand, also offers a range of NBN plans perfect for households made of serious internet users. The best among these is the Belong Standard NBN 50 Plan, which features unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 40 Mbps. At $70.00 per month, you can stream thousands of songs, watch over 1,500 hours of online videos, and download over 400 HD movies to your computer. You and other housemates can stream on different WiFi-enabled devices without worrying about lagging behind. 

With this Belong NBN plan, the standard activation fee is free of charge and you only pay for extra costs when there’s a need for extra cabling or trenching. With regard to the equipment, the modem costs $60.00 but you can get it for free when you sign up for a 12-month contract. What’s best is that you’ll also have a $5.00 monthly bill discount during the 12-month lock-in. You will also get a free Belong prepaid mobile SIM with an $80.00 credit for calls, mobile data, and text messaging. 

MyRepublic Standard Plus NBN Plan

Known for competitively priced NBN plans, MyRepublic is your next best bet if you are looking for an internet service that can cater to heavy streaming demands. At $69.00 per month, MyRepublic Standard Plus offers unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 43 Mbps. The setup fee is free of charge but the modem would cost you $149.00 plus $10 delivery fee. You can get a modem for free when you sign up for a 12-month contract though.

This plan is perfect for households with 3 to 5 internet users. Enjoy binge-watching your favourite Netflix series or playing with your friends online all night long. You can also bundle the plan with a home phone landline capable of domestic or international calls. If you are an online game enthusiast, you can add a Gamer Pro add-on at $10 a month to gain access to the network optimised for gaming. 

Tangerine XL Speed Boost Bundle

Tangerine Telecom’s commitment to offering value for money NBN plans is what sets it apart from other internet service providers. One of the best plans you can get to satisfy your household’s daily streaming habit is the Tangerine XL Speed Boost Bundle. With a special promo price of $64.90 for the first 6 months, then $79.90 on-going, you get to enjoy unlimited data and unlimited calls to Aussie landlines. Experience a stable internet connection even during peak hours with a typical evening speed of 42 Mbps. 

What’s even more exciting is you can avail a 14-day risk free trial to test the network before subscribing to their service. With regard to the modem, you can do BYO or purchase a new one from Tangerine. Get an upgraded NBN modem for only $129.90, a 4G-backup modem at $189.90 plus $15 per month, or a super cool upgraded mesh and satellite bundle modem at $279.90.

Dodo Standard Plus NBN Plan

Among other providers in Australia, some NBN customers believe that Dodo offers the best NBN deals in the market. Aside from featuring the cheapest NBN plans, Dodo also offers one-of-a-kind bundles. For a household with more than 3 users who like to stream simultaneously, the best Dodo plan for you is Dodo Standard Plus Unlimited Plan

For only $58.90 per month for the first 6 months ($75 on-going), you can make the most of your internet experience with unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 50 Mbps. Although you need to pay $60.00 for a setup fee, an NBN-ready modem is already included in the package, allowing several devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. You can also bundle your internet plan with electricity and gas to save $10 a month on your broadband expenses. 

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