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Which Upgrades Promise to Increase a Home’s Value?

The list of potential home improvements is pretty much endless but not all improvements come with the promise of increasing your home’s value. The list of lucrative investments is significantly shorter but there are still plenty of upgrades to choose from, suited for every budget and design preference.

Swapping out fixtures in the bathroom and/or the kitchen

One of the best ways to instantly increase the value of your home is to replace all of the fixtures in the bathroom and/or the kitchen. This improvement is especially important for eclectic homes which lack interior cohesion.

A black faucet mounted on a white washbasin under which sits a brownish cabinet looks awful. You should avoid such décor faux pas and go for a coherent look in which the design and colors of all features match one another.

A residential open floor plan

Open office plans are still popular in some industries but what is more interesting, they’ve made a breakthrough in residential housing. We are not suggesting you tear down the fall between the kitchen and the living room but perhaps two adjoining rooms upstairs can become the master bedroom.

Open floor plans convey a state of opulence, as they make a detached suburban home appear bigger on the inside. Furthermore, a completely or partially open design allows for more natural light to get inside the house or apartment.

Install a steel door

A door with a glass panel might look nice but you should install them only inside the house for safety reasons. Moreover, the front door can be reinforced by adding bars but what you really need to increase safety is a steel door. These doors are not only easy to maintain but they are excellent insulators, far superior to wood.

Copper is a great roofing material

You might have noticed that heritage buildings feature copper roofs and roof plumbing. This material doesn’t just possess aesthetic appeal but it’s pretty durable.

Architects are increasingly choosing to install copper roofing because of its alluring organic aging nature. Since the metal is non-corrosive, you get a layer of patina after decades of use and not pesky rust patches like with other types of metal.

A new garage door pays for itself

Just like you did with the front door on the house, you can replicate the garage door as well. Due to its size, the garage door makes a large portion of the curb appeal of your home. Try to salvage the motorized opener, so the upgrade costs less in the end.

Go for a neutral palette

Whether it’s rendering your home or repainting a single room, the palette you use should contain light and neutral colors. This boosts the resale value of your home, as neutral colors are more appealing than tacky shades.

For instance, you would need to find a special kind of buyer to buy a house with the kitchen painted orange or yellow. If your house or apartment is small, then paint the ceiling in a slightly darker tone than the color you used for the walls to create a contrast.

The HVAC should be fully operational

As soon as they spot the AC unit, buyers are going to enquire about the state of the HVAC system. Tell them when it was installed but don’t fail to mention when was it repaired. Even an old HVAC can last for decades when regularly maintained. In rural areas, a tankless water heater is a huge plus.

Low-flow toilet tanks

Modern washing machines use less water than their counterparts did just a decade ago. Energy efficiency grew from a trend into a staple, so make sure the whole house has green solutions.

For instance, there are now low-flow toilet tanks that move less water forcefully inside the bowl below. This way, each flush saves new owners money!

We have listed only 8 upgrades that promise to increase your home’s market value. After consulting with realtors and handymen, you might come up with more imaginative home improvements. Make sure that every dollar you invest today becomes three dollars when the time to sell the house comes.

Kitchen is important

Kitchen renovation is a bit of an umbrella term. You will need a lot of money and plan in advance to do it all just right. In reality, it can mean a number of things. First, it could be a full remodelling but it could also be a painting of the area or investment in energy-efficient appliances. A full remodel can cost between several thousand dollars and $50,000. Naturally, whether it’s worth it depends on whether you’re trying to boost the resale value or increase quality-of-life. Replacing old appliances, finishing wooden surfaces and painting the room are known to give the best ROI.

Make a completely new area

While reinventing a room in the house might seem more efficient, this is a plan that has two potential problems. First, chances are that you don’t have an extra space to do something like that. Second, the cost of this project could be quite substantial, which would seriously lower your odds of actually getting a decent ROI. SO, that is why reinventing a new area could be a good idea, and innovative, too. For instance, you could turn a part of your living room into a reading corner, a part of your garage into a workshop or a part of your bedroom into a lovely home office. This way, you get another feature to add to the list and your home becomes both more valuable and more attractive to potential customers.

Pro tip: Even a corner of your room can be given a unique function. Use this unused space!


A design feature from Antiquity, the portico is still used in modern structures, including houses and state buildings. Covering the entrance to your house adds a bit of opulence to the whole place, as well as protection against the weather.

With a portico outside, your guests won’t get wet waiting for you to open the door. Porticos topped with a small pediment are perfect for colonial-style homes, often found in suburbs in the West.

The definition of “modern” in contemporary architecture often involves reviving centuries-old designs. From a portico to fragrant window boxes, there are at least 8 ways you can update your home so it’s in line with contemporary trends in architecture.

So, in order to sell the house for a better price, you might be tempted to invest in some home upgrades. The problem is the fact that the amount of money invested isn’t necessarily going to yield you the ROI that you were hoping for. So, you need to start inquiring about the improvement that is actually going to give you this yield. There are some upgrades that do raise the value of the home but don’t give you a decent return. Then, there are those that are inconsequential but may raise the appeal of the home in the eyes of a potential buyer. To sum it all up, here are several that are worth your while.

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. We hope some of this tips will help you stay on the right way of doing that.

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