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What You Need To Become An Animator: Gadgets & Tools

Animation has become one of the most popular things related to computers and gadgets. In recent times, animation has stepped far beyond being used only for entertainment purposes. In the past decade, digital marketing has made full use of animation as it became one of the top priorities in content. Mainly because of its cost-effective nature and efficiency unmatched by any other sort of content.

However, making animation videos is a whole another world. While we may know about all the benefits that it offers, making a custom logo design requires a certain amount of expertise and various tools. That is why Video Animation Company compiled a list of some of the essentials in order to become an animator. In recent times, animation and visual artistry have garnered another name, which is “digital artist”. However, let us look at all you will need to become either one of them.

A Proper Computer
Make no mistake that the software and tools used for animation are far beyond anything we use commonly. They require impeccable graphics processing, the take up a lot of ram, and they require a powerful processer that does not cause any lag or delays while rendering. However, here are two of the most important things you will need.

A PC(personal computer) comprises of a few main parts. These include a processor, a motherboard, ram(s), graphics card, hard drives, power supply and a chassis. You need a viable processor, preferably the top of the line AMD or Intel series in order to ensure the programs run smooth. Then you would need a motherboard according to the processor you choose. Go with something powerful that features overclocking (topic for another time). Then you would need ram and lots of it, preferably more than 16 gigabytes and many would recommend 32 for smooth operations.

Then perhaps the most important thing for either a graphic designer or a gamer is a graphics card. For rendering animation or playing games smoothly, you need a graphics card that offers GDDR5 memory along with high clock rates to ensure smooth frames. Then, you will need a power supply that generates enough watts to power all of these. Lastly, you would require a proper chassis with cooling systems to ensure that it runs without any troubles.

Another thing you will need is a monitor with higher frame rates. Moreover, you need to ensure its high refresh rates to receive a smooth picture and make the most of the hardware mentioned above.
Graphics Tablet
One of the vital things about animation is drawing, that is why you need a proper platform to draw upon. Many famous brands and companies offer such graphics tablet for a small amount. You need one of these in order to ensure your personal touch, whether you make characters or objects.
Stylus Pen
If you are unable to get your head around a graphics tablet, then a stylus pen is your best bet. As it features one of the coolest options to be able to draw on the screen.
Drawing Gloves

Previously used mainly by professionals or teachers, it has now become a common tool in the world of graphic design and animation. It eases the process of drawing on the screen by using merely your fingers.

Over To You
There you have it, all the necessary hardware and gadgets in order to become an animator. In order to become an all-around animator\graphic designer, these tools can help you make an all-round approach and allow you to tackle problems easily as they arise.

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