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What to wear with knee-high boots

Wear your knee-high boots in style with pieces from trendy women’s clothing stores.

Summer and spring are times when a woman shows off her favorite collection to appraise her beauty. However, it is the seasons of fall and winter when a lady unlocks her unique collection from the closet. Winter fashion is comfortable, classy, and sophisticated. It is also the same time when women bring out their favorite knee-high boots and pair them up with their favorite fits to complete their look. Jeans & leggings, or even skirts & dresses, knee-high boots help make the perfect fashion statement. Knee-high boots are now the trend- and one would find them at any trendy women’s clothing store.

To know how and what to pair with knee-high boots, one needs to know about knee-high boots first.

Styles of knee-high boots

Knee-high boots are long boots that make one’s height visibly taller than usual. They are easy to wear and can be paired with almost any kind of outfit. Although, it is important one must know what style of knee-high boots are to be paired with which type of outfit.

Classic Knee-High Boots

Smooth leather, single-colored, suede knee-high boots are the ones you would most commonly find these days at a women’s boutique. These classic knee-high boots cover up your toe and reach up to your knee. The classic ones have either straps or buckles around and are generally zippered. These are the ones you might want to pick up for your everyday look—Don these on alongside your trousers, skirts, leggings, jeans, etc.

Motorcycle Knee-High Boots

The knee-high motorcycle boots are heavier than usual. They also contain a thick sole and are zippered or laced in general with buckles around. Not suitable for daily use due to their weight and the chic rider look, these are best paired with a pair of denim or leggings.

Riding Knee-High Boots

These knee-high boots come up to the knee but are rounded at the edge. Those English riding boots you dream of when you see Derby races on television? Riding knee-high boots deem to be exactly what the name suggests they are. These boots come along with a heel at the bottom, not too much, but an inch or less. Usually, in colors of brown or black, they come in tones of two colors. These knee-high boots, too, just like the classic ones, have either buckles or straps around and are zippered. Stylish and classy, riding knee-high boots are the epitome of sophistication to be paired with light-colored trousers, a pair of denim, or leggings. There are multiple unique ways to rock a cowboy look with riding knee-high boots.

Dressy Knee-High Boots

Now, these are classy women’s dreams. Popped up on a height by chunky wedges or stiletto heels, these dressy knee-high boots come in suede, synthetic materials, and leather to help you glide in your footsteps as you go! But just because we women like it to make it fashionable, subtle or not, dressy knee-high boots make it easier for us because they can be paired with just about anything. So not to worry, you can still rock your favorite comfy jeans and make it a banger with these beautiful babies on you!

So these were the different styles of knee-high boots you would end up with within a women’s western wear boutique. Now let’s get to styling them on you!

The general notion of being able to wear knee-high boots only on your jeans and nothing else is a notion a woman should quickly forget. As mentioned above, the shoes you choose for yourself help you make the statement you want, at your ease, with the confidence you never knew you had. Hence, help yourself and your favorite pairs of knee-high boots to see the sunlight more often than the rare times. Here is how:

What to wear?

It goes without saying jeans are the most standard pairing of knee-high boots. With the correct top, you can adjust your knee-high boots to match the vibe you are going for. The problem arises when one tries to fit a triangle in a square. As much as one likes to wear jeans to every possible event to be able to wear the boots, or to sometimes avoid the extra effort, you must know that the boots you wear should also match the vibe of the occasion you are wearing your boots for. 

  • For a simple, joyful look for brunch, put on the classic knee-high boots with an oversized bright sweater, a long jacket that matches the shoe color, and a scarf that pairs well with the sweater to finish the look. 
  • For a Casual-day-at-work-look, you can pair your dressy knee-high boots with a long-sleeved button-down shirt, a long scarf around the neck the color of the shoes with dark denim to finish.
  • As for a rider look with your motorcycle knee-high boots, it is best if you take the standard path, skinny black jeans, black leather jacket, and complete it with a plain and simple tee.
  • It might seem too retro, but pairing white jeans with dark brown or black dressy knee-high boots alongside a dark, full-sleeved tee will make your height appear taller than usual, especially if you try under-tucking the tee from the front. A little chic, but the bright pants will bring attention to your legs and, henceforth, your favorite boots.
  • It is not necessary to wear white pants in contrast with your boots. Although, light-colored suede knee-high boots work just fine if you match up a darker shade of top from the same color palette. A long suede jacket of the same color as the boots will enhance the look even further.

It is not just jeans or a pair of denim; leggings as well can complement knee-high boots very well. Additionally, it is not even necessary to put on a contrast of color with them. Pairing your leggings with a slightly darker or lighter shade of knee-high boots will work wonders. The most trendy and casual look these days is that of an oversized cardigan, sweatshirt, or a long-sleeved tee paired with classic boots and black leggings. 

As mentioned before, covering your legs cannot always be an option. What about those favorite fall dresses you intended on wearing? Online boutiques USA not only bring you your favorite dresses but also your boots to pair them well to complete your dream look!

Dresses and skirts can also be paired with boots. Yes, you read it right! Here we give you a few styling tips to help you as you make a journey in your closet with a smile on your face

Few Styling tips

  • You must pair your skirts and dresses with knee-high boots that fit you well. The ones that hug your calves, ankles tightly and enhance your beautiful legs.
  • If you are of a short height, you must choose boots with heels, pointy toes, or rounded toes to help visibly elongate the length of the legs.
  • Women with thick calves must have an eye towards the boots with a wide shaft, whilst the ones with thinner calves can disguise them with straps or buckles to draw away attention from the same.
  • If you are looking to wear baggy or wide denim, you can still wear your knee-high boots. Only make sure that the toes of your shoe stick out. Also, the length of your trouser should be an or two higher than usual. This prevents your boots from being noticed. 
  • Stick to classic and dressy knee-high boots for when you go to work. The office look must contain subtlety.

To conclude

Women must let go of their fear of never being able to wear their favorite knee-high boots all the time. Pair the correct style with the right clothing, and you have the best look you could wish for. Find your perfect pair of knee-high boots at Heels N Spurs! You can also shop for high-heeled boots for girls here. Happy Styling!

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