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What should I do if I feel unwell during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In December 2019, a deadly virus landed in this world. The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China that month. After research was made, it is known that this virus comes from coronavirus and developed a mutation. The mutated virus is known as Covid-19. It originated from bats, hence can only cause infection in some animals. Because of the mutation, it developed an ability to infect the human as well. Since December 2019, the number of infected cases has risen rapidly in China, especially in Wuhan. The common Covid-19 symptoms (simptom Covid19) that defines this virus infection are fever, cough and also shortness of breath. Besides, some patients also reported other symptoms such as chest pain, headache and others.

         The scariest part in this situation is that this virus is deadly. Yes, it has the ability to kill humans. This is why most of the countries in this world are very scared of this Covid-19 virus. In January 2020, most of the countries are affected by this virus because it spreads rapidly. This led the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce Covid-19 as a pandemic. Since then, all the countries adopted their own protocol in fighting this pandemic. These include wearing masks, social distancing, practicing hand hygiene, frequently cleaning the environment and also practicing hand sanitizing routines.

         However, practicing protocol alone is not sufficient. All of the residents need to work together and ensure that everyone follows the same rules thoroughly to ensure that we are not infected by the virus. So, how do you know whether you are infected or not? What do you need to do if you think you are infected? As mentioned above, the common symptoms for this infection are cough, fever and shortness of breath. So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, it is a good idea to get yourself checked as quickly as possible. In order to do this, you can go to any nearby clinic, hospital or health care and meet your doctor. Do not delay this action because you might not know what the actual situation is.

         Upon meeting your doctor, he or she will ask about your symptoms, overall health condition and also your medical history. Hence, make sure you tell your information sincerely and thoroughly so that your doctor can understand your situation very well. After that, your doctor will decide whether you are suspected of having Covid-19 or not. If your doctor thinks your symptom is caused by an ordinary disease, then he or she will give some medications to help with your illness and you are free to continue your normal routine.

         However, if your doctor thinks that you might have been infected with Covid-19, he will order you to undergo a Covid-19 swab test. For your information, this swab test is essential in determining whether you are infected by this virus or not. If the test turns out to be negative, you are allowed to go back and continue your life as usual. However, a positive swab test will be a different story. If your test is positive, you will be given instructions depending on your severity. If it is just a mild symptom, you will be ordered to undergo a self-isolation routine for at least 2 weeks at your own house. But, if your symptoms are severe, you will immediately be transferred to a hospital for further treatment. Lastly, it is very important for all of us to follow all the protocols set by our own government. Moreover, the vaccination program has started throughout the world. Hopefully, we can fight this virus and end its infection for good.

The best defense against the flu is the flu vaccine. When you get a flu shot, you protect yourself and others from getting the flu and you help reduce the burden on the health care system.

Everyone should get the flu vaccine as soon as they can, says Dr. Allen.The vaccine is especially important this year as we prepare for a flu season in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The vaccine does protect from co-infections,” says Dr. Allen. “Getting the flu and COVID at the same time could lead to serious illness.”

The two symptoms that only show up with COVID are the loss of taste and the loss of smell,” says Dr. Allen. “Not everyone who has COVID has these symptoms, but many people who test positive do lose their sense of taste and smell.”

If your symptoms align with those of COVID or you’re not sure if you have COVID or the flu, call your doctor.

If you had a flu shot four to six weeks before getting sick, you have some immunity for the flu, says Dr. Allen. Your doctor may treat you with Tamiflu. This medicine reduces flu symptoms and can shorten your illness by a day or two.

Your doctor can test you for the flu and COVID at the same time. It is safe to take Tamiflu while you wait for test results. Tamiflu is most effective if taken as soon as symptoms begin.

If you have symptoms of COVID or flu, quarantine yourself. Dr. Allen says to wait five days before getting tested. If you get tested too early, the test might not pick up the virus, he explains.

“The thing that worries me more than anything is false negative tests,” Dr. Allen says. “If you get a false positive, we tell you to self-quarantine and protect others from infection. If you get a false negative, you don’t self-quarantine and there is a high potential to spread the disease to others.

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