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What Is VPS Hosting? Do I Need Virtual Private Servers?

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A hosting is a web service that allows you to server your website on the World Wide Web. You may have many options that can almost confuse you, but the most popular if VPS hosting. It is short for Virtual Private Server & is one of the most desirable hosting servers than any other. It is considered to the best server’s choice because of the advantages & value for money. People are likely to buy this server because it’s technically both shared & dedicated hosting servers. Today we’re going to talk about on the same topic what is it, how it works & why should you choose it. Check out various Web Hosting Offers.

What Is Virtual Private Server?

VPS is a type a dedicated server within a shared hosting server. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with private space within a parent server. The word private means you have your own resources like CPU cores, memory, disk space & bandwidth. All these resources are for your own website & you don’t need to share with any other within the same server. There’re many other websites on the same server but you got your own private space within that server. This is one of most admirable feature where you get a small dedicated server within a parent server. 

How Does VPS Hosting Works?

As the name implies that you have your own private server but there’re other websites also on the same server. Using software called hypervisor, the hosting companies implements a virtual layer on the operating system to segment virtual servers. In this the entire server is divided into small servers & is allocated to different users on the same server. This makes a user an owner to its servers, this gives the ability to more flexibility & privacy. 

For example, if a server has 200 GB RAM, then it may be split that into 4 different servers. It gives access to 50 GB of RAM to all 4 users. The RAM is for that single user only & no one else can use that, even if there’s surplus remaining.

Each account holders will assigned to certain resources as specified in the hosting contract. It is depended on the user’s needs & requirements how much he’s willing to buy.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose VPS Hosting

There’re many reasons of users to choose this hosting server but the most important features are highlighted & discussed below. Let’s have a look on these points.

  1. Root Access: It allows you to have control over your sever as an administrator. Root access is a feature where you have full access over your server.
  2. No Sharing: It means that you don’t need to share your resources with any other website owners your resources are for your website only.
  3. Scalability: If your website is exceeding the limit of the resources allocated to you & you want more, then you can easily take more resources.
  4. Security: It is a type of private server & each one is isolated to others. In this there’s no sharing of resources so it is considered to be more secure server.
  5. Pocket Friendly: This server is considered to be the most economical alternative of a dedicated server.

Types of VPS Hosting 

The Virtual private server basically offers 2 types of services, let’s have a look on these services.


In type of service the server is under the control of the user. This is primarily for those who have the relevant skills & enough time to manage their server on their own. It is often known as un-managed server, where the customers are responsible for changes, maintenance & monitoring the server. 


This type of service is for those users who don’t have enough time & relevant skills to manage their own server.  The hosting company manages & handles the technical side of your server. They’ll also troubleshoot, maintains & install softwares in a more professional way & overall saves your time & efforts.

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Pros & Cons of VPS Hosting

In order to have a wise choice its necessary to have at least basic understanding of the technology that we’re going to use, in this section let’s talk about some main pros & cons that I feel to share with you.

Private server without sharingRequires more technical knowledge
Maximum control over the serverNot have full control over the server
Dedicated resources with no sharingMore expensive than shared hosting
Can purchase more resources if needed
Less expensive with great features

Which hosting server should I choose?

One of the most difficult questions that website owner’s asked & get confused sometimes while choosing hosting plan for their websites. There are 3 types of hosting servers that are discussed below:

Shared Hosting: 

It is the most basic option available in the market for the website owners to host their websites on the internet. It’s something like shared room, where you’ve to share with other roommates even if you don’t want to be. In this type of hosting there’s no specific private resources, they are used by anyone on that server. A website on the server can access more resources & can even use your resources also. It can results in slowing down your website. 

There’re some of the reasons you should consider to choose this server:

  • Websites with less traffic.
  • Websites require less storage space.
  • Those who want to invest less in hosting server.

Who should choose this?

This is ideally for those who have:

  • Small websites like blogs
  • Static websites 
  • Small Start-ups 

If your website is gaining enough traffic that shared hosting can’t handle it or you might face some other issues then you should consider VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: 

It is most expensive & advanced solution for those who have really big websites with high traffic & big data. It’s something like that you have your own house and have full control over your house. In this type of hosting there’s no limitations over the use of resources, you’ve full control how you want to use them. These are basically for those who’ve really big & sensitive data. 

There’re some reasons you should consider to choose this server:

  • Website is really big that it needs high speed server.
  • Website needs more storage space.
  • You want to have high security & privacy.

Who should choose this?

  • Big Companies with sensitive data & high traffic
  • Giant ecommerce websites with huge traffic & data

If you neither have small websites nor have really big websites & you’re standing in the middle of these. VPS hosting would be the perfect option to server your website on the internet. But how do you know if you need virtual private server? The answers to this question are already described but let’s have an overlook on some points.

  • You’ve middle level website with medium traffic.
  • You want to have your own private server with less cost.
  • You want to medium level security.
  • You want to use your resources for your websites only.
  • Your existing server creating problem like load speed, storage issues etc.

Top 5 Web Hosting Providers:

  1. Bluehost 
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Hosting TypeSharedVPSDedicated
PriceStarting from $2.75/month up-to $13.95/monthStarting from $18.99/month up-to $59.99/monthStarting from $79.99/month up-to $119.99/month
  1. Dreamhost
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Hosting TypeSharedVPSDedicated
PriceStarting from $4.95/month up-to $10.95/month Starting from $15/month up-to $120/monthStarting from $169/month up-to $299/month
  1. HostGator 
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Hosting TypeSharedVPSDedicated
PriceStarting from $2.75/month up-to $5.95/monthStarting from $19.95/month up-to $39.95/monthStarting from $89.98/month up-to $139.99/month
  1. Hostinger
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Hosting TypeSharedVPSDedicated
Price$0.99/month up-to 3.99/month$3.95/month up-to 29.95/monthDon’t offer these servers
  1. GoDaddy
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Hosting TypeSharedVPSDedicated
Self-ManagedFully Managed$4.99/month$99.99/month
Starting from 94.99/month up-to 184.99/month


The overall conclusion of this article is as simple as it is. If you want to have a virtual private space on the server then VPS will be best for you. Most of the people recommend this type of server only. But if you’ve small or big websites then you should consider either shared or dedicated servers. Based on the needs & requirements it’s important to have proper research before investing in it. 

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