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What Is The Role Of The Wheels

When and how to change a wheel? Indispensable to facilitate the movement of the vehicle and to ensure safety on the road, they must absolutely be changed in case of wear.

But when you have to change a wheel, it is not necessarily necessary to change the wheel bearing.

What is the role of the wheels?

When the engine is running and gear is engaged, the engine power is transformed into rotary motion which is then sent to the various transmission parts. Thus, when the gear is engaged, the wheels will turn according to the force of the engine. This is what keeps the car running. The wheels are therefore the essential elements to allow the car to move forward or backward. They also have another function: to allow the used car dealer to adhere well to the road. In addition, a wheel is generally made up of several elements, including tires, rims, hub, assembly elements and bearing.

Why change the wheels of your car?

The wheels go a long way in keeping the vehicle moving. A flat tire obviously means that the car can no longer move. But when the wheels are worn, the car no longer adheres properly to the ground. Thus, in the event of rain or on a slippery road, the tires can slip, without allowing the car to move. On the same axle, when one of the wheels is worn more than the other, this could cause wear to other parts such as the bearings or even the axle. In any case, changing a car’s wheel must be done as quickly as possible to preserve the other parts and avoid any risk of accident.

When to change a wheel?

A car wheel needs to be changed in many cases. Replacement is imperative in the event of a puncture. It is also necessary to consider the change as soon as the wear indicator is reached. Each tire has a maximum wear depth of around 1.6mm (up to 5mm for winter tires). To find out, the tires must be inspected every year, during the general overhaul of the vehicle. If the car runs very infrequently, its tires may be aging due to weather conditions, storage conditions and lack of maintenance. The change should also be considered when there is perceptible damage to the wheels: perforations, cracks, deformations, abnormal wear on the tread, etc.

Changing the wheels of a car: one tire or all tires?

In the event of a puncture on one tire, it is quite possible to change just one wheel. That said, there are a few conditions you should be aware of. First of all, it is imperative that the spare tire has the same profile as the others. It must also be of the same brand as the latter. In the case of abnormal wear of a single tire, it is also possible to change a car wheel only on the same axle. But in this case, it is necessary to check the depth of wear of the other wheel, because it should not be more than 5 mm compared to that of the new tire.

For the substitution of the main event texture, you should pick a texture by the meter. Remember to take the elements of your main event. You should likewise take an extra piece for your sunroof. It’s anything but an issue of acquiring any texture yet of finding in a specific store a unique texture “main event”. This is furnished with a flimsy layer of stuck froth. It is additionally conceivable to take bits of texture for different pieces of the vehicle like the entryways.

The ideal is to utilize neoprene bomb stick. It permits to have a fine and ordinary fly. To try not to smudge the texture, it is best not to exaggerate the showering. While setting the new texture on the main event, you should begin from the center and finish at the edges. To upgrade the completion, you should eliminate air bubbles. Try not to stop for a second to press enthusiastically so the texture adjusts impeccably to the states of the help.

To effectively supplant the harmed vehicle main event, you should stick to the demonstrated drying time. Make the vital slices utilizing a specialty blade to finish the completion. You can at long last supplant your main event and supplant the joints.

How to change a wheel: the steps to follow?

To change a wheel, you need certain equipment such as a jack and a wheel wrench:

  • Place the vehicle on a flat and stable place
  • Apply the handbrake
  • Make the vehicle as light as possible by removing heavy objects from the boot.
  • Loosen the nuts without removing them completely
  • Install the jack and raise the part of the vehicle where the wheel to be replaced is located
  • Remove the nuts and remove the used tire
  • Position the new tire
  • Manually reattach the nuts
  • Release the jack to flatten the vehicle
  • Tighten the nuts securely with a wrench

When to change a wheel bearing?

When changing a wheel, it is not necessarily mandatory to change the wheel bearing. In general, this should be replaced approximately every 150,000 km. But certain signs can also encourage the replacement of a bearing:

  • When raising the vehicle and spinning the wheels, a purring noise can be heard.
  • When the wheel is shaken from left to right, it produces vertical or lateral movements.
  • During a technical check, you can see that the tire is warped

How to change a wheel bearing?

Whether it is to change a front or rear wheel bearing, the procedure is generally the same. But it is strongly suggested to replace the bearings in pairs in order to equalize their service life:

  • Unlock the nut on the wheel universal joint
  • Raise the vehicle using jack stands
  • Remove the wheels
  • Unpair the rocket
  • Remove the hub from the bearing
  • Remove the bearing fixing clip and remove the bearing
  • Clean the bearing housing
  • Replace the bearing
  • Reassemble all the removed parts

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