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What is the price of the Canada visa?

What is the price of the Canada visa?

The visa fee depends on the length of stay, nationality and purpose of travel. This permit requires a cost, which remains accessible. Find out here this Canada visa price in detail. We must distinguish the classic visa in the passport, relatively expensive, from the e-visa AVE, the costs of which are affordable:

• The amount of the electronic authorization is CAN $ 7, which is equivalent to $ 5. Visa fees are to be paid immediately after filling out the Canadian visa application, in order to trigger the processing of your application with the immigration services.
• Canadian visas in passports, for foreigners with non-European passports, or for any long-stay traveler, must be obtained in person, without any possible intermediary, from the VFS center.. In this case, biometric visa fees vary depending on your nationality and visa type. Consult Canadian Immigration

Our simplified service at reduced costs:

We can obtain your AVE authorization, to avoid you having to deal with this restrictive formality, and to avoid any risk of refusal! Our service is 29 euros. This price corresponds to service charges for the following service:

• Verification of your supporting documents.
• Complete entry of the online application: passport number, last name, first name … and all fields of the visa form.
• Monitoring of the issuance of the e-visa
• Management of possible problems
• Recovery of the visa when it is issued.
• Verification.
• Shipping by email.
With our RapideVisa agency, we take care of everything for your Canada visa! You will receive your eTA by email without error and without having carried out any tedious formalities: our team takes care of it from A to Z.

How to apply for an AVE Canada visa?

Here is the procedure to follow :

• Step 1: On the official website, you must apply for a visa and complete a form. The data to be entered must correspond to those of the passport. Not only can the forms not be saved, you also have limited time to complete an application, so have all the necessary documents ready.
• Step 2: Payment by credit card. For multiple visa applications, you will need to submit each application one after the other, and therefore complete the form and pay the processing fee for each applicant.
• Step 3: You will receive your authorization for Canada by e-mail. This can happen in a few minutes as well as in 72 hours. Additional supporting documents may be requested by immigration. This will be done by email as well

How do I get the WHV Canada? (working holiday permit)

The Working Holiday Permit (WHV) is intended for young people aged 18 to 35 wishing to travel to Canada for leisure and for work. It is the equivalent of a working holiday visa. The license is valid for 12 months (1 year). Around 7,000 to 15,000 French people are eligible for it each year, like its Australian equivalent. The application is made on the official website of the WHV, then there is a draw.

Once there, you can work for any employer with a WHV. However, some professions are regulated, and this permit does not allow you to become a permanent resident, only a temporary resident. for Australia click here

How do I get a work permit or study permit in Canada?

If you intend to study or work in Canada, you must first apply for any study permit or work permit that you will need. The Canadian permit application is made in parallel with the visa or eTA application. Here is the procedure to follow:

• Step 1: You must make an online request on the official website of the Canadian authorities.
• Step 2: The application is then reviewed by Canadian immigration officials, who then decide to grant or deny the permit application.
• Step 3: If accepted, you can then work or study.

In the event of expatriation or a stay of more than 6 months: how to obtain a work permit?
Only certain situations allow you to work in Canada without a permit. Most of the time, this special permit is required. Note that there are several types of permits: open (for future hires) and linked to a specific employer. Here is the difference:

• The “open” permit allows you to work for any employer. In this case, you can work for one or more employers.
• The permit linked to a particular employer allows you to work for a registered employer, for a given period, at a specific location. In this case, you can only work for one employer.
The work permit application is made in UK, but it can also be done in Canada with local agents in certain cases:

• In general, the “open” permit is asked on site in Canada, if you can enter and stay with an AVE authorization.
• The permit linked to a given employer is most often requested before departure.
To apply and get the permit, you will need to learn more about the Canadian Immigration website here. To extend a license, you must submit an application at least 30 days before the license expires.

Clarification: the Canadian permit is not a work visa. In parallel with the acquisition of the permit, it is necessary to apply for a visa.

Agricultural workers:

Seasonal agricultural workers need to apply for a specific permit. If you are hired under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP), you will be able to do work for any SAWP employer with your permit. Once the biometric data has been registered and the permit issued with the PTAS, you will be able to work on any farm or agricultural operation. For any questions, consult the official website of the administration of Canada.

When studying in Canada: how to get a study permit?

People who intend to study in Canada need to obtain prior approval from Canadian immigration. The study permit is an authorization allowing a foreigner to study. This permit can be requested with several elements:

• 1 letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution (DLI). The school must send the applicant a letter of invitation. The original or scanned photocopy of this letter of intent must then be sent when applying for a permit.
• 1 valid passport, or other valid travel document, to be scanned.
• 1 proof of means of subsistence covering your expenses and those of your family. You must prove that you have sufficient financial resources for your family during the envisaged period.
The study permit application can be made on the internet here. After the request, you must register your bio metric data: fingerprints and bio metric identity photo. A medical exam may be required to be allowed to study in Canada.

Note: you should not confuse holding a student permit and obtaining a study visa.

Obtaining a permit, from the application to the collection of bio metric data
Here are the steps to work or study in Canada:

  1. Apply for the tourist visa, or an official permit.
  2. Taking fingerprints and taking a bio metric photo. Bio metric data is recorded.
  3. Processing of the request by the Canadian authorities.
  4. Making a decision on the request: approved or denied.
  5. Travel to Canada (if the permit request has been previously accepted).
  6. Verification of identity on arrival in the territory, and bio metric data, systematically in the event of arrival by plane.
  7. Admission to enter and stay in Canada.
    Arriving in Canada with a work or study permit
    When you arrive in Canada with a work permit or a study permit, your identity will be verified upon exiting the plane. Your fingerprints and bio metric data will also be verified by the agents. Once on Canadian soil, your employer or establishment will have to register your permit and obtain its final validation in accordance with local standards.

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