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What is the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp and its Benefits

What is the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp?

Nature provides us with everything that we need, salt, being one such important ingredient. Strange as it may sound, the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is made from natural chunks of salt available in the foothills of the Himalayas, specifically from the Punjab region, of Pakistan, the salt mines of Khewra. The Himalayan Rock Salt is said to have special healing properties. Its composition is the same as that of normal salt, which is Sodium Chloride, along with mineral traces of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Though commonly popular in its Pink color, the Himalayan Rock Salt also comes in Red, Orange colors too, said to be the result of Iron content that gives this salt crystal a Pink color. 

The Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are crafted deftly into electric Lamps, meaning, an electric Bulb can be fitted in the hollow created in the Himalayan Rock salt chunks and Lamps to hold Tea-light candles. Both the versions look beautiful when lit, emanating a soft glow. They are carved into different shapes, like, Sphere, Cylindrical, Drop shape, Flower shapes such as Rose, etc. The natural texture of the salt chunks adds to its raw, natural appearance. 

These Lamps have gained in popularity as decoration pieces and are recommended to use by healers for its quality of purifying the energy of the place it is kept in, a reason for these Lamps to be found in Spas and places where holistic healing is practiced. Salt has been used since olden times for its energy healing capability all over the World. 

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It can be kept at home or in office space. Specially advised to keep in Bedrooms as it is said to improve sleep cycles, have a calming effect, and living space for its attribute of purifying the air. The surge in demand for Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps makes it slightly heavy on the pocket. 

Working of the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

The heat created due to the lighting of the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps emits negative ions in the atmosphere which is said to purify the air. Like normal salt, it attracts the water molecules from the atmosphere, and in the case of the Lamps, due to the heat of the lamp, the water molecules evaporate from the surface. The credit of its purifying nature is given to the negative ions it emanates. 

The negative ions released from a lit Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp are also believed to balance the Electromagnetic Radiation from gadgets like Computers, Cell phones, Television sets, etc., and is famous among the Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits, as the Electromagnetic Radiation exposure may cause issues with health in long term. 


The real and natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is used all over the globe in homes and workspace for its beneficial attributes. These lamps when lit, serve as decorative adornments and at the same time, have a cleaning and healing effect in the space, thereby giving evident benefits to the inmates. Experts suggest keeping the lamps in every room and you can choose either the electric lamp or the Tea-light candle versions. A natural energizer, the Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits manifest if the Lamp is a real and genuine one.

1) Due to the emission of negative ions, the Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits by purifying the air of the space it is kept in by cleaning dust particles and is said to boost health.

2) It makes breathing easy by filtering the air of harmful particles in the windpipe, which benefits in keeping the Lungs clean.

3) Electromagnetic Radiation can be harmful in the long run. As the usage of cell phones. computers/laptops etc. are unavoidable, it is wise to keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp always lit as the negative ions which emanate counteract the positive ions. This neutralizes the harmful effects it may cause.

4) Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits in health problems like Asthma and other respiratory ailments causing relief and is said to reduce Allergies.

5) These Lamps are said to calm down the mind bringing relaxation, a useful attribute of the Lamp.

6) Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits are famous for helping in getting deep sleep, a quality which makes the Lamps in demand.

7) The Himalayan Salt Lamps are supposed to elevate mood, a necessity for good health and well being.

8) When lit, the negative ions from the Himalayan Salt Lamp also enhances focus and concentration, as blood flow to the brain is said to be increased. This can be especially useful for students. 

9) The Lamps have the quality of deodorizing the space, so the smell of cigarette smoke and other such stinks are easily cleansed. 

10) The Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp removes negative energies from the space it is kept in, thereby helping to keep the place clean on an energy level. 

Important facts about Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps – The Himalayan Salt Lamps should be kept on continuously, otherwise, they seem to melt, and you may find water collected.

The nature of the Himalayan Rock Salt is soft, so you may find cracks in the surface.

Ensure you buy the Himalayan Salt Lamp from a reputed shop or dealer, as fake versions of these Lamps are sold in the market.

I bought my Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp from Rudra Centre and they have a wide range of designs, sizes to choose from. 

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