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What is Ruby on Rails & How to Choose the Right Server Hosting

We are now living in an era of smartphones which has curtailed down the usability of laptops & desktops. Because of this significant growth in mobile users, many individuals are now spending their precious moments surfing the Internet through mobile devices. And as business owners, it becomes our responsibility to offer them a great experience on their handhelds because if we don’t, others will. Being a business owner, we need to find ways to stay ahead of the competition and build online experiences which should complement the modern day technological requirements. 

Ruby on Rails is one among such technologies which can meet the growing demands of the market. But is creating the number one app is the only thing you need to pay attention to? 

Well not really. To make sure your site or app becomes a thorough success, you need to invest your time & budget in finding the right hosting platform for your application.  

Without finding the right host for your business, you won’t be able to get the best end results. 

So before we get into the research of finding the right hosting platform for you, let’s understand what Ruby on Rails is and then we will discuss which are the best hosting options for you. 

What is Ruby on Rails? 

Ruby on Rails abbreviated as RoR delivers clarity and adaptability of object oriented programming. It is a framework specifically designed for programmers aiming to create & deploy hosted applications. 

What is a hosted app? It is a software as a service (SaaS) solution which enables a user to operate a software program in the cloud environment. These web programs are hosted & powered remotely through a cloud infrastructure which a user can easily access from just about anywhere on the Internet. 

Today, there are several SaaS programs in the market. Just perform a tool related search on Google and you will come across many options. To name a few, we have TaskQue, Monday, Asana, Assembla, etc. 

What Factors Should We Consider When Choosing a Hosting Environment? 

As a business entrepreneur or a startup, you need groundbreaking technology to create a platform which provides a very seamless experience to your visitors. You can achieve that with the right tech stack. 

Here are a few common denominators to consider before choosing an RoR app for your business. 

Does it Support the Latest Framework? 

Planning to choose a new server for your business? You can start by addressing a hosting service which offers you the latest framework version. There are other factors involved as well such as the app’s bandwidth requirement, optimal performance and cost affordability. By addressing all of such factors and more, you will finally be able to meet the necessary requirements for choosing the best hosting. 

Does it Have an Easy to Use Control Panel? 

Another important factor that many of us consider when searching up a hosting provider is whether or not the platform offers a user-friendly control panel? It doesn’t matter if the panel is a Plesk, cPanel or something else. As long as it is easy to navigate, the customers would love to engage. 

Without a user-friendly dashboard, there’s a high chance users may even prefer to be on your hosting. 

Because let’s face it; nobody wants to spend long hours resolving things out on their own. 

Nobody wants to struggle with contacting the support team for every small problem they encounter. 

The Different Types of RoR Hosting Options 

When we talk about the different types of RoR hosting services, there are many which are not built on equal footings. Some are more favored over others. In fact, you can also find free hosting for launching your RoR, but you may have to sacrifice a great deal on functionality, performance & server security. 

The three different types of hosting which you can opt-in for RoR Hosting include: 

Ruby on Rail in Shared Hosting

Shared hosting as all about sharing a server instance. When multiple individuals share a single server to manage their respective operations, it is called a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting is a less costly option but it isn’t a preferred choice among business owners & entrepreneurs because of its lack of speed & performance. That’s because in a shared hosting environment, RAM and CPU is well distributed among a number of users. So just in case, if a website experiences an increase in online visitors, other sites will observe a decrease in speed & performance. 

If you are a startup planning to begin your website, then shared hosting can be a great choice. Probably, your website right now might not get heavy traffic and because your site will consume less resources, with shared hosting, you won’t have to pay heavy charges whatsoever. 

Ruby on Rail VPS Hosting

If you’re planning to acquire a hosting service which ultimately becomes the best fit for your Ruby on Rails application, then VPS hosting is a commendable option. To begin with, it comes with a decent amount of RAM which ensures your Ruby on Rail application works smoothly & effectively. You won’t have to work with moderate traffic or limited processing requirements. On the other hand, you won’t have to invest a great deal of budget in setting up a VPS instance. Whereas, Ruby on Rails also runs using SSD which altogether contributes in making the processing significantly faster in comparison to other hosts. 

With everything top notch, we believe getting a VPS for your RoR based website from a reputable place such as ARK private server. They will not only provide you the best server, but also stabilize them. 

In Conclusion

For a website to turn into a dramatic success, it is very important that you choose the right server for hosting. It is directly proportional to the success of your RoR application. Today, we have explained which server type is the best for your RoR app. While shared hosting has its increasing benefits, it might work best in your situation if you’ve just started out with a service. However, on the contrary, if you’re an already stable firm, then Ruby on Rails isn’t a bad choice after all. You want the best match and VPS is the best.

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