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What Is Position 0, What Are The Benefits And How Do I Achieve This?

Zero position is the webpage above the first search result, also known as a featured snippet. They are pieces of content pulled from a web page, usually with the details of the URL and a snippet of the content. The webpage at position zero is not always the number one ranking page, but the page that best answers the user’s query. Here I will reveal how you can achieve this and the benefits you will gain.

1. What type of content is eligible for Position Zero

Your website has 0.000002 ms to impress the Google robots.

In order to achieve Position Zero, not all types of content are suitable to be displayed as a featured snippet. There are specific types that will make it more likely. For instance:


When you are considering buying a gadget or a new phone, you usually want to compare it and these comparisons are usually shown as featured snippets. Sites that compare products using tables to display them are generally chosen because Google can easily extract information from them.

Answers to the what, why, when, where and how questions

Most of the information on the Internet today is created solely to answer the questions of Internet users. It’s important to anticipate what the users will ask Google so that your site responds to their query.


Complex term definitions are common for featured snippets, and the Google algorithms are good at detecting the best definitions to post results at position zero.

The ‘Top’ lists

What I’m talking about here are articles like the ‘Top 10 Cities to Visit in the World’, content with lists of information being reviewed. These featured snippets are normally in bullet form, and generally each bullet has additional information once you click through.

Step-by-step instructions

This type of content solves a specific problem, such as a cake baking recipe, in the form of text or even YouTube tutorial videos. If you have a site that provides instructions, pay close attention to your choice of keywords to increase your chances of being chosen.

Knowledge graphs

These are a different type of featured snippets and are generally shown as answer boxes. For example, if you want to know the age of Queen Elizabeth II or her family history, you will get such a reply box with additional general information.


Not all content can be in the form of featured snippets

Some content forms contain equations, definitions, instructions, and what and how questions


2. How do I get my page to position zero?

It’s my turn to be in the spotlight!

The first thing to take away from here is that you cannot choose whether or not your website can be displayed in a featured snippet. It is the search engine that determines which ranked web page provides the best answer to the query. However, there are a few factors that come into play when choosing the content of a web page:

your web page should be at least on the first page of the SERP, not necessarily number one, but on that first page.

you really need to make sure your page has the relevant information.

you need to make sure you have formatted your content properly; Google is more likely to choose information that is in tables or bullet form.

your images must include the alternate text as images can be indexed by Google.

The websites that appear most often in Position Zero are health, financial, DIY, and requirements sites. These usually have Q&A type content, which makes it easy for Google to provide the best answer. Rare sites are e-shopping and local businesses. If you are a local business, I recommend that you focus more on Google Maps Business than Position Zero as it is much more beneficial for you to show your potential customers your physical location.

If your website meets the above criteria and you want to get to that position zero, you need to focus on the content of your page. What you write on your site takes it to answer potential searches and nine times out of ten it’s a question and answer game. And for this you have to focus on the ‘reverse pyramid effect’, a method of writing content to win one featured snippet at a time. So how does it work?

Start with the answer

This is a short summary of the content of your page, but the user can still get an answer just by reading this. Show off your expertise in a few lines.

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Add the details

You write herew main content detail, expand the summary and provide the web user with credible, expert information so that they stick on your website.

Think about the sub-questions

This is where you will avoid further questions that internet users may ask after reading your answer. This is especially useful if the original question was quite broad.

Now you have to be careful here, instead of answering simple questions that can be written in one or two lines, but stick to how-to questions with a lot of rich content behind them. You tease them in your summary (still give some sort of answer), and if your credibility comes across, they’ll click through. Your goal is to get qualified visitors to your site who are actually interested in your content. Simple answers won’t convert visitors as much because they want a quick result, but more in-depth answers are great for those looking to read on.


You cannot create them yourself, it is Google who chooses which webpage gives the best answer

You must be at least on the first page of the SERP results

Focus on the inverted pyramid effect: start with the answer, add the details, take precedence over the sub-questions

3. Advantages of a zero position

I know my visitors will get a great response, but what will I get?

Where do I begin? There are many benefits to Position Zero, but I’ll focus on the main nod.

First off, it will vastly improve your online visibility, we always hear how to rank in first place … well, position zero has caught up with that. You are the first website that users see when they perform their search. However, keep in mind that just because you are in position zero does not mean that your site will rank in first place. The first place is still done on the organic keyword optimization.

This, in turn, leads to more traffic to your website because you are in charge of the search engine results page, and if you focus on the in-depth questions it will also be qualified traffic, attracting leads and potential future sales.

Featured snippets at this position zero are also increasingly important for voice searches. With the rise of voice search becoming increasingly important in the search world, having a featured snippet can be very helpful. Google often takes featured snippets in response to voice searches, so if you can get in this position, your traffic and the site’s authority will go through the roof!


It improves your online visibility and generates more qualified traffic to your site

Featured clips are increasingly prominent with the rise of voice search


Position zero quickly puts your web page in the SERP spotlight and allows you to increase your website traffic, authority and credibility. Since Google is the one who chooses who gets posted there, make sure your website content is ‘featured snippet friendly’ to increase your chances.

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