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What is an Uber clone?

Everyone knows what Uber is, the revolutionary taxi booking service. But only entrepreneurs know what is an uber clone. Still, if you are not aware of it, let me put it into simple words. Uber clone is a ready-made app script built for the online on-demand market. It is the one complete solution that you can use to start your on-demand business like uber. And not just taxi, but following it offers various other opportunities as well, uber for food, uber for grocery, or even uber for handyman services are some of the examples of what you can do with an uber clone script.

No doubt it is so popular among startups and entrepreneurs. But what makes it so popular? It’s a simple process that allows a business to avoid all the geo-restrictions and reach its potential customer. Apart from that being able to order a taxi, or food, or grocery right from the comfort of their couch, customers love to use mobile apps.

Before the invention of smartphones and mobile applications, booking a taxi was a hectic and time-consuming task. Earlier to book a cab, riders were supposed to visit taxi stands, and it was very hard to find a taxi driver that was willing to provide a ride to the targeted destination. To reduce such problems, developers and innovators have jointly created an application that solved this problem easily. Nowadays Mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives, from food to grocery shopping everything is possible with just a mobile application. This revolutionary change was accepted and implemented by ride-hailing businesses. The Ride-hailing business revolution started with the invention of an application that works on connecting the rider and driver together. There are a lot of big names and startups in the market. To compete with them you need to develop your own custom uber clone app. There are a lot of app development companies and expert taxi app developers teams who have successfully developed their uber-like solution. Before developing your final application always decide your target locality, audience, and budget you want to spend on your custom mobile application.

To make it all possible uber clone features play the most important role. With features such as:

Live Geo Tracking

Change/Cancel Booking

Talk to your Service Provider

Work History

Rating and Review

Detailed Profile

These features not just provide the extra functionality that is required for the success of uber clone business. But also offers safety and security to the user, helping businesses to make better relations with their customers.

If you want to start your own uber clone business, you can check the ready-made uber clone apps provided by the several app development companies.

Wondering if it is safe to start your own taxi business like uber?

Wondering is it safe to start your own taxi business like uber? To be honest it was never a bad option to start with. Even during the pandemic online taxi companies were working to help people reach their destination. Now in 2021, the process of starting an uber like business will become even simpler. With the help of a ready-made uber clone app made by a globally trusted app development company, starting an online taxi booking business has become very simple.

Don’t have to wait for the development process as this ready-made script of uber clone comes with all the advanced features pre-installed. And if you don’t want a certain feature you can remove or add features during the build, as these clone apps are fully customizable. Which means you can start your new business in less than a month. Just make sure to pay attention to its features.

Some of the features your uber clone app should have

Advance GPS to provide real-time tracking

Separate user and driver app

Call masking

Schedule ride for later

Secure payment option

Multiple language support

Advance Admin panel

Read More on Uber Like App Development.

Panels that works in the background to make uber clone operations smoother

We as users know uber as one application, But to manage users request 3 panels works simultaneously. Let’s discuss them separately

User Panel: This is the main application that will be available on both ios and android platforms. Users can easily log in via social media account, phone number. On successful login, users can place their ride request easily. 

Driver Panel: This application is also available on ios and android platforms. Drivers can get registered by submitting their application and document digitally. On successful approval from the admin panel, drivers get registered under the custom uber clone app. Whenever a ride request is placed, the driver application notifies the most nearby idle cab driver. To make this operation smooth, the driver also has the option to cancel the ride request. On cancellation, other nearby drivers get notified.

Admin Panel: To manage daily business reports, functionality, performance you need to have a powerful admin panel. An effective admin panel ensures smooth business operation and efficient management.

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