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What Does It Feel Like to Have an Abortion?

Pregnancy decisions require a lot of brainstorming before reaching a conclusion. A single positive test can be a source of great comfort to a lot of couples. A lot of others can be severely stressed with a positive result. Access to the right contraceptive methods while sexual intercourse can become a great discomfort eventually.

The last resort is usually the use of abortion tablets or surgical methods to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is fast becoming a choice for most women, and a large proportion of countries are becoming liberal towards granting abortion rights.

Early pregnancy and termination

A lot of couples end up in a frenzy while trying to get access to the right abortion methods. Abortion pills of RU486 are the most popular means of ending early pregnancy. You can consume the tablets with or without a meal. Paying heed to the relevant steps ad directions can help you get a successful abortion at home.

Early pregnancy begins with a missed period and a positive test detection and continues until the 8th week. After 8 weeks, abortion pills might not work as effectively, and the pregnancy might not get successfully terminated.

How do abortion tablets work?

The MTP test kits usually involve two different tablets meant to be consumed together to cause pregnancy termination. The first tablet, called Mifepristone, functions by reducing the level of progesterone in the body. Progesterone is a female hormone that helps in reducing contractions during the pregnancy period. The higher the contractions, the higher is the risk to the egg in the body. The first tablet ensures the pregnancy does not induce further.

You must consume the second tablet of Cytotec 200 mcg tablets within 24-48 hours of consuming the first tablet. Misoprostol ensures the pregnancy is fully terminated by clearing out whatever is left in the uterus. Both the tablets together can cost a lot of money. Using advance financial measures like abortion health covers can be a good method to cover the last-minute expenses.

Apart from the two tablets, one must also consider proper medical recommendations for opting for abortion kits.

There are various kinds of emotions attached to different stages of an abortion procedure. You can smoothly pass each of the stages by addressing problems with the required solutions.

Pre-abortion stage

The stage is marked with a lot of nervousness and anxiety regarding different abortion methods in the state. If abortion is not a legal activity in the state, the pre-abortion stage can be a huge toll on your mental health.

The best way to go forward is to seek relevant treatments and avail further knowledge regarding the efficacy of abortion pills and the perils of surgical methods.

You must consume abortion pills of Cytotec 200 mcg only with a doctor’s prescription. The tablets come with FDA approval. But, sometimes, the tablet can function incorrectly owing to a wrong discharge of directions to use. Mild side effects include intense pain in the pelvic region or bleeding from the vagina. Bleeding after consuming the second tablet is a must, but You must immediately report way too intense bleeding. Abortion tablets do not lead to long term side effects.

A wrong source of information might make you believe the ill effects of abortion on future pregnancies. However, several studies have already proven the contradictory position. Future pregnancies are immune to the effect of various abortion methods one seeks in the present. Taking informed decisions regarding the consumption of tablets requires adequate visits to the doctor.

One can also discuss the anxiety-related issues with their partner or a family member. Communication can help in smoothly dealing with nerve-wracking issues.

During the abortion

For getting effective results via an MTP test kit, the best would be to consult a medical expert beforehand. The dosage and direction for consumption can be easily derived. Further, the after-effects of consuming tablets differ from person to person, based on their health and past sexual relationships. A medical expert is in a better position to give a detailed account of the after-effects.

Both RU486 and Misoprostol are supposed to be consumed within a time gap of 24-48 hours. However, sometimes the doctor might suggest an individual consume both the tablets together. Also, you can consume the tablets with or without a meal.

Certain individuals are considered off-limits for consuming abortion tablets. For instance, if you had a history of ectopic pregnancy, a doctor’s recommendation becomes necessary to find the right abortion treatment. People with additional health concerns should also be careful. People who lack emergency health care services should steer clear of MTP abortion kits until the medical facility can be available.

Surgical methods like suction abortion usually lead to pain and discomfort. The doctor might recommend consumption of over the counter tablets to minimize pain. Cramping might occur due to the entire process. If the process is nauseating, seek medications of anti-nausea before the treatment begins. The health care provider may also suggest extreme pain killers reduce the pain.

Post-abortion stage

Post-abortion stress is usually marked with effects like sleeplessness and heightened anxiety. A lot of people also claim a positive effect of abortion treatments on triggering breast cancer and reduced fertility rate. However, medical journals have refuted similar studies and advocate for a careful lifestyle post-abortion.

Make sure to be in constant touch with your doctor. Using MTP test kits can be financially crippling; try getting your bank account in a good state. Heightened emotions like anxiety and grief can accompany you most of the time. Make sure to get in touch with a psychologist to understand your emotions. One who experiences reduced self-esteem must discuss it with their partner for required support.


Abortion can be a very mind-boggling process, and seeking the right healthcare advice is a mandatory step to get the process right. Do not rely on internet reviews to choose an abortion treatment. Your local doctor is usually acquainted with past medical history and is better positioned to provide sound structured advice.

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