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What do I buy, MacBook or iPad Pro?

Admittedly, the question of buying a Mac or an Apple iPad Pro is not easy to answer and is that, for some time now, one of the questions we hear the most times. Never before has there been such a convergence between two devices that, at first glance, they might appear more different than they are. On the one hand a MacBook, which would be included in what are now laptops, and on the other hand the iPad Pro, a tablet.

Why is it so hard to choose? Undoubtedly it is due to the fact that tablets have been developed more and more in recent years and, within them, without a doubt those with the most cutting-edge technology are clearly those of Apple. Thus, we can see that in many things an iPad Pro has practically the same functionalities as a laptop and that for an average user, who does not have very specific needs, it is difficult to choose.

And is that many of us are still reluctant to touch keyboards so typical of mobile phones and tablets. But it is that not even with those they manage to move us away from the iPad Pro, as it has an attachable keyboard that allows it to be used both as a traditional tablet and in a format more similar to that of a laptop such as the MacBook.

To answer the question What do I buy, MacBook or iPad Pro?

Further if you are buying an iPad for Online games such as PUBG Mobile. So Apple iPads are Best choice for you. These iPads are given a full view of screen while playing games. If you are android user and make iPad view on android. So easily you get iPad view by official update. Just increase 3rd person camera sensitivity 80 to 90.  We have tried to make an analysis of the main characteristics and the positive points that both devices have. Of course, at all times we have done it from the point of view of an average user who has normal needs. It is clear that for someone who needs a specific use, such as the doubt of buying an iPad or Mac for college, the decision will be much clearer.

iPad Pro vs Mac comparison


First of all, it should be borne in mind that the most frequent use we make of an electronic device is precisely that of web browsing. In this case, for many people the iPad Pro would take the cake, since there are not a few who find it more comfortable and more intuitive to navigate with a touch screen and in a much more intuitive way than it would be done with a keyboard and mouse.

The negative point would be the fact that some pages would be shown as if they were made for an iPhone instead of a computer. Consequently, certain web pages may have less functionality than they would on the MacBook. So globally we would stay with the MacBook in this regard for the ease of access it presents.

Word processing

The other great use we make of electronic devices is undoubtedly word processing. Whether it is to send personal emails or to write a report that we have not been able to finish in the office, our use of word processing as average users is quite important.

Here, it would be the MacBook that would win again, since it has an integrated keyboard and, although it is true, as we mentioned, that the iPad Pro tablet has a keyboard that can be attached to it, the MacBook keyboard is still more practical. Also, when it comes to writing, having a faster processor makes your desktop computer much more efficient.

Movie viewing

If word processing and web browsing are essential, the third important characteristic that we need from an electronic device as average users would be the viewing of movies and series. There are few of us who appreciate above all things spending a rainy Sunday in front of the screen watching the latest chapter of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Black Mirror.

In this section, of course, it is the iPad that wins. Since in addition to being able to place it on a desktop thanks to its support, it is possible to hold it with our hands or have it in our lap without burning or overwhelming us, as the MacBook would do.


It is another of the key elements that portable devices must have and, to tell the truth, Apple has not been characterized in its mobile phones for having the best batteries on the market, but what happens in relation to MacBook and iPad? Is the battery better in them? In which of the two does it last longer?

In general, both the MacBook and the iPad last significantly longer than an iPhone and can be used throughout the day without practically having to recharge them. Of course, it must be taken into account that the iPad is practically permanently connected to the 4G network and that has an impact on its battery levels, so the autonomy would be greater for the MacBook.

Connectivity and Autonomy

As we mentioned before, it is possible to acquire the iPad with a SIM card and, in this way, be able to be permanently connected to the 4G network with all the autonomy in the use of data and Internet access that that entails because, what of Is it useful to have a battery all the time if later it is impossible for us to connect to the internet unless there is a Wi-Fi network nearby?

In this, the iPad is clearly the solution in relation to the MacBook since it allows us to have access to the internet practically anywhere with no limit other than the data that our internet provider lets us download. Further, for using iPads you need to good internet. If you belong to Pakistan Connect your iPad with Jazz 4G device. If you can’t get good response from internet device. The best solution for this Unlock Jazz 4G Wi-Fi and enjoy a fast browsing and watching news , Movies and also lag free games.


We said it before. Many millennials or pre-millennials hate using touch keyboards and are more comfortable with a “traditional” keyboard like that used on desktops and laptops. Consequently, the type of keyboard is a very important element to take into account, since it is the way through which we will interact with our electronic device.

Thus, Apple has not forgotten those who do not support touch keyboards and has included in its iPad Pro the possibility of having a traditional keyboard adapted to a tablet. However, it is clear that, despite trying to emulate the keyboard of a laptop, it is not as good as the keyboard of the MacBook.

The latter, on the other hand, has greater ease and a more comfortable texture to the touch than that of its iPad counterpart. In addition, and if that were not enough, something that is tremendously useful for working at night: The MacBook keyboard is backlit, so we will not be dazzled by the screen without being able to see our hands if we decide to work in the fullest darkness so as not to wake up our partner or children.

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