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What are the Similarities and differences between N95 Mask and KN95 Mask?

Are you wondering, what is the difference between a mask and a hospital mask? Basically, a hospital or an emergency room mask is a medical device used to prevent the spread of Infection, irritants, allergens, and respiratory problems. It provides a barrier against dust, air, fumes, and harmful particles. It also helps alleviate pressure on the airway and prevents the air from passing out. A hospital or medical professional will use these masks during operations such as surgeries, examinations, and also when dealing with emergencies. A medical professional will also use a hospital or surgical mask to perform delicate and major surgery. These masks are more expensive than normal masks because they are made of high-quality materials and are more advanced in design. They are usually equipped with two or more air bladders to evenly distribute the amount of airflow. It also has a valve along with a mouthpiece.

Some masks also include a specialized face shield that can be adjusted in order to prevent the spread of infections, irritants, and allergens. This face shield usually requires adjustment before it fits perfectly on the patients. It’s common knowledge that there are significant similarities between both the N95 Mask and Kn95 mask. The only difference is, of course, the price. The former is significantly less expensive than the latter, which is probably why it’s popular with cosmetic surgeons. The same can be said for masks used during sports events and similar situations, and in this article, we will deeply discuss some similarities and differences which you can find out and what makes the N95 a better choice from the KN95.

Difference Between N95 and KN95 Mask 

Kn95 Mask
  1. Usage- One of the most common and basic differences between a hospital and medical operation mask is its usage. These masks are used in hospitals, clinics, and even in the home. It is designed in such a way that the air flows easily through it. It is also durable enough to prevent skin irritations and blockages. This can be attributed to the fact that it contains special membranes and air-tight fitting.
  1. Design and style- Another difference is in the design and style. The N95 masks are usually made of vinyl and are meant for the general public to use without reservations. This is different from the masks that are specially designed for those who have breathing problems or who are immuno-compromised. The membranes in these masks are made of pleated paper, and they can either be disposable or permanent. Disposable masks are used during the early hours, and one should change them often. At the same time, permanent masks are used as they are placed over a person’s nose and mouth. They contain an airtight seal that cannot be easily opened.
  1. Flow rate- The third difference that is easily noticeable between the two sets of surgical masks is the flow rate. The N95 flow rate is one of the biggest factors in determining how well a mask can provide ventilation to a wearer, and it is important to note that the N95 flow rate on the N95 is significantly faster than the kn95. The reason why the flow rate of the two surgical masks is different is due to the differences in filtration technology. The N95 offers high-flow carbon and ion exchange filters to reduce the number of particles in the air by up to ninety-nine percent. On the other hand, the Kn95 offers a high-mesh small particles filter, but it does not have a flow rate that will reduce particulates to such a degree as the N95 can.
  1. Prices- With regard to prices, both the masks are quite expensive. However, it is advisable to opt for a discount offer from time to time. The discount offers are usually offered during festive seasons and when there are large orders. The discounts can be anywhere from five percent to fifty percent. One should take advantage of such offers in order to avail of the best deals.
  1. Quality- In terms of quality, both the masks are good, but the former’s performance is far better than the latter. However, the N95 has a slight edge as it provides more oxygen into the air. For this reason, it is preferable to use N95 than an ordinary mask that does not feature an activated carbon air filter.

Similarities Between N95 and Kn95 Mask 

  1. Shape – One of the biggest similarities is the overall shape and design. Both the N95 and Kn95 face masks share a common shape, namely an oval shape with a slightly curved base and a wide, rounded lip. It is important to note that these masks do not share a common shape when it comes to the actual head profiles – however, the shapes are similar, as the gaps between the lips and the facial skin are the same
  1. Filter Equal amount of Microbes– Both models filter 95% percent of mini microbes. That’s why they both have 95 in their names.
Kn95 Mask

What makes the N95 Mask a better Choice for People:

1. The N95 hood has two kinds of features. The first kind is called a positive-feedback system, which is basically a motor that is connected to the mask itself.

2. The other kind of feature is referred to as an airflow-reduction baffle. The former reduces the amount of noise generated while the latter effectively reduces the amount of cold air generated inside the house. The difference between the two hoods lies in the way the airflow is eliminated.

When comparing the N95 masks with the others, it is evident that the former feature a better design. This is probably because the design permits more efficient ventilation. However, the hoods from the same brand feature a superior performance. It is difficult to determine which one is superior. To conclude, the most important difference between these two masks lies in the kind of technology used in their manufacture.

While the other masks have been manufactured using conventional technologies, the newer masks are made using revolutionary technology. Some of the best N95 hoods in the market are those manufactured using carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes are hollow tubes made of carbon. They are extremely strong and durable and are capable of storing large amounts of heat. These unique characteristics are capable of trapping heat within the tubes and thereby reducing the amount of cold produced inside the house.

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