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What are the most beautiful things to see in Australia?

What are the most beautiful things to see in Australia?

It is the land of boundless horizons, of changing landscapes painted in red. It has a very ancient history that surprises you in the midst of so many manifestations of youth. And in the national parks, nature is wild and lush, with animals that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Australia knows how to be original and inimitable in many ways. Difficult to describe it completely. Better explore it.

What to see in Australia? Melbourne, national parks and much more. Discover the best places to see on a Costa Cruise.


The discovery of the “upside down” world begins here, with the cultural capital and most European city of Australia which remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It is a must for its many points of interest, from museums to vintage shops, from bars to art galleries, up to the many events and festivals it hosts. The attractions are innumerable and the smartest way to start enjoying them is to follow one of Melbourne’s guided tours, the ones that reveal wonderful observation spots such as Federation Square and many others.

Let’s start from Flinders Street Station, the busiest railway route in the southern hemisphere, home to the oldest station in Australia, inaugurated in 1854. You can admire the Victorian building in the typical yellow shade or, not far away, cross Federation Square. If you want to take a break to eat, there is no better place than the gigantic Queen Victoria Market: just think that in 1960 the mayor at the time wanted to raze the structure to make room for parking, but the citizens obtained an agreement that in fact prevented the realization of that project. Taking a tour of this market will also be an opportunity to try a famous Melbourne coffee.

Inevitable, if you love art, a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria, the largest and most visited art museum in Australia with a permanent exhibition of international works. A couple of hours will be enough to complete your tour. And so you can move to St. Kilda, a pretty neighborhood with its historic buildings, seaside restaurants and clubs, beaches and exciting nightlife. And the shops on Chapel Street will charm you. Curious detail: at the pier, after sunset, you will see penguins appear in every season. And finally, why not enter the Luna Park? It is a historical and fun location.

If you think Australia is a young country, you are wrong. And at the Koorie Heritage Trust you will find confirmation with the testimonies of the Aboriginal population that are millions of years old! But Australia is also and above all the kingdom of multiculture, celebrated at the Immigration Museum with various interactive activities. Another characteristic note is represented by Street Art, present above all in Hosier Lane, where it is easy to come across artists at work, such as at AC / DC Lane and Center Place. Finally, for well-deserved relaxation, here is the Royal Botanic Gardens, a park with a magical and decidedly fascinating atmosphere. In summer, open-air cinema with movie nights and the possibility of stopping for a picnic. A bit like the Fitzroy Gardens, another park nearby.


The heart and capital of Tasmania is located in the southern part of the island, exactly where the Derwent flows, a river that represents an economic resource for the whole region. Traditionally whale fishing has developed the major activities with taverns and many fish dishes to be enjoyed freshly caught. The port is very picturesque, overlooking the ocean waters. Hobart also has a particularly cosmopolitan soul, especially thanks to the Mona museum.

Tasmania welcomed some 300 prisoners in the British-built Porth Arthur Penitentiary. A place from which it was practically impossible to escape. The center of the town of Hobart is Salamanca Place, which has always been a hub of commerce and home to shop windows, restaurants and cultural life with the Salamanca Arts Center. The Saturday market has a recognized reputation from a food and wine point of view and Hobart, like Tasmania in general, has become a reference in the field of cuisine. It is no coincidence that the Taste Festival takes place here every year and attracts many visitors.

The Parliament House building dates back to 1840 and is the oldest and most prestigious in the area, while the port area of ​​Waterfront hosts the most important events. In the area there are also some museums: the Tasmanian Museum and the Art Gallery, the Maritime Museum and the Narryma Heritage Museum. In the center, the Elizabeth Mall is home to bars and restaurants, the shopping street is Liverpool Street along with Bank Arcade and Criterio Street. The small village of Battery Point is worth a visit, ideal for a romantic evening, while a highly recommended excursion leads to Mount Wellington which from its 1200 meters high dominates the city and offers an unforgettable panorama (but also a decidedly more rigid climate) .


And here we are in Australia’s natural capital, in the heart of North Queensland, with the strength of its Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, World Heritage Sites. Regardless of how long we have for our vacation, Cairns is a destination not to be missed and in this regard its many natural beauties speak for themselves. Winter is hot and in the evening the temperature range is felt. The activities are numerous and all engaging. To begin with, in the water we could touch our fins with Nemo while snorkeling in the Coral Sea full of cute goldfish. Some areas are real natural pools, where diving is within the reach of even beginners.

Or we could explore the Daintree jungle or simply swing all day in the hammock of a tropical island. By the way, the climate alternates a rainy season with a drier one, the vegetation is very green and luxuriant. Immersing yourself in this magic is possible thanks to the Skyrail Rainforest, the best way to get in touch with the rainforest declared World Heritage. The Skyrail concludes its journey in the charming town of Kuranda. The journey is completed in an hour. A first stop at Red Peak Station takes us to the heart of the forest, where fauna and flora show their beauty to the fullest.

The second stop allows you to admire the Barron Falls, spectacular in the rainy season. The city is full of pubs where you can enjoy excellent Australian beer. There are restaurants and clubs of all kinds, as well as shops. In any case, Cairns offers adventures for explorers of any experience and ability, crossing the rainforest, encountering local fauna or discovering the indigenous history of these lands. The choice is wide: we can go rafting on the Tully River, we can learn about the local history with the Walkabout Cultural Adventures or the Mingalla Aboriginal Tours or a Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk. But to delve into the details of Australian history, a tour of the Tjapukai Cultural Center is recommended.

For family fun, the Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome that kids will love as well as the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon with its man-made beach with salt pool just a stone’s throw from the city center. Again: we can plan a trip to Babinda Boulders and rent a kayak, visit the Josephine Falls by swimming in its refreshing waters. And finally we can take a bike ride to Smithfield Mtb Park.


A splendid city that embraces its glorious port and its beaches. The impact on the view from the sea is extraordinary. But woe to stop at the view, the beauty goes beyond. Around Sydney, national parks complete the landscape but also penetrate the heart of city life, making their way between suburbs and skyscrapers and down to the harbor. Clouds of flying foxes pass over visitors’ heads and circle the fig trees on the outskirts at night. There are giant spiders that pop up when you least expect them, possums shake the roofs of townhouses and cockatoo parrots with their sulfur crests sing from balcony railings. In short, the concrete jungle of Sydney looks like a real jungle. And this gives it a unique charm. For Canada

Its inhabitants, after a Saturday spent lazily on the beach, indulge in… a nap in the disco, then a shower and off to the streets for a new restaurant to try, a bar to socialize, a new band to listen to, a sports team to cheer on. All this always with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt: the mix between glamor and casual is proverbial. Bondi Beach, a few minutes from the center, is a very popular place with many clubs.

And starting from the Bondi Iceberg ocean pool you follow a fascinating path on the coast between the beaches of Tamarama and Cooge, enriched by works of art during the Sculpture by the Sea event. Also worth seeing is the Taronga Zoo, on the sea, at 12 minutes by ferry from Circular Quay with 4,000 animals of all kinds. And of course we come to the Sydney Opera House, an iconic 20th century masterpiece that hosts more than 40 weekly performances. A tour takes visitors behind the scenes and to top it off you can dine overlooking the harbor at one of the fine restaurants. For Visa Consultation.

Great Barrier Reef:

It is the home of marine biodiversity, the largest coral reef in the world with its 2,300 kilometers. Where to start for a visit? For example, landing from Cairns to Michaelmas Cay, a splendid coral sand island. You can dive and snorkel among turtles and colorful fish, sunbathe on the catamaran trip and take a glass-bottom boat ride. Over 23 species of seabirds are housed here. With a private flight, then, you can fly over the natural wonder of Heart Reef observing the turquoise waters and the coral that surprisingly takes the shape of a heart.

Returning to the sea you can reach the Agincourt cliff where there are 16 diving sites. Sailing, on the other hand, is the most suitable way to enjoy the charm of the Whitsunaday Islands where the sunsets are spectacular and the white sand. The Thorsborne Trail, on the other hand, allows you to cross, along the east coast of Hinchinbrook Island, a tropical paradise with cloud-covered mountains, jungle and pristine beaches.

Whitsundays Islands:

An archipelago of 74 tropical islands just off the coast of Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef. Tourists from all over the world come to admire the white sands of White haven Beach and the stunning beauty of Heart Reef. The reef protects the islands from big waves and makes them ideal for activities such as sailing, swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the sand of secluded beaches, in hidden bays.

Hamilton Island, the largest, has its own Great Barrier Reef Airport connected to Brisbane and other major cities. Otherwise you arrive via ferry from Airlie Beach. Here you meet marine biologists who study and protect species such as rays, starfish or sea cucumbers. Wit haven Beach is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world, the silica sand is so white it seems unreal. It can only be reached by boat or by helicopter.

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