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What are the different types of smoking pipes?



The first use of smoking pipe dates back to the sixteenth century, mainly in Northern Europe, where the tobacco pipe was made out of clay. It has come a long way since its inception. Smoking pipes are now also used for cannabis and are made from a multitude of materials.

Because of the porosity of meerschaum, it produces a cold and delicious smoke. You should keep in mind that the pipe material has an impact on the pipe’s cost. Despite this, briar continues to be the most preferred material for all types of smoking pipes. Briar is fire-resistant, absorbs moisture naturally, and has a lovely scent that’s perfect for pipe smoking. Furthermore, because the quality of the material is largely determined by the natural grain of the wood, briar is typically processed by hand rather than by machine. This aspect of pipe collecting fascinates pipe collectors looking for one-of-a-kind smoke pipes.


You might feel a little overwhelmed now that you know more about classic smoking pipe types and materials. However, we recommend that you take your time and enjoy the process of studying pipes to discover the one that is right for you. Start with a favorite (in this example tobacco or flower) and examine the remainder of your alternatives with care and determination, much like you would when ordering a sampler plate at a new restaurant. You might start by purchasing one or two of these pipes, as many of them are available online at reasonable prices. After all, until you try a few, you won’t know which pipe you prefer.

Different Sizes and Shapes

For your pipe, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. The two most important considerations are whether you want a large or small bowl, as well as whether you want a long or short stem.

There are many various sorts of pipes available, and none of them are “proper”; simply choose a pipe material and form that feels good to you – or simply the one that looks the best!

Methods to Consume

Smoking pipes are one of the classic methods to consume dry herbs. They provide the easiest and hassle-free way of smoking and are available in various designs like steamroller pipes, pickle pipes, bend pipes, and so on. Unfortunately, while it is incredible to own one, it is also equally tedious to clean it. A study published in 2020 shows that at least 110 known toxins could settle onto the interior surface of the smoking pipe. The fastest way to clean metal or ceramic pipes is by simply boiling them in hot water. Then, you can soak them in either rubbing alcohol or in one part vinegar and one water mixture for other materials. A good smoking pipe should be perfectly aligned so that there’s a smooth airflow from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Turbulence in the flow generally can cause the pipe to smoke loudly and wet. Also, good pipes do not heat up and the smoke coming out of them is cool, which prevents harshness along the throat. 

Smoking pipes are available in different shapes, sizes and even different materials are used to make them. The material used also affects the way it looks or feels. The most common materials include wood, stone, ceramic, brass, and aluminum. This blog will walk you through the different types of smoking pipes available on the market.  

Billiard Pipe 

Billiard pipes are the most common type of straight pipe. It has a straight stem with a bowl set at 90 degrees. While most of the billiard pipes are straight, several varieties can feature bent designs. 

Bent Pipe with Lid 

Bent pipes are classified according to the type of bend on the stem  ½ bent, ¼ bent, and so on. The bent feature allows the user to smoke hands-free as it is more comfortable to hang in their mouth. 

Pipe with wood handle 

Wooden handles give a unique and classy finish to the smoking pipe. However, it requires constant care and a proper cleaning routine. 

Steam Roller pipe 

A steamroller pipe is a cannabis pipe that is somewhat like a regular bong, except its shape is horizontal instead of ordinarily vertical. It is very easy to use a steamroller pipe. First, put a finger at one end of the pipe and your mouth at the other end with the bowl in the center. Next, light the herbs and start inhaling slowly, pulling until the chamber is full. Finally, remove your finger from the pipe, and that’s it.  

Stone Pipe 

Stone is one of the best materials for a smoking pipe. They are durable, portable, and do not alter the taste of the smoke like wood or metal. Stone smoking pipes are commonly made up of marble and soapstone. 

Wood Pipe with a Swivel Lid 

Swivel lids are an excellent addition to wood smoking pipes. They help extinguish herbs, avoid spillage, lock the odors in, and give a pretty unique finishing look to the pipe.  

Ebony Pipe 

Ebony is a dense hardwood that has a black or dark brown finish. Apart from their stunning coloring, ebony pipes are heavy, hard, and of high quality.  

Turbo Flo Pipe 

Turbo Flo pipe is an interchangeable pipe with a smooth Briarwood bowl and a straight aluminum stem. It has cooling fins along the stem.  


The bowl of the Calabash, which is often made of briar, is tapering and flares wide at the opening, creating a large chamber for the tobacco. The shank leads to a three-quarters curve in the stem. The calabash pipe is most famous for being the pipe of choice for Sherlock Holmes, who was portrayed smoking one.

Pickle Pipe 

Pickle pipe is a green glass pipe that is crafted to look exactly like your regular gherkins. Gherkins are one of the most commonly used vegetables to smoke. It works exactly like a standard smoking pipe and is quite convenient when you don’t have a pipe or paper lying around. All you have to do is cut a small section at one end, serving as a bowl. Next, with the help of a skewer, you have to drill a hole all the way from one end to the other. That’s it, and your pickle pipe is ready.  

Smoking pipes are easy on the pocket, faster, and more convenient than bongs. They are portable, discreet, and perfect for smoking on the go. Wood pipes are the most commonly used, not just because of Sherlock Holmes but for other good reasons. Wood is fire-resistant, keeps the smoke cool, and adds a woody flavor that blends well with the earthy herbs. If you prefer the natural taste without any added flavor, stone pipes are you. 

Besides, who doesn’t love a vintage smoking pipe? Apart from its designated purpose, having one on the shelf is also a great conversation starter. It is a must-have accessory in your collection. 


Briarwood is the most widely used material for tobacco pipes. Because of its durability, heat resistance, and breathability, it is perfect for use in pipes. Briar wood’s porous nature also makes it ideal for absorbing the oils and heat produced by tobacco combustion. Briar is a form of wood found in Erica Arborea trees, which are mostly found near the Mediterranean Sea.


Pipe smoking is a long-standing habit for people all around the world, which is why these traditional smoking pipe styles are still popular today. We hope that this post has provided some useful information for smokers interested in adding a high-end smoking pipe to their collection. Visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram if you’re looking for more information or facts regarding pipes! The Parkdale Brass blog is a great resource for smoking accessory ideas. Take a peek at our high-quality brass pipes at our shop while you’re there!

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