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How To Achieve An SEO-Friendly Website Rebranding

Do you know when it comes to changing your business’s image or in other words website rebranding at any given time is a tricky and time-consuming process? As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things that can possibly go wrong, and your website’s SEO is one of the major factors that gets affected. SEO does not show its results overnight, which means that your years of hard work is going down the drain.

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We live in a tech-savvy world. Everything that is around us is now moving towards automation and everything is being digitalized. A lot of physical businesses are developing their websites and shifting to an online store. This way they’ll be able to target more and more customers.

What Is A Website Rebrand?

Let’s suppose that your products and services are the best in town. They are better than what your competitors are selling and to be honest, your rates are compellingly low too. But, you’ve noticed that your sales are slowly decreasing and the revenue is not being generated up till the breakeven point. So, what’s missing?

The reason behind it can be your business brand and the website. They are considered to be the most vital for your business. And honestly, telling which one of the following needs to be reconsidered can be difficult. If either one is not right; the other factor is bound to suffer.

If you’re wondering as to what a website and a business rebrand is all about, we’ll brief you about it. Rebranding means that a business is changing its way of presenting itself to the potential customers in every possible way. This includes revamping the logo, icons, color scheme, and also website rebranding.

When it comes to a website redesign or rebranding, you need to know that it will pose more than just a new look for your business brand. You’re revamping it with the goal of driving more traffic, increasing user experience, and generating more leads and sales for your business.

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Rebranding your website does not at all mean that you are going to abandon the history of your business brand or are going to disrupt its continuity. It just means that you are adding more life to it.

Ways To Achieve An SEO-Friendly Website Rebrand

Today, we will be discussing the elements that could possibly affect the ranking of your website on the most popular search engines when you consider website rebranding, such as business name, name of the product, design layout of your business, and much more. So, keep reading until the end to get the most out of it.

#1: Hold On To The Original Domain

In case you’ve noticed, the domain names have power. How? They are linked to your website discoverability, popularity, and ranking. So, if you think that you’re going to change the domain while rebranding, then you’re making a wrong choice.

Most of the time, the rebranding project does not include changing the name or changing the domain. Yes, you can change the logo, the color scheme, and the layout of the website, but you should always retain the domain name of your business.

#2: Maintaining The Old Website For Some Time

A lot of SEO experts suggest that you retain your old website permanently while others suggest that you keep it running for a couple of months. This will help the search engine while they index all the pages of your new website and also rank them.

Since you need traffic to your website, it is a wise choice that you keep your old website active. This way people will not think that your brands site down, which will pose a bad impression on them.

#3: Redirection Whenever Needed

Redirection is also a vital factor to consider. Whenever your customers open your old website, they’ll be redirected to your new website automatically. This will not only increase the user’s experience but also help them find your newly developed website without any issue.

Redirection is not only going to redirect the customers to the new website but also will help the web crawlers too. Just make sure that all the redirects reach the right pages.

#4: Save The Old Content

Always keep in mind that content is the king. So, it is highly suggested that you save the old content or else you might lose all the reputation and traffic.

It is not necessary that you create new content when rebranding a website. Just replicate some of the best articles and implement internal links between them. This will improve the user experience and also increase the search engine ranking.

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#5: Build A Mobile-Friendly Website

If your newly revamped website is optimized for mobile users then you can expect little traffic to your website even if you’ve managed to get it listed on any new business listings sites in USA.

Since we’ve seen a change in the trend of online search, a lot of people have switched to searching for companies, products, and services online via their mobile phones, this implies that you have to optimize your website for mobile users as well.

#6: Make A Change Page

To be honest, a change in the overall layout of the website and the brand can decrease the user experience and also confuse them, which is why it is suggested that you should create a page that briefly explains all the changes.

You need to upload the page on your old website and also on the new one so that more and more people can see it. Also, take some time to explain why you opted for rebranding your business and the website.

#7: Tell Everyone About The Rebranding

As mentioned above, rebranding will have a huge impact on the user experience. But, you should always let the customers know what’s coming next.

You can announce to your customers about rebranding on your social media profiles. Also, you need to ask the customers what change they’d like to see in your brand. This will ensure that the customers acclimate to the new changes that will be implementing.

#8: Make It Visually Appealing

It doesn’t matter whether you are revamping your whole business or just the website, just make sure that it is visually appealing. Anything that is visually appealing will catch our eyes; that human nature. If you’ve developed a website that is boring and is not user-friendly, you can expect the customers to quickly exit it without even thinking twice.

The whole point of rebranding is to improve the functionality and user experience.

#9: Placement Of Keywords Matter

When it comes to SEO, the placement of keywords matters a lot. Even if you’ve managed to get listed on the top new business listing sites in USA, you’ll still have to choose a keyword that is highly applicable to your product or service.

While writing the content for your website, make sure that you place the keyword in the best possible way and they should make much sense.

#10: URL Links Should Include Keywords

When you write a query on the search engine, it will give you a list of possible results. This is how a search engine ought to work. When it comes to the URL of your business website, make sure that it has a keyword properly placed in it.

You might have noticed that sites that are ranked on the first page of the search engine have their focused keyword in their URL. So, it is recommended that you should go for this practice too.

#11: The Downtime Is Important

Does your website take a lot of time when someone opens or closed a page? Well, in order to get a good user experience, you need to make sure that your customers do not waste a lot of time. This is why the downtime of your website should be fast.

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#12: Staying Up To Date

Do you think that you can retain the attention of a visitor on your website with the help of old and outdated information? This is the factor that a lot of website owners fail to understand. You need to develop a website that is well optimized and has up to date information.

Making a website and not updating the content with accurate and informative information will bring in bad user experience.


Well, if you’re thinking of a website rebrand, the above-given SEO factors will help you get much-needed exposure. Also, try to get listed on an online listing directory such as HighFive Listings so that you can give your website the boost that it needs.

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