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Top 3 Virtual Conference & Event Platforms to Host Events in 2020

Virtual events have suddenly spiked in 2020 and became immensely popular. Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and restrictions imposed on public gatherings and traveling, virtual events have become the first choice of marketers, organizers and exhibitors to keep the business running.

A sudden rise in the popularity of web conferencing platforms or virtual meeting platforms has been witnessed. Today, the internet is flooded with a variety of digital conference platforms. Selecting the best depends on the needs and requirements of the organization. In the competitive era, choosing the right platform to host a virtual or hybrid event is a tricky task. A platform that offers live video streaming along with virtual webinar services is the right choice. Interactive engagement tools is an add on benefit to run a seamless virtual event.

The worth of face to face interaction can never be replicated. But the top serving virtual event platform offers immersive event experience to attendees. It enables real-time interactions via Q&A sessions, polls, live chats, thus delivering the same value of in-person events. Right from hosting recurring virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, virtual town hall meetings, job fairs, trade fairs, exhibitions and so on all can be hosted on a flexible virtual event platform.

When it comes to hosting an event online, privacy and security is a major concern. Selecting digital conference platforms that are safe and secure and keeps the company privacy intact is a must. The safe & secure virtual event platform restricts third-party authorization from accessing the content. It also offers on-demand video content, engaging networking features, post-event feedback, etc. to measure the success of the event.

In this article, we have shared the top 3 leading virtual events platforms to host your events in 2020 & beyond seamlessly without any hassle.


When talk goes around the top virtual conferencing platforms to carry out your event in 2020, Dreamcast can’t be missed. Dreamcast is one of the leading virtual events platforms that offer interactive, engaging, and immersive virtual conference solutions. It hosts all types of events without any hassle. Dreamcast has powered hundreds of virtual events in a secure digital environment thus resulting in better reach and engagements.

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers endless possibilities and networking options to host several events in a virtual space. Right from day to day virtual meetings to virtual conferences, webinars, virtual annual general meetings (AGMs), virtual career and job fairs, trade shows & exhibitions, talk shows, and many more, Dreamcast serves all keeping privacy intact.

Dreamcast offers interactive engagement tools such as live audio/video/text chats, polls, surveys, social wall, games, quizzes, spin the wheel, Q & A sessions, and so on that help in engaging the attendees or audience throughout the event.

Backed by 24*7 customer support, Dreamcast enables you to create a virtual event walkthrough for trade shows and expos. It asks attendees to enter the virtual aisle and carry the same proceedings such as registrations, tickets, and so on. However, it results in delivering an immersive virtual lobby, exhibition halls experience the same as in-person events.

Apart from it, Dreamcast offers the power to customize virtual/hybrid events as per the need of the marketer. It helps you to connect with your audiences globally in real-time and deliver the same value as in-person events. Dreamcast enables live streaming an event, pre-recording, offers on-demand videos, hosts automated scheduled events & series webinar in full HD. Planning to host a virtual event? Carry out your virtual events effortlessly with Dreamcast. Right from planning to measuring the analytics of your event, Dreamcast serves all. Deliver immersive, interactive, and engaging experiences to our event attendees.

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V Fairs

If we talk about VFairs, it is another transparent, safe, and secure web conferencing platform that offers virtual video conferencing solutions. It allows you to connect with global delegates from their remote locations in real-time. This platform helps in delivering immersive experiences to attendees the same as in-person events. It has hosted a number of virtual conferences and events in the past few months. Looking for a platform to host a virtual event or a virtual video conference with digital avatars. Check out on VFairs to deliver an immersive experience to audiences. 


Talking about the top serving virtual conferencing platforms in 2020, 6connex holds its place. It allows you to host a virtual video conferencing with global delegates and interact with them in real-time. 6connex is a cloud-based virtual event platform that comes with interactive features that engage audiences remotely. You can host any type of virtual event in a safe and secure digital environment with 6connex. It enables attendees residing in any corner of the world to have access to it from any device or browser.


In recent times, the market has been thriving with various web-conferencing platforms to host virtual meetings, webinars, conferences & events. The leading virtual event platforms allow you to host any virtual event in a digital environment, thus engaging audiences interactively. Planning to move your next conference or event online? Embrace the above-mentioned options and get started with your virtual event journey!

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