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Vape Like a Pro: Best Vaping Guide for the Beginner


Vape Like a Pro: Best Vaping Guide for the Beginner

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You may have seen some of your buddies vaping, and you also want to vape like them. Or you want to join the vaping community as a way to stop smoking. Whichever your case is, vaping for the first time might seem overwhelming and intimidating. 

Many new vapers find it challenging to choose the best e-juice, maintain their vape, and how to use e-liquid. However, with a few useful tips, you will be able to vape like a pro in a short time. 

Vaping is a healthier option to smoking since it does not involve combustion, thus avoiding the release of toxic gases. In the long-run, vaping will help you save money because cigarettes are expensive nowadays. Research shows that using an e-cigarette is an effective option to smoking.

Nonetheless, the initial cost can be high, and this requires you to know what you need when it comes to nicotine. Right choices from when you start vaping will ensure that you do not waste money, and you will not go back to smoking. 

Taking the above into account, here We’ve put together a quick list of the top  beginner vaping tips to get you on your way to the best vaping experience possible. Say forever goodbye to harmful cigarettes and Warm Hello  to the incredible world of vaping!

1. Make a commitment 

Do you want to start vaping? If yes, then stick to that. Also, you must be ready to quit smoking if you decide to vape. Although there are people, who vape and smoke at the same time, vaping alone and avoiding nicotine overdose gives you a better experience. 

Deciding to vape and smoke may make you vape too much, and with the nicotine from cigarettes, you will be putting more nicotine in your body. Therefore, stick to vaping to avoid unpleasant effects of nicotine overdose like dizziness, headaches, vomiting, and nausea. A smarter move that ensures you stay healthy is committing to stop cigarettes altogether. 

2. Decide on the nicotine level

Choosing the right amount of nicotine depends on various factors like how heavy smoker are you. Usually, e-juice is available in five distinct levels, which are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. Nonetheless, there is e-juice without nicotine. 

As a beginner, you need to start with low or standard nicotine levels as you gradually increase. Many people usually start with 24mg. As well, you can begin with trial and error levels to know the right nicotine level for you. 

Nicotine of at least 18mg is suitable if you smoke 1+ packs of cigarettes in a day. It is advisable to start with 12mg or 18mg if you only use a pack in a day. 

3. Selecting the type of device to use

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While deciding on the best type of vape to use, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you mechanically inclined?
  • How much money do you want to spend?
  • Are you a cloud chaser?
  • Is discreteness a concern for you while vaping? 

Cigalike mod is best if discreteness is your concern. It looks like a cigarette, and its disposable end holds your e-juice. You will throw this device away after vaping. Therefore, in the long-run, using this device will be expensive.

A vape is suitable if discreteness is not a concern for you. You can use disposable, prefilled cartridges and tanks with vape pens, including same day vape delivery products. Thus, you can change your e-juice as you want.

Also, you can have different tanks that contain different e-juices so that you may switch flavours as and when you want. Most of the vape pens come with batteries, but some come without, and you need to buy them. While choosing the right device, consider the following:

  • It should not have tar or other harmful substances.
  • It should be a high-quality product.
  • It should produce enough vapor.
  • It should not leak to stink up your clothes, car, or house. 
  • It should not produce second-hand smoke.

Vape pens may be costly in the beginning, but since you will not throw them away, it saves you money. Other devices include; EC4 kit, mechanical mods, RDTAs, and RDAs.


 We would also recommend you for Checking your battery connections regularly to ensure your battery and vape are working correctly to prevent any damage issues. All you need to do is unscrew the battery and check for any e-juice buildup on the parts where the battery and atomizer connect with one another. Wipe off any grime and you’re done! 

4. Invest in a high-quality e-liquid

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It is a wise thing to invest in a premium e-juice. Although various cheap e-liquids are on the market, do not put yourself at risk. Low-quality e-juices may have impurities that lead to health risks. 

High-quality e-liquids use pure and medical-grade nicotine as well as other food-gradients components. They will not harm you, and you will be able to keep away doctor bills. 

Also, choose the e-juice flavor you want. This may be a fun and exciting journey because e-liquids come in different flavors, and you may try as many flavors as you can until you get your preferred taste.

There are fruit sensations or classic tobacco tastes. It is also possible to get creative and mix your concoction. Nonetheless, this is not advisable for a beginner; leave it for the pro in the industry. 

5. Avoid inhaling directly 

Ex-smokers find this contrary to what they know. However, it is not advisable to inhale vapor directly into your lungs like people do when smoking tobacco. A study shows that the use of E-cigarette does not lead to lung injury. 

It is good when you experiment with a bit of drawing as it allows your vapor to sit in the mouth for some seconds before you inhale into the lungs. Your mouth absorbs the vapor more efficiently into the blood vessels, and at times, you may not even need to inhale it into the lungs. Also, you should try a nice smooth draw when inhaling the vape atomizer as opposed to drawing short and sharp inhales that can make you cough.


Every person is different, so are their stories. Take your time to find a premium e-liquid with your preferred flavor. Also, learn how to take care of your vape device. As you continue to vape, you’ll level upĀ  yourself and may want to use different devices or different flavoured vape juices. When you get to expert vaper status, you will know how vapor devices work and will be part of an exclusive club. You might consider using modified devices to get your vape fix, but be careful not to advance too quickly.

All this helps you have a better experience when it comes to vaping. With the guide above, you will be able to join the multi-billion vaping industry. There are many other inhalation methods. Try a few of them and choose the one that gives you the best experience. High-quality e-liquids use pure and medical-grade nicotine as well as other food-gradients components. The above vaping tips have you on the right path; now it is time to experiment.

Be carefull always while stepping into the new world.

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