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Unique Places to Visit in Bismarck

Have you ever visited Bismarck? Or know this popular place?

If not then stop awhile to read the content for this city, Bismarck, which is nestled in North Dakota.

This city is fully packed with numerous locations, including Heritage sites, historical monuments, and the great outdoors that are easy to find in Bismarck. Visit the city that features some interesting spots, including the skyscraper State Capitol, built with an Art Deco design during the Great Depression, beautiful city parks, and an inevitable great zoo, and other places that are must-watch.

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North Dakota Heritage Center

The North Dakota Heritage Center is an interesting place to visit that contains the permanent exhibits and collection of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. You will find everything related to prehistoric times to the 20th century, and it offers a good overview of North Dakota. You will learn some of the permanent artifacts and relics being displayed at the center. The center also includes dinosaur bones, a Native American Hall of Honor, and a prairie post office. In addition, watch out for the temporary exhibits found in bulk inside the center. Also, visit the Northern Lights Atrium, a captivating piece of architecture within the center, and the Capitol Arboretum Trail.

Dakota Zoo

Dakota zoo is one of the best things to do in the city while spending your whole day. The zoo was built in 1961, which is one of Bismarck’s best family tourist attractions. The zoo spans an area of 90 acres and has grown over the years housing more than 600 animals. Watch out for some of the exotic species inside the zoo, including Bengal tigers, African tortoises, American alligators, arctic foxes, and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. In addition, you will be amazed to see the Jack and Joyce Schuchart Big Cat Complex inside the zoo that features a family-friendly tunnel with a viewing area complete leading to an up-close look. Explore all habitats and popular gray wolves that are zoo residents seen from the viewing platform.

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State Capitol

The State Capitol building nestled in North Dakota is an Art Deco structure constructed in the mid-1930s during the Great Depression. The state capital is the most iconic tourist destination in the city, which features a landmark skyscraper tower at one end. Watch this eye-catching architecture which is opposing most state capital designs. Visit this place to capture the unique experience of visiting and photographing. You will find that the 18th floor of the State Capitol building is a must-visit viewpoint from an observation deck overviewing the Bismarck. In addition, there is the Rough Rider Hall of Fame on the ground floor of the facility that recognizes people who have contributed.

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises is the most tranquil and pleasant spot inside the city that provides an amusing and relaxing way to explore the Upper Missouri River. You can reach this beautiful pace where the cruises depart from the Port of Bismarck. The cruises can carry more than 150-passenger which is a paddle wheeler and provides a comfortable atmosphere to view the beautiful countryside. You can enjoy the cruise ride, which are available for different timing such as lunch, afternoon, and evening cruises. Also, there is public riverboat cruises that provide a family fun affair amidst the scenic water ride.

Former Governors’ Mansion

The Former Governors’ Mansion was built in 1884 and provided an overview of the life of a governor in the 19th century. The stunning mansion has been thoroughly restored to its former glory and has been ornamented in period pieces. The mansion, until 1960, has had 20 governors from its inception.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is a 20-minute drive away from the city and provides an array of historical and recreational opportunities. This place can also be reached via the neighboring city of Mandan. You will find numerous historic structures that have been recreated within the state park. Also, watch out for the famous historical site On-A-Slant Indian Village, a state historical site housing six reconstructed Earth Lodges memorializing the unique Mandan peoples of the area. 

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Camp Hancock State Historic Site

Camp Hancock provides a safe harbor for the workers on the Northern Pacific Railroad. This iconic site was established in 1872, where visitors explore many hidden histories in this area. You will find the innovative log building that has served as the headquarters of the camp. You will be amazed to see the displays and artifacts from the local area inside the building. This famous building has been Bismarck’s oldest surviving building since 1872 and a famous Bread of Life Church, the oldest church in Bismarck.

Sertoma Park

Sertoma is located adjacent to the Dakota Zoo and offers a riverfront park having plenty of playful areas and beautiful scenic walking trails. Come to this park, where many people are found playing horseshoes, sand volleyball, or yard games. You will find many amazing attractions inside the park, including the eight playground areas. These areas are popular among children and families. Hop into this place for running, walking, and biking and enjoy other activities that are popular ways to navigate the natural space. Also, visit the Super Slide Amusement Park opened for all age groups and is fees-free, providing fun things to do, like miniature golf, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and other rides.

Gateway to Science

Gateway to Science Center is located inside the Frances Leach High Prairie Arts & Science Complex,featuring famous hands-on exhibits based on themes including light, machines, electricity, magnetism, and air pressure. Other displays are running in the center for visitors and traveling exhibitions for all age groups. In addition, you will find many interesting programs and events offered by the center, including famous and interesting STEM adventure camps, a visiting scientist’s series, and after-school science clubs.

Keelboat Park

Keelboat Park is located on the banks of the Missouri River connecting Steamboat Park along with the River Road. This place is one of the famous destinations to spend your evenings watching the beautiful sunset within the natural spaces. In addition, you will find many historical and cultural outlets at this place, along with a landscaped route beside the water.

Belle Mehus Auditorium

Belle Mehus Auditorium is named after the piano teacher from Bismarck that has been hosting shows since 1914. In coordination with the Bismarck Event Center, this auditorium has been the epitome of community arts in Bismarck in the historic theatre. You will adore the plenty of performances held here, ranging from professional dance series to the symphony. Also, you will find children’s choir Christmas concerts which are the famous events organized here. 

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