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Understanding the Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal procedure has been around for quite some time now. But the questions, doubts, and misconceptions regarding the procedure still prevail. This is often due to lack of knowledge and experience. But questions are good as they help people get to know more about a certain topic. You do not necessarily have to visit a laser hair removal clinic to know the answers to all your questions about hair removal procedure, but if you do it is only good for you.

There are a lot of questions regarding the side-effects, the way laser affects the skin, if the procedure is actually effective or not, the after-effects, and the cost of the entire procedure. These are some of the common questions. But people also have questions regarding the science behind the laser hair removal procedure. As a part of this blog, we will cover the questions regarding the procedure. There are many experts offering laser hair removal in Ahmedabad who can also help you understand the procedure well.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal is the procedure using which the hair on your body can be permanently removed. This is done by using the laser to destroy all the roots of the hair follicles on your body. The people who handle these procedures are experts and have years of experience with using laser for hair removal. They focus on the hair follicles and destroy them with the use of pulses of light. This light or laser is specifically designed to apply enough heat to the hair follicles that is good enough to destroy them. The same amount of laser is not used on all parts or all types of hair. Depending on which part it is used for and the type of hair they are working on, experts apply specific wavelengths of light that can help in targeting the pigment. This way the skin remains safe, while the hair follicles underneath are destroyed according to plan. Laser hair removal procedure works the best on dark hair.

What type of laser?

The type of laser that is being used matters a lot. A lot of lasers available out there aren’t exactly lasers. These are often Intense Pulsed Light. When using IPL, it doesn’t completely destroy the hair follicles. It only damages temporarily and helps in shedding the hair quickly. This means the hair will be back soon enough. So this light is not useful for permanent hair removal procedure. You can understand the kind of laser that is exactly used by visiting a laser hair removal clinic. They can tell you which light or laser they use for the procedures. There is always a standard laser type that is often used for all the laser hair removal treatments. This light is carefully chosen as to be effective and strong enough to work on the hair follicles while not affecting your skin in any way. It is a non-invasive procedure so you do not have to be worried about damaging your skin.

Why does it take long?

On an average, a client needs any where between 18 months to two years to achieve the final results with laaser hair removal procedure. Each area of your body has a certain treatment interval. There is somewhere between 5-10 weeks of interval that needs to followed, but this completely depends on the area that is being treated.

When a hair follicle is in an active growth cycle, that is the best time to work on it. So there are phases where the hair is still under the skin, its growing and then in the final stage it sheds completely. This is the reason why the hair follicles are treated on certain intervals. Sometimes it is quite possible that you will only be treated once a day in two months, due to the hair growth cycle of your body.


It is really helpful for patients to have an indepth understanding of the procedure they are going to undergo. This helps them know what their body is going to go through. When this awareness is given to patients, they are able to make better, informed decisions. Informed clients are also happier clients. They will also better understand why they are supposed to do certain things and why they are not allowed to do certain things when they are undergoing the procedure.

Every client’s skin and hair is different and they have different needs. So it is better they understand what their body needs. There are many clinics and best beauty parlour in Ahmedabad offering laser hair removal treatment that can also make you understand why this procedure is good for you or how it will benefit you. If you are worried about how much you will be charged, you can compare different laser hair removal cost in Ahmedabad. This will offer a better picture of the options available around you.

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