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Ultimate Guideline to Design Online Store Logos

If you want to make an online business or any business, what are the crucial things in your mind? Product type, capital, marketing target, marketing strategy?

Yes, all of the above are important. But have you thought of a logo for your business?

The logo looks trivial but essential. Even so, many business people think that a logo is not essential.

Maybe because the cost of creating a logo is expensive or because it is already inconvenient to take care of all the technicalities besides branding.

But don’t ignore this branding strategy. You can create your business logo.

Moreover, many free logo maker applications are easy to operate, suitable for online businesses or other businesses.

Why is it important to design a shop logo?

Have you ever bought an item just because you know the brand or the packaging? That is the magnitude of the effect caused by a brand and logo.

The brand has currently changed businesspeople’s perspective to compile and create a fair and character logo because a logo can also attract potential customers. Here are the reasons why it’s important to make a logo for your business:

Give a good first impression

If a logo is well designed, it can attract buyers. When they see a business logo, they will be curious and allow you to visit your store.

The logo is not one thing that is considered. However, if you have a consumer logo, you can know the business you have.

To make it easy for protentail customers to remember your brand  

Having a clear and memorable logo is often chosen by well-known companies, such as simple font selection, simplicity of logo design, and so on.

However, if the logo design is bad or too complicated, it is very difficult to remember. A logo design that is easy to remember will help consumers remember the business you have.

As A Brand Identifier

When creating a logo for a business that you have, you must be sure that the logo can become a long-term branding foundation because logos are also part of its branding.

Besides that, the logo can also be a company or business identity that you have. From choosing colors, fonts and, the theme will reflect your business.

Reflecting Business Value

You must have seen a logo with a selection of beautiful images, simple fonts, and colors.

At first glance, it looks like usual. But the psychology involved in the logo goes deeper. Some even apply the philosophy of the company’s vision and mission.

Reflects Business Personality

Logos always make the first impression in a business. Besides being able to be more memorable to consumers, choosing colors, images and fonts can reflect your business’s personality.

To get a good logo, you should use the following tips:


Simple logos are often the choice for companies. Even though it’s simple, it must be different from other logos and have its own characteristics in your company.

Like the shape, color, font selection, make it as attractive as possible, comfortable to remember, and able to become your business philosophy.

Easy to remember

Creating a logo can indeed give consumers a first impression. Making a logo that is easy to remember can influence consumers to come and try the products you have and increase the number of consumers.

Not Inedible Trend

Pay attention to the small things in making a logo. Make the logo as right as possible so that it is not outdated and has long-term investment value. Later, you don’t have to bother creating a new logo because your old logo is outdated.

Visually Appealing

Logos can also shape a consumer’s point of view. Having a neat and uncluttered logo can provide a useful perspective. However, if the logo is messy, it can form an unprofessional attitude for the business owner.

Represents Product Functions

Make a logo according to the function of the product you have. Like the milk logo with the powdered detergent image, of course, consumers think it is detergent. However, when added with information such as “milk can cleanse the stomach, maybe it will give its own uniqueness.

Correct Typography

Being right in determining colors, fonts, and images are the most crucial thing in making a logo to avoid misunderstandings. For example, the fire department has a cool snow logo, and the PMI has a red and white base color.

Tools for creating logos in mintues

People will prefer to use a PC or laptop to create a logo because the computer has a bigger screen. Also, You can use a free logo maker application from a smartphone for those of you who don’t like being complicated and have a limited budget, which you can download from the Play Store. DesignEvo offers focus and flexibility. This application also does not require storage space on your cellphone because it is an online editor application. The biggest features are it has more than 10000 templates. However, if you want to move to the online version, then you can just access it from the browser. After you think you finish your design, you preview your logo. In this way, you can check logo looked like when it actually applied in many real scenes.

Besides, if you want to create your logos on your phone, then InstaLogo is a choice. By using this application, you can make a logo professionally using Android or IOS. You can also make posters, flyers, invitation cards, brochures, badges, banners, and monograms. Furthermore, you can also easily export the results via email, upload to the cloud, or print it straight away.

Besides DesignEvo, you can also google the logo makers from your browser. It would be a good experience for you to try logo creating tools for your business.


Creating a logo in today’s era has been given many conveniences, such as the logo creation application above. Some even can be used on a smartphone.

You don’t need to spend deep enough because you can make it yourself. Moreover, you can design quickly and very easily. Let’s try to create your logo.

But don’t forget, make sure the logo has characteristics that match your building’s business or company.

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