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Ultimate Guide on Upholstery Cleaning

Everyone needs to take good care of the furniture and the upholstery in their home. If you ignore upholstery cleaning, the furniture would need replacement after some years, which could be an expensive option. You can also hire professional services for sofa cleaning or couch steam cleaning. We are going to discuss an important guide about upholstery cleaning. 

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Routine cleaning 

If you want to keep the door panels, carpets, and the seats clean, remember that routine cleaning is very important. You can vacuum these furniture items regularly to ensure that they remain in good condition. The routine upholstery cleaning ensures that your home is perfectly clean. 

The cleaning experts recommend that the furniture in your home be vacuumed once in a month; if there are attachments, wipe them. Some of you may think that vacuuming every month is not easy, but that is necessary if you want to increase the life of your furniture. Make sure that you are using the crevice tool to get into the crevices and the cracks and use a brush to clean the door panels and seats. 

Remove dirt from the ground and clean stains 

Sometimes vacuuming is not enough when you are cleaning upholstery because there are dirt and stains; therefore, you can steam clean it or use services of the commercial steam cleaners. In case you are going to use detergents or foaming cleaners, vacuum the upholstery thoroughly before it. There could be debris and dirt if you are looking to deep clean it. 

Use steam cleaning for cloth upholstery 

When you are using steam cleaning, it will provide water and heat to disperse and release the stain or the soil. If you are doing it on your own, follow the machine’s instructions and turn it on to clean the upholstery. 

There are some issues, especially when you are trying to clean it on your own, the foam under the panels or the seat would become wet when you are using steam. Soaking this foam would take a lot of time; however, there are some solutions for it like, you can use steam head which can disperse the steam, and there are some steam cleaners with multiple holes. You can also use a microfiber cloth; wrap it around steam to absorb all the liquid water. The professional Upholstery cleaners are also using steam sparing for the upholstery to minimize this problem. Lastly, you should ensure that the upholstery is completely dry before you think of using it. 

Use hot water extraction for cleaning upholstery

You can also clean the upholstery using the hot water extraction method. This tool could be used for the deep cleaning of the upholstery. However, you need to take some precautions in it as well and ensure that the upholstery is not over wet during the cleaning. Make sure that you are using high-quality extractors for cleaning; it should have enough suction power to remove the water from upholstery. 

If you are using chemicals for the cleaning, make sure that you are taking all important precautionary measures; some of the chemicals may damage the fiber and stain the fabrics. If your fabric is sensitive, keep all the sharp objects away from it, during the cleaning process, don’t place the furniture in the sun rays, the UV light would damage and fade the color of the fabric. 

Leather for furniture 

The most popular fabric used for the furniture is leather because of its durability and high-quality; make sure that you are regularly wiping the leather furniture. However, make sure that water is not soaking in the leather. 

If spillage occurs on the leather, don’t apply water for cleaning, mostly grease spots, and other liquid spots blend into the leather. Similarly, if there are some scratches, rub them with the clean finger, heat, friction, and the natural oil in hand would help redistribute the finish of the leather and cover the scratch. 

In short, give attention to the upholstery in your home and hire professional services for cleaning them if you don’t find the time. 

Steam cleaning for upholstery is one of the best methods to give a thorough and deep clean to your sofa and couches. Tiptop Cleaning provides you with the best service in town.

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