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Everybody wants to install a safe and secure electrical application in their homes. So, before installing any MCCB, we should know that’s why a Molded Case Circuit Breaker is required. The main job of an MCCB is to protect your home from short circuits, an overload of current, and earth leakage. Different MCCB manufacturing companies have different designs and various types according to industrial and domestic usage. To install a correct MCCB, you should know about your system or application and what kind of protection you require. So, today we will discuss different types of MCCBs needed for various electrical applications.

Basically, these are electrical insurance contraptions that can be utilized with a wide scope of voltages. MCCBs, as they are ordinarily known, have customizable outing settings and can hold as much as 2,500 amps in current evaluations. They are likewise utilized with frequencies that are 50 and 60 Hz and have the accompanying 3 capacities:

They offer assurance in the event of electrical blames by promptly intruding on a flow that is incredibly high because of a line flaw or a short out.

They secure in case of an over-burden where the current is higher than the evaluated worth and keeps going a more extended time than typical.

The on and off capacity can be utilized to turn the circuit on or off for fixes and substitutions.

Different MCCB Circuit Breakers Based on Applications

Because of the way that they can deal with particularly high flows, shaped case circuit breakers are regularly utilized with applications that are substantial. A portion of these utilizations are as per the following:

Ensuring Generators

They ordinarily produce many amps in yield and require costly gen-sets. MCCBs, which can deal with the current evaluations, give the insurance required.

Securing Electric Feeders

On the off chance that you are utilizing feeder circuits to disseminate electric flow, they can convey several amps. In certain cases, you may likewise have extra circuits that will require trip settings. MCCBs prove to be useful in both the circumstances.

Welding Machines

It is conceivable to make them weld applications that draw exceptionally high flows accordingly requiring MCCBs since little circuit breakers can’t deal with the high flows.

Ensuring Capacitor Banks

These are utilized to address power factors in modern and business electrical frameworks. In the event that the flows they draw are exceptionally high, MCCB security turns into a need to lessen flows.

Securing Motors

Electric engines additionally should be sufficiently secured and MCCBs accomplish this function admirably. Inrush current may should be changed, giving the fundamental over-burden insurance without stumbling.

Kinds of MCCBs are needed for various electrical applications.

We have provided a list for various Circuit Breaker Types or MCB for domestic and industrial usage:

  • Protection for electrical line- Line protection MCB is commonly and generally used for protecting the circuits. It is used for regular wiring of electrical cables, small machinery, and stable power distribution so that short circuits and power overload don’t create a problem. This type of MCCB is used for the trip mechanism, which restricts the overflow of current consisting of magnetic and thermal elements. This type of MCCB is also used for home electrical wiring purposes. Because sometimes overflow of current can damage the wires, which leads to short circuits. So, this type of MCCB is useful for industrial and domestic electrical wiring to protect the line.
  • Protection of Distribution Board- This type of MCCB is specially installed in distribution boards or circuit branches of electrical applications, including spotlight, floodlight, and street lighting applications. The size of the MCCB is compact and is perfect for installing in positions or groups. This type of MCCB or circuit breaker has a capacity or size which ranges from 2.5 kA to 5.5 kA.
  • Trip Mechanism: Solid State- This type of MCCB is built and controlled by a microprocessor. You can select the current level according to your electrical application by following 5 to 6 steps. It also involves various parameters for tripping purposes, such as short time delay, long time delay, and immediate usage. This type of MCCB works well with high accuracy devices. This type of MCB operates smoothly in coordination with other protection devices. When this MCB and other protection devices work together, a more safe and secure power supply is ensured. 
  • Protection for Motors- This type of MCCB is installed to protect the magnetic motor starters, which includes Soft Starter, DOL, inverter (VFD), and Star Delta. This type of MCCB protects from overload and overflow of current to the motor. This type of MCCB is mostly used to start and stop operations because it requires a full load. This type of MCCB is installed in the control panel of a motor. This MCCB can hold a high flow of current when the motor is started.

Completing a Visual Inspection

This basically implies checking for any signs that the MCCB has been harmed. A portion of the signs that show harm incorporate the accompanying:

Electric arcing demonstrated by packaging or contact consumes

Indications of overheating, for example, protection and packaging breaks or twisted contacts

There are MCCBs that are fixed at the processing plant and others that can be opened. In the event that yours can be opened, investigate its inward segments.


Soil amassed over the long haul, can cause the segments of the MCCB to disintegrate. Furthermore, soil can direct power and cause a shortcoming inside. Utilize a vacuum cleaner to dispose of the earth. With the soil eliminated, even your visual investigation turns out to be a lot simpler.


As referenced above, there are MCCBs that are fixed at the production line and others that can be opened. Oil is simply pertinent to those that can be opened. It guarantees that moving parts and the manual separation switch work appropriately. This is a basic factor where flaws are concerned.


So, we have provided a list of the most commonly used types of MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) for industrial and domestic usage.

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