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Top 3 Handpicked Twitter Feed WordPress Plugins – 2021

In recent times, Twitter witnesses growth in its popularity simply because it provides needed information without consuming much time. Moreover, due to its character limit on the tweets, people tend to post only the highlights of their message. Hence readers get the information shortly and simply. 

So if you are looking to showcase these tweets on your websites, then you are in the right place. This blog will discuss the Best Twitter feed WordPress plugin that helps you embed Twitter feed on your website.

What is a Twitter Feed?

Whenever you log into your Twitter account, the first that appears on your screen is the Twitter feed. It consists of the posts and tweets from your Twitter connections. As you will explore the platform further, you will be able to see more tweets and feeds. 

These feeds can consist of common hashtags, or they can be posts mentioning a common Twitter handle. Or posts and tweets from a particular Twitter handle.

Why Should You Embed Twitter Feed On Your Website?

Other than providing the information shortly and simply, there are various other benefits of displaying tweets on your website. Like, it increases the visuals of your website. People usually like to visit a good-looking website as it creates a good impression and enhances their browsing experience. Therefore, it can attract audiences to your website. And as you know, more audience means more opportunities of attaining sales. 

Moreover, you can also display user-generated content, which eventually helps to provide social proof to your visitors. Consumers look for social proof and review before making any purchase. Therefore, these social proofs can encourage your users to purchase products from your brand. 

Another major advantage of this strategy is that it helps in strengthening your Twitter presence. As in this age of social media supremacy, people often consider a brand’s popularity based on their social media strength. So, by embedding Twitter feeds on the website, you can promote your Twitter handle and provide a bridge between your website and Twitter handle.

So, now you are aware of the basics of the Twitter handle and its importance, let’s dive to the core of the topic and discuss the best Twitter feed WordPress plugins. He has handpicked specially for you, after examining them on the basis of prices, usages, and features.

Twitter Feed Plugins For WordPress Website:

You can also copy the embedding code of each Tweet and paste it into the backend of your profile, but there are a lot of limitations to this process. Hence, we recommend you to use these plugins, as they are easy to use and provide great results. 

1. Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin By Tagembed

Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin

Tagembed is a famous social media aggregator that provides a WordPress plugin that helps you in collecting Twitter feeds from your desired source and then displays them beautifully on your website. It provides a dedicated Twitter widget that displays Twitter feeds attractively on your website. Alongside Twitter, it is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Google Reviews, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) so you don’t have any shortage of content to display.

The plugin provides free sign-up and is very easy to use. With just 3 simple steps you can embed a Twitter widget on your website. All you have to do is – install the plugin, collect the Twitter feed using Tagembed and display them on your website. That is it, 3 easy steps, and your website will be showcasing Twitter feeds.

It also allows you to customize the Twitter widget by changing its theme, background, text style, text size, and more. With these features, you can enhance the vibrancy of your website and make it more graceful.

Moreover, you can also monitor your website’s feed and filter out all unwanted and irrelevant posts from the feeds. Thus, it helps to maintain the quality of your website.


  • Customization: Twitter allows its users to post visual-based content on the platform. And by embedding the feeds on the website, you can enhance the visuals of your website. Adding to it, you can even customize the Twitter widget by changing its font size, font style, background, and more to make it more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Moderation: Twitter is an open platform. Hence people sometimes misuse this freedom and post some spam and unwanted content. Well, you cannot do anything about it. But that’s not the case with your feed. So the tool provides you with the moderation feature that helps you ide all irrelevant content from your feed and maintains the quality of your website.
  • Responsive Feed: the tool provides the responsive feed, which adjusts itself according to the screen type. There is no need to change the display setting.
  • Coding Free: The tool is entirely coding-free, so you can still use the app like a pro even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or experience.
  • Real-time content update: With the auto-update feature, the feed provides all recent tweets in real-time. So as soon as someone posts a tweet from your provided source, it will be visible on your website simultaneously. You don’t need to refresh the feed manually to get the latest tweets.
  • Robust analytics, Custom CSS, and more

2. WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds provides you the facility to showcase Twitter feeds on your website. It provides a simple Twitter widget that displays the latest tweets in widget areas. The plugin is very easy to install and eases your embedding process. 

It is a lightweight plugin that displays all media types without affecting the website’s performance and speed. WP Twitter Feeds provides you with a slider widget that takes less space on the website and beautifully showcases tweets. Sliders are one of the best ways to display the feeds, as they can be embedded anywhere on the website and viewers have the ease to explore your website and look at the tweets simultaneously.

With the customization feature, you can even use different color options and set the maximum number of tweets to display. 


  • Lightweight – Install in seconds
  • Customization
  • Real-time updates
  • Compatible with shortcodes

3. Elfsight Blocks

Elfsight Blocks

Elfsight is a well-known Twitter feed WordPress plugin that provides responsive feeds to display tweets, and Twitter feeds on your website. The feed adjusts to the screen’s size and saves you the effort of changing the settings according to different screen types of different devices.

The plugin is user-friendly and very easy to operate; you don’t need any coding skill, knowledge, or developer to run this plugin. It is suitable with any WordPress theme and can be added to any page of a WordPress site. It is compatible to display images and videos as well, so it doesn’t matter what medium Twitter users use, your feed will stream them without any hassle.


  • Moderation
  • Customization
  • Responsive Feeds
  • Compatible to display visual-based content

Summing It Up

Integrating your WordPress website with Twitter is a smart strategy to market your brand and reach more audiences. And thus, businesses are actively embedding Twitter feeds on their websites, by this strategy, they can get more audience for their business and get better results. You can embed tweets on your website with the help of the tools mentioned above, these plugins are easy to use and provide the desired ROI.

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