Tricks to Solve QuickBooks Error 80070057

QuickBooks Error 80070057

QuickBooks is an innovative bookkeeping and accounting software that millions of business owners across the world find useful. It allows them to handle some of the most complicated tasks such as tracking daily transactions, managing expenses, invoicing customers and tax filing. But, despite being a robust software it sometimes receives errors. When a user double-clicks on a company, portable, or a .qbw extension file, they face an Error 80070057. The QuickBooks Error 80070057 usually occurs when a user tries to run a company file in the QuickBooks application with a “path location.”

The main reason for QuickBooks Error 80070057 is the accounts manager of QuickBooks when it adds the company file in QuickBooks 2014 version. QuickBooks Error 15222 is a similar error.

Causes for the QuickBooks Error 80070057

The following are the main causes for this error:

  • Wrongly set-up the Firewall setting.
  • Incorrect settings of internet security.
  • Damaged QuickBooks files or folders.
  • Inaccurate File extensions.
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks application.
  • Presence of virus or malware in the computer system.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 80070057

Below are the solutions to solve the QuickBooks Error 80070057:

Solution 1. Check the extension of the file

Verify the extension of the company name file

  • Right-click the file to go to the properties of a company file.
  • Select the ‘QuickBooks Tabs’ option.
  • Ensure that the file name is in the filename field.
  • Check that the QuickBooks is last used with ‘Field’.
  • Click ‘Ok’.

Solution 2. Modify the extension of a company file after copying it.

  • Add a ‘New’ Folder.
  • ‘Copy’ the Company file.
  • Open a new folder and paste it there.
  • Ensure the full file extension is showing.
  • Modify its extension with .qbm.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ option.
  • Open the QuickBooks application and reinforce the Portable.
  • Modify the extension of the file.qbb, in case, the file is not opening.
  • Restore the back-ups.
  • In case, the file still is not opening then try renaming it with the extension.qbx.

Solution 3. QuickBooks File Doctor to fix Error 80070057

QuickBooks Error 80070057 issue can also be fixed by using the QuickBooks File Doctor. 

  • Exit your QuickBooks desktop, install the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” file and save it to your computer.
  • Open the file “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” by double-clicking and installing the application.
  • After the installation finishes, select the tool and click the “company file issues” tab that exists in the Tool Hub.
  • Choose the ‘Run’ button to run the QuickBooks File Doctor and click on your company file from the drop-down menu.
  • If you can’t go to your company file, you can go for the option of browse and search.
  • Select “Check your file option” and click on “Continue”.
  • Type the password for QuickBooks administrator and then choose the ‘Next’ option.
  • After Scan, ensure that QuickBooks Error 80070057 is fixed or the scan process has failed.

Solution 5: Authenticate the company file name Extension

  • First of all, you need to Select the Company file and right click on it.
  • After that select the Properties option.
  • Click on QuickBooks tab.
  • Now Enter the file extension in the Filename field and version of the QuickBooks software in the last opened with a file.
  • Finally click on the OK button.
Step 1: Change the File Extension
  • Right click on the screen and choose to create a new folder.
  • Copy and paste the Company file into a new folder.
  • Now give a right click on the folder and choose Rename option.
  • Rename the file extension to .qbm and click on Save to make changes.
  • Open QuickBooks to restore the Portable company file.
  • Rename the extension to .qbb if you encounter any issue in opening QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks desktop and Restore the Backup.
  • If you are unable to open the file, rename the extension to .qbx
  • Finally, Open QB Convert to an accounting copy.
Step 2: Copy the company file from its current location and paste it into a different folder in Flash drive
  • Open the Windows Explorer and QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the “File”, Right-click and choose the New Folder.
  • Copy “Companyfile.QBW” from Flash drive and paste it into a new folder.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop again and open a new folder.


This article has covered almost every solution and information regarding the QuickBooks Error 80070057. There is a similar error called QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error. If you still get any issues or want any professional help or guidance, feel free to contact this number: 1-877-349-3776.

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