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Top 5 Treatments to Get Summer-Ready

Summer can be a cruel season for skin, hair, beauty and overall your looks! Due to the scorching heat and dust and pollution all around us, it can be hard for women to keep themselves looking gorgeous. And we need to do that, because the season of summer is the season of happiness. We get to go out, wear our favorite clothes, party all day and all night. It just seems to be really clever to prepare ourselves for the summer before-hand. 

There are many treatments like skin treatments, hair treatments, nails and what not to be done in order to get ourselves prepared for the wonderful season. There are many women who make sure to take facials, hair and many other treatments to take care of themselves. Parties in the summers are supposed to be spontaneous but women should always be prepared for it. Here are some of the basic and best treatments that you can do before summer to get ready for the amazing season, the unlimited hangouts and limitless parties! 

So get your summer clothes ready, may it be shorts, skirts or dresses, you are going to be 100% ready to rock your outfits with the best version of yourself.

1 – Spray Tan

After a long season of winter, your skin would definitely be pale as a vampire’s skin. After getting a whole pale skin, we need to get out of our jackets and sweats and wear bikinis and shorts in summers. We need to make sure to have the perfect complexion to go out and party. 

Of course, it is not possible to get the perfect tan so soon. This is why there are tanning places everywhere. These tanning places tan you with spray that looks just as real. They are durable and long-lasting. Spray tan is a must need after many months of winters.  Get yourself spray tanned and look the best version of yourself. Make sure to show those tanned arms and legs.

2 – Highlights

New season, New me. If you want something to be changed in yourself without having a big change like cutting your hair or changing your entire hair color, you can easily get highlights. These are the perfect way for you to get golden streaks in your hair without even going to the ocean for a long time. 

This is one of the best treatments you can do for yourself to prepare yourself for the summer. If you don’t want a mainstream golden highlight, you can always choose from a range of different color. Make sure to know what color suits you and get it done. Not too much of a change but something people would definitely notice. 

3 – Hair Removal

For the past 4 months in winters, we have been wearing full sleeves shearing or leather jackets with high waist pants and knee length boots. No one could ever see if we got our hands and legs waxed. On the other hand, summer is different. Wearing shorts, skirts, dresses and tank tops, it is important to get your hair removed. 

An important treatment is to get yourself up and to a spa, tell them to remove hair from your hands, arms, armpits, legs and everywhere you find it necessary. Of course, you would prefer your skin to be hairless and smooth when you lay on the beach in your bikini to get the right tan or when you get the Mickey Rourke Jacket and shop at your favorite store at the mall. You can also buy machines or wax strips and do it yourself at home. You might definitely need a little practice to do it yourself, but you’ll eventually learn it. 

4 – Facials

Winter makes your skin flaky and pale. It is really important to have a good facial and scrub before entering into a whole new season – summer. That dull, winter complexion needs to go in summer. One thing you need the most is to get the right facial or sugar scrub that would remove all the dirt and unwanted particles from your face. 

These scrubs and facials will help your skin get exfoliated and clean. You will get rid of all your black and white spots. Getting a facial might be the most important thing to be summer-ready. So get, treat your skin with something nice. 

5 – Manicure & Pedicure

Your hands get too stiff for wearing gloves all day long. One thing you need to get summer-ready is to get a relaxing day of manicure and pedicure. If you think this is a waste, let me tell you that as much work as your hands and feet do all they, they deserve a day full of care at least every once in a while. 

Manicure and pedicure helps your feet and hands, get rid of the dust particles that are stuck inside of them. They help you get your nails cleaned and filed up in shape. This is one of the most relaxing treatment you can have. If you want to get summer-ready, you need to take a mani-pedi. 


Winter and summer are two totally different seasons. One cannot enter the summer season without having a makeover. Your hair, skin, nails and body needs a lot of amendments whilst entering from one season to another. Get these above mentioned treatments to make your summer elegant and glow-y.

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