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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

While expanding your business, one basic thing to keep in mind is marketing research. It is a key to develop your business with unlocking several marketing strategies. Researching is one such way because it’s all about gathering information about customers, buying patterns, needs, thinking and various other factors. It also can assist you with maintaining and monitoring marketing trends and sales.

Although there are various marketing patterns in this digital world, today we will mark the difference between traditional and digital marketing methods to understand which marketing tool will work for your business.

As the World is advancing with its technological terms, say, emergence of artificial intelligence, we look forward to being more advanced and competitive in our businesses. The efficiency of marketing digitally and traditionally still continues to take place. With the advancement of strategies, people think that digital methods are winning over traditional ones.

Even newspapers and magazines are becoming digital then why should one still rely on traditional marketing tools?

Do you know, the decline of traditional marketing is so fast paced that businesses started looking towards digital aspects as they seem more reliable and promising?

This tradition of society is now becoming a challenge. Well, there is this one platform that will grow and grow faster and that digital marketing.

Technology has taken over the world such as mobile phones, tablets, gadgets et cetera in a span of time and has become an inevitable part of life which has made things easier and on fingertips all the time which led to expansion of the digital world as it seems more user friendly and easily targetable.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

  • Traditional Marketing

When marketing is done through various non-online mediums such as newspaper, magazines, print, TV, radio broadcasting, billboards etc. is referred as traditional marketing. We reach targeted audiences with the help of above-mentioned marketing methods and considered as the oldest form of advertising but that doesn’t mean that it is old-fashioned. It still plays a vital role in growing the needs of people even in this digital world. Even today people enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, articles and still rely on such inexpensive methods to gain knowledge.

No matter how much the technology has advanced but the major population is attentive to words impactful TV commercials and Radio advertisements.

Earlier, traditional marketing was the most researched method. Marketers lean towards this tool because it’s tried and tested and true to their customers.

Have you seen any advertisement in newspaper ad-columns? These ads are the actual promotional methods of advertising the businesses which can be kept for a longer period depending on the validity of offers, services and products.

In other words, traditional marketing is successful when people start using their products and find it appropriate so they further start giving their references to others and find your business trustworthy.

Even after years the marketing method is same, techniques of selling product is also same and moreover, it runs on four P’s rule:

Product- it should be appropriate for targeted audiences.

Price- it should consider marketing terms such as demand, supply, complementary price etc

Promotion- advertisers should learn to promote the products among right audiences.

Place- To advertise the right product at the right time and place towards targeted groups is what traditional marketing is all about.

Traditional marketing plays an important part in reaching local audiences. Ads can be kept for a long period of time, if they’re physical. Plus, there’s an audience who’s easier to reach through traditional marketing than online marketing.

Traditional marketing is not only one of the oldest forms of marketing, but also one of the most researched. Marketers lean towards this method because it’s tried and true. Everyone encounters some sort of traditional marketing in their everyday lives, whether it’s getting the mail or your daily newspaper.

  • Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing by word, it is very clear, digital means… Digital. While the pandemic put the lives of people at risk in 2021 as well, it seems to be a beneficial time for the business environmentalist. With the rise in work from the home tendency, all work started going online and limited the word at a place. Today, small industries and larger companies want to grow their business digitally as well as expand them. Therefore, the demand for digital marketing tools is more than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is any marketing of a company that uses online mediums such as advertising on social media platforms, email marketing, Google ads that runs on pay-per-click rule, mobile marketing, etc. it has become popular on a wider scale because it is the future as well as easily approachable. The audience today is highly tech savvy and such efforts shift our approaches easily.

Though it is a bit expensive, profits are also satisfactory but only when one can learn to gain knowledge as well as money from such methods.

Digital marketing has the idea of touching every basic point of our daily needs as it uses the internet to reach us.

For example, you searched at Google about IELTS coaching centre, The chances are that you will soon start receiving tailored sponsored ads on your different social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and even on your email address.

This is what digital marketers take advantage of. They cleverly weave your needs into communicating tools via digital channels to sponsor their brand or product or services so that customers’ attention can be perceived.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases online. Just this week, I’ve looked up lunch spots, priced couches, and picked an eye doctor — all using the internet.


After reading the above differentiation between the traditional and digital marketing tools if you are confused which one to use for your current business marketing plan then you need to evaluate your needs, targeted audience, demographics, and reach.

In short, absolutely. It’s a debate as old as time, and the subject will continue to be debated for many years to come. But there’s a time and a place for both marketing strategies.

Let’s go back to that Macy’s example. No, you can’t DM a Macy’s print ad, but you can follow them on socials and sign up for their automated emails. This way, the older woman who prefers flyers and coupons in the mail — like my mother — and her millennial daughter, who prefers social media marketing, receive the same information.

It is very important for the audience to encounter the marketing message whether it is generated from digital or traditional marketing but in today’s time digital marketing uses digital media to reach the targeted audience easily whereas traditional methods is difficult to target the audience at one go.

However, the role of marketing strategy is to reach targets and to grow your business status. If you have enough sources to run digitally then digital marketing platforms can be yours but if you have limited resources then you can choose traditional methods to grow and develop your business.

If you are still looking forward to digging deeper about traditional and digital marketing strategies then you can pursue a course in one of the most leading Digital Marketing institutes.

About the Author- Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing trainer and writer with many years of experience in the field. He often writes guest posts for DelhiCourses, known as best and affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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