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Top Tips for Garage Organisation


For some of us, our messy garage is one of our best-kept secrets.  It’s the place we store everything that doesn’t have a dedicated home: from the baby pram to the hedge trimmer (and everything in between), it’s all here… if you can possibly find it!

Organizing your garage space is no small task, but let us assure you that it’s one that’ll bring loads of satisfaction and make life a whole lot easier.  Even if your garage is small, there’s no reason it can’t be neat, tidy and even creative.  And for the average DIYer, all it takes to install excellent garage storage is a bit of time, some basic tools and a good dose of ‘can-do’ attitude!

There are heaps of garage storage solutions out there, so let’s take a quick look at these top tips for transforming your garage into a space that’s functional and fun: 


As they say, ‘a job well planned is a job half done’ – time spent planning your new-look garage is well spent. Sort through the contents of your garage and decide what needs to be trashed or recycled, and what should be kept and stored.  Clear out the items you’re not keeping and give the floor and walls a good clean.

Draw out a basic floorplan of your garage and mark window, doors, light switches and of course, the space you need to allocate for your vehicle.  The remaining space is what you have to work with, so look at ways to capitalize on every storage opportunity.

Group Similar Items

Take a good look at what you need to store, and group similar items.  This might look something like:

  • Car accessories
  • Sports equipment
  • Outdoor /camping gear
  • Tools
  • Paint
  • Christmas decorations

and so on…

Large items such as bikes and the lawnmower need to be easy to reach so allocate them to an area close to the door.  Remember, bikes don’t have to take up floorspace: overhead racks or hooks are a great way to store these bulky items where they won’t get damaged.  

Seasonal or hardly-ever-used items can be stored out of the way on higher shelves.

Shelve It

Open shelving is one of our favourite garage storage solutions –  they’re budget-friendly, practical and can hold impressive amounts of weight!  Whether you’re storing lightweight items in plastic tubs or heavy tools, shelving is one of the best ways to maximize wall storage in your garage.

Storage Cabinets

Need to keep some items safe or clean? Garage storage cupboards might be your best solution.  Available in a huge range of styles and sizes, they offer that extra level of safety for dangerous chemicals or breakables.  Remember, you’ll need to allow extra clearance for swinging doors.

Overhead Storage

Who says you can’t use the ceiling space too?  The garage ceiling is a great place for storing large items such as sports gear, ladders, poly pipe and even kayaks!  Allow plenty of clearance room for your vehicle and your head (ouch!) and ensure that any items stored overhead don’t interfere with your garage door operation.


Pegboard storage panels offer endless possibilities – from sports equipment to power tools, they’re a great storage solution for items you need to be able to grab and go!  Pegboard hooks are easy to move around, allowing you to adjust your storage space as your needs change. 


Every avid DIYer needs a workbench, so why not install one that combines extra storage space underneath?  There are workbench units for every space and need – from lightweight options with a single shelf to heavier duty solutions with several shelves below or a pegboard above.  

Why not turn a simple workbench into a gardening station?  Try using a pegboard to store your gardening tools and store bulky items such as potting mix in tubs underneath.


Concerned about the safety of items in your garage?  It doesn’t pay to leave the garage roller door open, even if you’re outside working in the yard  A few dollars spent on new door and window locks will go a long way towards protecting your belongings and giving you that peace of mind you need!

So, let’s get the ball rolling!  With a bit of thoughtful planning and some elbow grease, your garage can be transformed from a universal dumping ground to a space that’s clean, organized and highly functional. 

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