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Top Reasons why People Move to Mumbai?

Apart from being the financial capital of India, Mumbai is the dream city where every Indian wishes to own a residence. This vibrant city welcomes everyone with open arms and this is one of the reasons why more and more people are settling here. As a result, the property prices in Mumbai and its suburbs are continuously rising to make it quite expensive to own a home here.

However, you can still buy flats in Thane for sale at reasonable prices if you do proper research. Although located just outside Mumbai, Thane has plenty of opportunities in store for everyone. You can live in close proximity to the best city in India in a rather calm and peaceful ambiance.

Coming back to Mumbai city, the reason why a huge number of people move here is no secret. This land of dream has everything that one desires making it the most populous city of India.

Here are some of the top reasons why Mumbai is the best city in India.

Home of the Most Warm-hearted People:

Despite the huge class differences, people of Mumbai know how to welcome others. Mumbaikars are not only generous and warm-hearted but they’re extremely helping. People will generously share their cab with you and lend you a few bucks if you run out of change. Whenever you sit in a bus or train you will find fellow passengers sharing their snacks with you. most of the people will smile at you or greet you.

Flexible & Easy Everyday Commuting:

Apart from being the city with worst traffic jams, everyday travelling in Mumbai is quite convenient. In this overcrowded city, there are dozens of cheap travelling options available. You can easily take the Mumbai metro or bus to reach your destination. Moreover, you can also take a shared cab or auto to reach your destination super-fast.

Enjoy the Serene Beauty of the Arabian Sea:

Being a port city, Mumbai has beautiful beaches and coastline where you can spend your evening strolling hand-in-hand with your partner. Even if you are feeling alone, depressed or anxious, sitting by the sea will make you calm and relax. Spend one hour here, leave all your negativity behind and go home smiling.

India’s Paris:

Mumbai is a heaven for shoppers. This city is undoubtedly a shopper’s delight, from high-end shopping malls to exotic street shopping, you’ll find everything here. Hence, it is rightly called the fashion hub of India. The trends that you can spot in the streets of Mumbai are the most happening ones in the country.

Experience Entertainment at the Cheapest Price:

The entertainment options in this huge metropolitan are absolutely pocket friendly. You can enjoy movies in state-of-the-art cinemas, plays in theatres, concerts and much more here at very reasonable prices. In addition, throughout the city the cinemas offer discounted days during which you can enjoy any show in Rs. 100-200. You can also find free live music shows on the streets.  

Mesmerizing NightLife:

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. You can enjoy India’s most hip and spectacular nightlife in Mumbai. There are numerous pubs, clubs and discos that are open till early morning. So, if you are a night owl then Mumbai is the city for you. Workaholics can refresh themselves here by enjoying lucid parties of the local clubs and forget about their dull routines.

Delve into the Magic of Monsoon:

Monsoon and Mumbai go hand in hand; thus, no Mumbaikar can miss this season. Despite the flooded roads and nerve-cracking traffic jams, people of Mumbai love monsoon. It is emotionally engraved in this city’s culture. Let it be books, poetry, movies or songs, if it is about Mumbai monsoon will be there. The tasty street pakoras with chai that you get to enjoy on a rainy evening are the best in the world.

A Place Where Dreams Come True:

Mumbai is the land of opportunities; it is the city that will transform your dreams into reality. Starting from Arts to the IT sector, Mumbai has opportunities for everyone. You can work to make your dreams come true in this amazing city.

Home of Bollywood:

Mumbai is the LA of India. It is the city where Bollywood was born and named. The Bo of Bollywood comes from Bombay the old name of Mumbai. If you live in this city you get to see the megastars chilling at random places.

The Most Secular City of India:

Mumbai is the most secular city in the country. You will find people belonging to different ethnicities, religions and communities coexisting peacefully in this amazing city.

As stated above, the city is already overcrowded but you can still enjoy this lively city by settling in a place like Thane located just outside the main city. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to live in this amazing city then buy property in Thane, Mulund, Pavel, Byculla or any other suburb of Mumbai.

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