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Top Quality 2020 Turtle Beach Corded Headsets in the USA with Good Mics

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Corded headsets are known to be far more sustainable and even at times more dependable than the ones that are free of wires. One of the major reasons behind this reputation is the fact that they deliver a far better sound quality as compared to Bluetooth or wire free headsets. However, what good is the sound of the headset, no matter how dynamic or marvelous it may be if the quality of its microphone has been compromised? It will eventually be replaced and considered to be of no use since microphones have a huge part to play in voice communications. Here we are going to have a blow by blow look on the top quality Turtle Beach Corded Headsets that have established a massive reputation because of their microphones in the United States of America in the year 2020.

1- Turtle Beach EarForce XL1 Corded Gaming Headsets

The XL1 is known to offer amplified audio quality, which enhances the overall gaming sounds from Xbox 360. Hence it gives the users one of the most submerged and immersive sound experiences during their gaming hours. On top of that, there is a bass boost in the device that adds depth and a sense of realism to the game audio. All this may make it seem like this device is only good for gamers and gaming purposes, but that is not true at all.

Not only is the XL1 ideal for gaming, but it also lets the users enjoy their favorite streaming movies and TV shows or music, and it also works best during Skype and other IP calls. The device has massive speakers that have a full range of 50mm that deliver thunderous bass and brittle highs. It also has an in-line amplifier so the user can quickly access the gaming audio controls, which includes muting and unmuting the mic and other volume controls.

2- Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Wired Gaming Headsets

This dynamic device has over the ear wearing style with amplified audio that gives a fully true to life surround sound experience to the users when they are gaming. The in-line amplifying device gives a quick access to the user to the Turtle Beach gaming audio controls. The device has a variable bass boost to further enhance the dynamic sound quality by adding depth and a sense of supreme realism to the sound quality.

It is compatible with the Xbox 360 gaming console. The gadget is equipped with a microphone monitor that lets the user hear their own voice in the headset to avoid over the edge tone changes while they are in a challenging gaming atmosphere. The device is powered by a plug in socket, so there is no hassle involved about having batteries involved. The weight of the apparatus is about 1.2 pounds that would not wear you off after long hour usage.

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3- Turtle Beach Elite Pro Corded Gaming Headset

This device comes with a revolutionary ComforTec Fit System that offers premium adjustment options to the users to get the experience of truly personalized comfort. The Aerofit ear cushions offer cooling comfort with a better and enhanced sound quality along with passive noise cancelation, thus increasing the user’s focus on their performance. The 50mm nanoclear speakers deliver a frequency response of 12 hertz to 22 kilohertz. ProSpecs Glasses Relief System Patented technology reduces the pressure of the device’s ear cushions for users that wear glasses.

This headset has a Pro gaming microphone that is equipped with TruSpeak Technology. This technology automatically boosts up your sound level to the people that are linked up in your gaming squad to make your game chats more clear and more productive. If you are truly looking for a headset that would make you loud and clear to your gaming squad while making you experience crystal sound, than the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is just the right device for you.


Turtle Beach Headsets have more detailed specifications, and they are much more devoted to offering high class gaming experience to their users. This may be one of the moderations why the headsets that have been discussed above have made it to the top selling and top performing charts in the running year where a considerable hike in online gaming is being observed. FindHeadsets features these and many more sound gadgets that claim to be either better or similar or a better performer in some other area of sound. If you want to examine them, visit the website and see which device goes best with your demands and style choice.

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