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Top Education Apps for your Smartphone


In this 21 century, mobile applications are not confined only till the communication and social media selfie. Presently, education applications are playing a vital role in the learning process, and turning the process of sharing data and information easier and faster.

Undoubtedly, technologies have turned as a boon to the education sector. with advanced innovative high functional based applications, traditional classrooms have turned into the virtual and interactive classrooms. The iOS operating system is popular for its modern features and robust security, however, it helps to increase the user experience and also increase the demand of the iOS app development, if you want to leverage all the benefits of iOS then partner with iOS app development company.

Applications like Google Classrooms and edX are playing the predominant role in the educational sector. These applications help to enhance communication and remote learning processes.

In this blog, let’s know some important education based mobile applications that are well designed and help to enhance educational structure.

Best educational applications that you should Download

1. Google Classrooms

Google Classrooms are the popular and highly preferred educational mobile application. It helps to create virtual classrooms the same as traditional. This application is developed by Google for the schools, with the motive to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments. Google Classrooms are easy to set up and hosts have to share the code with others and students can easily enter in the classrooms while entering the code in the application.

  • Streamline the sharing process between teachers and students
  • Offers faster grading process as ever before.
  • Supports iOS; Android; and web browser operating system
  • It is highly secure and doesn’t support any promotional content such as advertisements based videos.
  • This application helps to save both time and papers.

2. Duolingo

It is the best way to learn languages, and offers to increase your knowledge from anywhere and at any time. It supports both Android and iOS platforms. This app has been designed in such a way that users can interact for a long period of time and continue the engagement by providing them the rewards.

  • Provides exercises to learn and practise more.
  • Offers 30+ languages to learn
  • For advanced learning, it offers a premium version also.
  • This application is available in modern standard arabic and standard chinese.
  • 300+ users leverage the functionalities of this mobile application.

3. Remind

Remind is the best educational mobile application for the students, which helps students to stay connected with the students and community. It allows students to share photos, flyers, and handouts. Apart from this, Remind mobile app translates the chat into 70+ languages and offers an opportunity to instantly communicate on the messages. Students can clear their doubts individually and on group chats also. On this platform, parents can also get involved and interact with the community.

4. Photomath

Mathematics has always been a complex solution for the students. For every age group, to sort out the queries has been a next major challenge. But with Photomath students can learn and solve the queries easily and faster as ever before. It helps to solve the complex and hard questions for the students. This education mobile application is considered as the best learning application for the students.

It is easy to use and even students can take pictures of the handwritten text or printed questions. This app helps you to solve the problems and make students learn also by step by step process. To turn the learning process into engaging and interactive, it offers them step by step guidance. Photomath offers several functionalities such as Interactive graphs
Scientific calculator, and students can access the app in offline mode.

5. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a popular coding mobile application, this application is beneficial for the beginner to pro developers. It is the best platform to learn coding and this application also offers several countless topics to the developers to access. This application also offers an opportunity to the programmers, to write and run code in the mobile code editor and can interact with the community. It aims to make the coding process more easier and simpler. This mobile application offers online tutorials to the users.

6. Kahoot

It is the best app to increase your knowledge and accelerate the learning process. However, it offers interactive learning opportunities to the students and even they can join the live quizzes session. Apart from this, students can also create their own quiz and challenge their friends to complete them.

7. Udemy

It is considered as one of the best learning mobile applications. This application offers 130,000 video tutorials regarding courses. It includes courses in technology, business, and personal development lessons. With Udemy mobile applications, students can also ask the questions with the instructors and clear their doubts immediately. The major features of Udemy application that attract students towards this app are expert instructors, offering an opportunity to discuss, create surveys with interactive learning, which helps to engage students. .


These are the top education mobile applications that help the learning process to turn into engaging, modern, and interactive.

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