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Top Driving Do’s and Don’ts – Driving Lessons in Watford

At the time you take driving lessons in Watford, you get accompanied by a professional instructor. It is when you don’t feel stressful because you know if you will do something wrong, the instructor will guide you well. Also, in case of an emergency, they will handle the situation properly and resolve the problem. The things start to change when the training is over, you pass the driving test and finally able to drive independently. It is when no one will guide you or assist you in any way. So, it is very much needed that you know what you should do and what you don’t.

Do’s to be a safe driver

·        Maintain the safe distance

It is essential to maintain the safe distance from everything that comes across while you are on the road driving. Mainly when you are overtaking, maintain the safe distance from pedestrians and cyclists. It is because they are the one who can be knocked over very easily. During training, your instructor will tell you one thing is that on the road you are not alone. So, never assume you are responsible for yourself only. You have to make sure everyone on the road stay safe from your vehicle, so always stay attentive and maintain distance.

  • Wear seatbelt

The car seats have seatbelts because of a reason. So, if you are not wearing them, you are making a big mistake. During training, the instructor will not teach you driving but first ask you to wear a seatbelt and will make sure that it becomes our habit. It is one thing in a car that is installed for the safety purpose of driver and passengers. So, in case if something unfortunate happens, it stops you from hitting the steering wheel or windshield. In worst-case scenarios, they protect you from being thrown around the car. Also, according to the law, it is important to wear a seatbelt. Otherwise, you may get fined heavily.

  • Check your vehicle on a regular basis.

It is essential to check your vehicle on a regular basis. There are many who only pay attention to little things when they plan a long trip. It is not the right thing to do. Always check the vehicle tires, brakes and even oil level. So, even in the middle of a short journey, you don’t face trouble. Also, make sure that in the car you always have a spare tyre, along with all the needed tools.

Don’ts to become a safe driver

  • Avoid using phone

The study says that most of the fatal accidents happen because people use the phone while driving. Keep in mind that it is the biggest distraction. You may think that you are spending 2 to 3 second on the phone but in actual the time is at least 15 to 20 seconds. Within that time, the circumstances of the road change, so make sure while driving you to put your phone on silent.

  • Don’t be so sure what others are about to do

It is essential that you don’t get too sure what others driver on the road will do because most of the times, people fail to turn on the indicator, and you have to face the consequences. It is essential that a person keep themselves prepare all the time, stay away from the distractions and concentrate on the road 100%.

  • Never rush

There is no need to drive fast when you are getting late. Keep in mind that nothing is precious than your life. It is always better to stay in the speed limit. When you get to drive fast not only, you put your life in risk, but other life gets in danger too because of you.  

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