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Top Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2022

The novel coronavirus, which has hit the global economy, has forced everyone to change their mindset before deciding. The impact of the epidemic has prompted businesses to rethink their business strategies.

This unexpected change has also left something positive that benefits businesses and consumers alike. Yes, there is a huge demand for hiring dedicated android app developers.

Thanks to millions of mobile device users, the mobile application development industry has already successfully broken the digital path. But amid the epidemic, the need for a mobile app has grown exponentially. To avoid going out, people started using the mobile app to order their required products and services at the door.

When it comes to mobile apps, Android app development attracts a lot of attention. The user-friendliness of the Android platform will be a rule of thumb in the years to come. With the changing supply and demand of services and products, the mobile application development space is emerging with the latest trends and technologies.

So let’s go ahead and discuss how the Android App Development Trends for 2022 will transform the business model.

5G technology

With 100 Gbps and high radio frequency, 5G technology excels in data transmission with 1.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) worldwide. You can hire an app developer who can implement 5G for a feature-packed application that improves business performance.

Beacons technology

It optimizes location-based detection via Bluetooth signals on other devices. It provides robust mobile application solutions by implementing potential product scenarios and designing clear maps. It plays a leading role in increasing user engagement.

Artificial Intelligence Apps For Android

With the creation of ARCore and ARKit by Google, Artificial Intelligence Apps For Android have gained momentum. As an entrepreneur these days, maximizing the sales and revenue of your business can be a major requirement. Industries like healthcare, retail, education, travel, etc., are taking advantage of AR and VR development services to enhance user experience and maximize revenue.


AI-powered chatbots provide automation for customer service activities. It provides appropriate help to the mobile app by analyzing users’ queries and sending quick responses. Thanks to 24 * 7 customer service and faster response to user questions, the integration of chatbots into Android apps is at its peak.

Blockchain technology

It provides decentralized app development solutions that improve transparency, reduce arbitrage using strict security protocols and unauthorized access. It is an ideal option for Android app development, especially for financial sectors like currency exchange offices, banks etc.

Improve IoT development

IoT is the leading player behind business automation. Industries are moving towards optimizing human endeavours and wanting to automate business operations. To take advantage of this, entrepreneurs need to invest in the development of IoT Android apps. IoT devices are useful for both domestic and commercial purposes. With the implementation of AI and voice assist devices, you can operate digitally connected devices remotely.

mCommerce apps

With the rise of Android mobile phones, eCommerce mobile applications generate more than half the revenue. With increasing consumer preferences for online shopping, they are more likely to download e-commerce Android mobile apps for their desired services and products. The future benefits of mobile commerce apps are beyond your imagination.

Cloud-based Android apps

The biggest advantage of developing cloud-based Android apps is that they keep a sufficient amount of data secure. As we know, the cloud is an excellent and secure platform for securely storing a lot of data. Mobile applications based on this platform may simultaneously access and process data stored in the cloud.

Wearable apps

As the demand for wearable devices such as smartwatches increased, wearable app development services increased. Like other apps, it uses the Android SDK but has a unique design and functionality. Hiring a mobile app development company can help you get the most important services you need. Wearable mobile apps support smartwatches and provide hardware access such as GPUs and sensors.

In a digitally transformed world, mobile applications for your business are becoming more and more popular and developing mobile applications that result in continuous growth. Now that we’re discussing the top trends in mobile app development, it’s time to focus on creating custom mobile app development tailored to your business needs.

Things to consider for Android apps

Let’s talk about the main services you can expect from a professional Android mobile application development service provider and availing the best benefits of Android app development:

Android App UX / UI Design

The expert application designer implements the best design techniques to ensure 100% quality. It ensures that the application has a potential and interactive user interface to attract visitors and provide a seamless user experience.

Custom Android App Development

Turn your vision into reality! A professional developer understands your perspective and the needs of the business. Depending on the needs of the business, they adapt the application with the latest technology. By optimizing growth costs, you can achieve your business goals.

Application support, maintenance and optimization

Hiring an app development company from the design, feature enrichment to high performance will benefit you with Android app maintenance and support. You optimize your application well enough for possible use.

Android application modernization

With advanced modernization services from professional application developers, you can improve your business productivity and ROI. Mobile app modernization helps you meet user preferences and increase your sales.

Quality analysis and testing

If you hire an experienced developer, you can never compromise on quality. You get high performance and rich quality products without any mistakes. The expert developer adheres to the best security and testing methods to prevent future problems.

Once you are familiar with the ultimate benefits of hiring a mobile development agency, you should consider which company is the best option to choose. After all, there are not one or two but thousands of options available, and finding the one that best suits our business needs is a bit complicated.

Finding the right Android app development company

Almost all IT companies are involved in developing Android applications, but not all companies will deliver what you want. Instead of why Choose Android App Development company randomly, it is recommended that you follow the checklist for hiring an mobile app development company.

Let’s find out!

See portfolio

Checking the portfolio will make everything clear about the company you want to hire. An accurate portfolio is full of every detail such as work experience, product delivery and development time, good idea about budget estimating and how much experience the company has in providing the same services.

Social ratings

If you go through social reviews, you can get detailed information. You get life experiences shared by existing customers. You will know everything from service quality, work culture to how to deal with customers.


Communicate directly with the person concerned to have a clear idea. Faster and more efficient means of communication are essential as the mobile application development process requires constant updates and suggestions throughout the development cycle.

Quality over price

For quality products, you should choose a certified and experienced team. A professional team will appreciate the time, proper development method, creativity and infrastructure for mobile app development.

Technical skills

Developing an easy-to-use mobile application requires knowledge of programming languages, coding skills and certification. The developer you hire should know the agile development method for proper mobile app development framework, programming language and technically sound product.


The year 2022 will be dominated by creative technological advances. Now you have understood how to Android App Help Your Business for the future growth of your business. It’s all about the customers, and every development revolves around their needs!

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