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Top 7 Jobs For Chemistry Students


Chemistry is an innovative subject but it’s also known to be a complex as not many can excel in it easily. Chemistry tutors have become of high demand as syllabus have become that much more complicated and content has so much more depth now than it used to. Many students seek help though one-to-one tuition to push their grades up for national examinations.


This is all due to the rapid changes in the corporate landscape as new types of jobs are emerging and on top of that the expectations of employees in existing jobs are also evolving to a great extent. 

So, here are some of the top 7 jobs in the field of Chemistry!

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Forensic Science
  • Chemistry Tutor
  • Organic Chemists
  • Pharmacologists
  • Geochemists
  • Toxicologists


Chemical engineers are involved in the design and development of products. Their knowledge of the chemical properties of different materials can help ensure that the product is optimal for whatever its purpose is. They can also use their knowledge to help transform materials from one state to the other to help make the production of different materials easier and viable.

Chemical engineers are needed in almost every industry and there will always be a high demand for them. In this day where certain resources are becoming more and more sparse, chemical engineers will be able to use their knowledge to ensure that there are other or more optimal ways to make the products that use those resources. The innovative nature of the job can be appealing to certain students.


Forensic science is the application of science to analyse crime scenes or materials present in the crime scene to attempt to find scientific evidence to solve or reveal details about the crime.


Forensic scientists can either directly go to the scene of the crime to analyse the details present or work in laboratories and analyse materials that are brought to them from the scene of the crime.

Forensic scientists are considered to have a very exciting job even though it can be gruesome at times. It involves problem solving skills and a bit of detective work. Forensic scientists also have the responsibility to protect the public using their work which can give a sense of emotional fulfilment. 


Chemistry teachers work in schools teaching the next generation about the wonders of Chemistry. In the case of chemistry home tutors, they play a similar role in a different context. They will have to follow a curriculum and use specified coursework to help students learn and hopefully inspire them along the way. Chemistry teachers (or teachers in general), have the ability to make an impact in the lives of young people.


These youngsters are the future of the society and being able to influence them is a privilege. By helping to strengthen the students’ fundamentals, teachers can be the reason for them becoming future scientists and innovators. Teaching is also a job that promises lifelong learning for the teachers themselves as they will have to constantly keep in touch with new advancements and will also learn from their students.

Although it may require a lot of admin work and may be stressful, the ability to influence the young and also continue learning makes the effort worth it. 


Organic chemists study the structure and properties of molecules that contain carbon. They also carry out lab work which involves synthesis of molecules and carrying out certain reactions. These compounds can then be used commercially such as pharmaceutical drugs and plastic.


Organic chemists receive greater responsibility and freedom the more experience they get and may even end up leading research teams and take control of their own projects. Organic chemists, however, also have to deal with many toxic substances in their daily lives and thus the job can be dangerous if they do not put in the effort to take the necessary precautions.

 The main appeal for the job is that organic chemists are constantly learning new things every day and have a significant effect on the advancements in the society.

If you’re wondering where Organic chemistry is used then it is around us from rubber, plastics, fuel, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrichemical industries etc. The very foundations of biochemistry, biotechnology, and medicine are built on organic compounds and their role in life processes. Now let’s move to another high-paying job for a Chemistry student.


Pharmacologists research on the effect of chemicals on living organisms and figure out how these chemicals can be used as pharmaceutical drugs to help people. They might work under a hospital, under the government or in laboratories. Pharmacology is an innovative and exciting field as new advancements are constantly being made.

Source: Photo by Pixabay

The job can be very rewarding but also places very high responsibility on them as they are dealing with the lives of real organisms. There are ethical, social and economic pressures constantly being placed onto pharmacologists and they need to learn to deal with it. However, being able to create a big positive impact on the humankind makes up for all the stress and pressure that they may face.


Geochemists use various chemistry concepts to understand the chemical composition of the rocks and minerals present in Earth. They will also have to study the movement of these elements into soil and water systems.

With this knowledge, geochemists can help with increasing water and soil quality and help develop plans to clean up toxic waste and make the earth a cleaner place for everyone to live in. Geochemists have to spend a significant amount of their time in laboratories conducting various tests on the environmental samples that they collect.

One of the cons of this job is that fieldwork may be physically demanding and people entering into the field must be prepared for it. Geochemists balance their time between the lab, the field, and the office. They spend a lot of time in the field, gathering data and analyzing samples on-site.


Toxicologists investigate the negative impacts that certain materials, chemicals, drugs, radiation, etc. may have on humans and other animals. By analysing the risks of all these, toxicologists have the responsibility to ensure that humans and the environment are protected from harm from these toxins.


There are a wide variety of fields for toxicologists to work in including academic, clinical, forensic and industrial. The work can be rewarding as toxicologists have a major role to play in public safety.

Toxicologists require advanced problem-solving skills, must be analytical and have critical thinking and thus have an exciting job where they can constantly learn something new! Entry-level toxicologists work in animal facilities and laboratorie. If you’re a bachelor’s degree holder then you will usually remain there throughout your career. Ph.D. toxicologists spend most of their time in designing and planning experiments, interpreting data collected by others, reviewing the literature, and writing reports and recommendations.

At the End

Above I’ve listed the top 7 Jobs that you can choose as a Chemistry student. If you’ve learned anything new in this post please comment below. Share your thoughts and what type of job you’re going to do after completion of your education.

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