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Top 5 Photo Editing Styles to Master in 2021

Regardless of the not-so-great 2020, it is best to remain optimistic and hope that 2021 will be an excellent year for everyone.

In the photography industry, it is expected that most have been affected by the sudden changes which limited the way photographers get clients and do their work.

This is the same with the photo editors. Without the photographers, there is no work to do since there is nothing to edit. It is best to understand that these two professions work hand-in-hand.

So, while you are trying to look for ways to cope with the changes, why don’t you focus on improving your skills?

This article discusses some new photo editing styles to master this year, regardless of your niche.

Check out this list.

HDR Editing

HDR or High Dynamic Range is an editing style that photo editors have used for years.

However, it is never too late to master this. In HDR editing, you should make sure that there is a wide range of color tones between the deepest shadows and the brightest image’s highlights.

This editing style makes the image pop shades, and the contrasts look more in-depth than the original image.

It is a perfect option for landscape, architectural, and even real estate photography.

Matte Effect

A matte finish gives images a soft and slightly washed-out look. You can notice that it eliminates contrasts and other vibrant colors, so the pictures look natural and casual.

The level of editing your image using this style depends on the purpose, so you can actually adjust it to look dramatic or too simple.

It is commonly used before in wedding or portrait shots but can now be seen in some architectural and real estate images.

Creative Collages

Sometimes, all you need is to add more creativity to your images. So, try doing creative collages.

If you think Instagram collages died back in early 2000, that is totally a mistake. Collages are still one of the styles that wow many spectators.

However, do not overdo it. Just pin the pictures one over another and do not put any funny designs. Try to be minimalistic, but you know that sky is the limit with creativity, so depending on your context, try to customize the images a bit. Adding a little aesthetics would be perfect.

Artistic Effects

In photography, artistic effects are essential.

But again, this depends on the type of niche you are in. You cannot make it so apparent in a funny way. Adding artistic effects to your images should come naturally and not disturbing.

This is easy to do in personal shots like portraits or event pictures but can be challenging with other niches. So, take your time and look for the best approach to do it.

High Contrast

For this last style, high contrast is practically what the name suggests.

This trend requires you to take your contrast skill to the next level. This will make the pictures look sharp and vivid. You can also tweak and add extra saturation and vibrancy to the photos to make sure the colors stand out.

However, do not make it look unnatural because it is not enticing to the eyes. The photos should still remain noise-free and not pixelated so pay attention to adjusting shadows and highlights.

Alright! These are only five of the editing styles you should learn, but you can find many more techniques to master over time.

Your client expectations matter, so try including them in your editing decisions. This would give them the idea that you are serious about considering their requests. If they disagree with the style you want to use, then do not argue any further unless essential.

The only advice you should consider is that in every technique you master, there are possible pros and cons. Hence you must ensure that you did thorough research about it before actually using it. Otherwise, you may just end up ruining work and your clients’ expectations.

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