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Top 5 Destinations For Thrill & Adventure Lovers

What are your favorite dream destinations today? Do you like to relax on the beach or explore a traditional and historical city? Or you crave adventurous places to indulge into. No doubt adventure locations are the best to experience fun during holidays-no matter you are traveling alone or with your friends. Just try to imagine yourself lost in the surreal beauty of mountains and national park. If the sense of satisfaction, joy and adrenaline rush is all you crave for at the end of the travel, then you have come to the right place, the adventure trip is all you need to go on an outing with your friends.

1) Manali – The beautiful trails leading through pine forests, breathtaking views of the Himalayas, and apple orchards are on the way. Manali is the perfect place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It has gained a reputation as an ideal honeymoon travel destination combined with adventure getaway. You can go trekking to Rohtang pass or enjoy paragliding in Solang valley. There are several trekking trails present in Manali, you can trek to Malana (a village in the Himalayas famous for their strict rules). You can go on trekking to Jogini falls, which is about an hour trek from Manali.2) Bandhavgarh – Madhya Pradesh, ‘the core of India’, resonates with the thunder of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Of its numerous national parks, Bandhavgarh provides the most exciting untamed life safari. There are high chances of seeing a tiger in this region since it as the most denser population of tigers in India. You can go for Elephant ride too in the rich green park of Bandhavgarh.3) Kaziranga – Maybe you would prefer to encounter the endangered Indian Rhinoceros. There are more than 2,000 rhinos and you can take an elephant-back ride or a jeep safari into the fields to spot them. This park is likewise home to an enormous breeding inhabitant of elephants, marsh deer, and wild water bison. Kaziranga National Park can be reached from either side via national highway NH 37. The nearby bus stop to approach Kaziranga is in Kohara.4) Lahaul-Spiti – In case you want to experience a trip adviser Mohali that includes heading into a generally untouched terrain, dabbed to a great extent with small towns and villages here and there, one must go to the Lahaul-Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh once. A pleasant mountain territory, stunning valleys, wonderful riverside landscape, and a quiet and serene atmosphere, yes! This is most likely a spot to visit if you are thinking about achieving a divine comfort in the lap of the environment. Incredible treks, lakefront camps, and ancient religious monasteries – what more you could ask for?5) Nagarhole – Somewhere deep down in the coffee nation of Coorg (Kodagu), lie the rich woods of Nagarhole National Park. You’re surely going to see elephants, tigers, panthers, and numerous other stunning creatures in this sanctuary of 650 square kilometers in area. Surrounded with astounding sights of mountains and a wild safari, Nagarhole has all the ingredients to get the adrenaline rush in your body. This national park has thick vegetation cover of thick flora and fauna cover and can provide for an astonishing adventure trip for solo travelers or those traveling group package.

When I pull out my old memories, I pretty much remember everything about how I was starting to plan my life’s first trip around the world I did not know anything from where to start. In the beginning, I was feeling excited but kind of lost. I starting thinking about the trip along with my travel planning, hoping I was not missing anything essential. I realized that trip planning can be very confusing and intimidating at times. How to start? What steps to follow? What’s the next step? What to do after the 2nd step? And, so on.
As I have recently quit my job to travel the world after reading several travel books. It is very easy to feel exhilarating and eager especially during times when there is not a very big amount of information you have these days for traveling and you are doing this for the very first time in life. Reading only blogs, online websites tour & travel, social media, and travel guide Mohali books are surely not enough for planning your world travel trip. There is a huge gush of information available online on the internet which can make travel planning even more exigent and mind-boggling instead of making it easier. Now, it has been almost 10 years that I have been traveling. I have been to a big number of travel trips, vacations with my family members, friends, and even my colleagues. It was like a trial by fire situation for me as I learned many lessons in the hard ways. On the positive note, it all helped me create a proper checklist of the essential things to make sure there is no miss next time when I am planning out another trip abroad. After all, no one wants that situation in which you plan to go to a distant tourist place and realize that you missed something important. I have put a lot of information on this website (especially on this blog), but one question that comes to everyone’s mind is, “Man, how do you plan out so many things without any mistake? How come you don’t miss a thing?”

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