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Top 5 Best OLM to PST Converter Tools for Mac.


Today,s blog, we’ll discuss the highest 5 Mac OLM Converter Tools. So, have you ever ever been using Outlook for Mac for an extended time and have many emails, contacts, and calendar events? Does one want to modify your email but fear losing your email, list of references, and appointments? We’ll provide the plan during this blog about the best Mac OLM converter, which will assist you.

An Olm to Pst Converter may be a sort of software program that converts the Mac Outlook file format, Olm, to Windows Outlook file format, Pst. Over the years, there have many new and seemingly powerful tools for that.

Best 5 OLM to PST Converter Software 2020

1.SysTools OLM to PST Converter

SysTools Converter tool is one of the best software to maneuver from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. It can export all data items from OLM files like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, a journal to Outlook PST format. Additionally, the most superficial part of this application is that it also provides other options to convert files, i.e., to MSG, EML, and PDF file format. It’s one utility with numerous possibilities to affect the mail of Mac Outlook. The software keeps folder hierarchy and data integrity intact even after the conversion process.

Supported OS: Windows 10 and everyone below versions.


  • Provide a preview of the file data before converting it to PST format
  • Capable to export emails alongside attachments from mail
  • It doesn’t impose any file size limitation during the conversion process.
  • There is multiple file naming convention offered by the software.
  • Eight different previewing modes to look at the file data thorough
  • Allows to export selective data from the file into PST format


  • Software not supported on Mac OS

2.Adviksoft OLM to PST Converter

When it involves the simplest OLM to PST Converter, Adviksoft OLM to PST Converter also hit the list. It quickly let users migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

Supported OS: it’s compatible Windows 10, 8.1., 8, and below versions


  • A single panel interface to convert OLM to PST format.
  • Does not require MS Outlook installation on the local machine
  • Convert multiple OLM files to PST format in batch


  • Unable to export into EML, MSG, and PDF
  • Does not allow selective data migration from OLM file
  • No choice to split the resultant PST file after conversion

3.DataHelp OLM to PST Converter

DataHelp OLM to PST Converter is another best software to convert into PST format. It’s also capable of exporting all data items of the OLM file. For instance, emails with attachment, contacts, calendars, etc.

Supported OS: Software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.


  • Export all data from file to PST format
  • Option to split output PST file with size
  • Convert files into PST format in bulk
  • Keeps integrity of knowledge intact as original


  • No choice to export into EML, MSG, and PDF format
  • No support for Mac OS.
  • No supported selective data migration.

4.Sysinfo OLM to PST Converter

Sysinfo OLM to PST Converter is also available to try to export file data to PST format. It’s a simple application to convert one OLM file at a time to a PST format with none hassle.

Supported OS: it’s compatible with all Windows OS versions


  • Convert all data items from OLM file to Outlook PST format
  • Keeps integrity of knowledge intact as original even after conversion
  • It maintains the folder hierarchy of file data in the resultant form.


  • Unable to export selective data from OLM file.
  • Not a choice to convert multiple files into PST format in batch.
  • It does not provide an option to split the resultant PST file.

5.Aryson OLM to PST Converter

Aryson OLM to PST Converter is among the most straightforward software to convert OLM to PST format. It includes many features like convert file into EML and MSG design also.

Supported OS: This software supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and below versions


  • It has an easy interface to convert into PST.
  • Export into EML, MSG, and PST format in no time.


  • Does not maintain folder hierarchy
  • Does not keep data integrity intact as original
  • No option for batch conversion of files

There is a relatively new software named Xtractor OLM Converter that also proves that he is one of the best Converter tools.


According to our testing, we need to know that OLM to PST Converter by SysTools may be a versatile software to convert Mac Outlook data into Outlook PST/ EML/MSG file format. A user can restore files, including email, calendars, contacts, notes, etc. into the specified file format. Moreover, no file size limit is related to the utility during the conversion process. The software maintains the folder hierarchy and metadata details during the conversion.

Author’s Pick

We have tried all the five tools based on features and functionalities. We have Viewed features such as file size limit, conversion limit, demo export limit, pricing, batch, selective conversion, conversion speed, graphical user-interface, and others. Finally, we can finalize that Advik OLM to PST Converter and SysTools Mac OLM Converter proves to be the best among all the others.

Batch & Selective Files Conversion

After all the testing work, we found that most tools support batch Conversion, but OLM merely supports selective Files or Folder Conversion to PST Converter developed by SysTools. We’ve converted OLM files in batch into PST file format and got positive results. Moreover, we also converted selective outlook email files into EML file format and again got accurate results.

Multiple File Naming Options

After all the testing and analysis, we need to know that SysTools OLM to PST Converter merely integrates the File Naming Convention into the software. One can easily apply different naming patterns to the resultant PST file. The tool provides various file naming options like consistent with the subject, date, auto-increment, etc.

Split Resultant File

The Split Resultant File option is merely available in OLM Converter by SysTools and DataHelp OLM to PST Converter. While converting the files to PST, the user can easily split the massive computer file consistent with a specific size. It may help the user to stop corruption issues thanks to the gigantic PST file.

File Size Limitation

There is no file size restriction related to the most straightforward Converter than other tools. The utility allows the user to convert any number of files into PST file format regardless of the dimensions think about a seamless way.

Thanks for reading.
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